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UI/UX in High School

I am a Master Teacher at an innovative high school in Texas and am in the process of working with the school district to change our Digital Media pathway to a UI/UX Design pathway. From my research, this emerging aspect of technology will help our students be more marketable. I have tried to find other high schools that have taken this route but have not been able to locate any. I am reaching out on this forum to not only find other high schools, but also get any feedback on this endeavor. Look forward to reading your responses.

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Eric Horne

Posted on 1/7/19 7:03:03 PM Permalink

​I am also trying to get my administrators to implement a UI/UX "cluster", or at least a class. I teach on the mid-coast of Texas. Our main limitation right now is that we do not have windows 10 yet district wide, so no XD. I do a pretty good job of making them know the options with a device license of Adobe CC. email me and well talk: - we can't be the only ones who see the future for our students.

Adobe Education

Posted on 2/21/18 3:46:27 PM Permalink

This is exciting your bringing in UX/UI Design - we can't wait to hear what other AEE members share about their thoughts and experiences with this endeavor. And just for your resources, we did create resources that include an intro to UX and UI design for Adobe XD - hopefully, these are helpful as you begin teaching UI/UX Design. ​Introduction to UX & UI Design