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Recommendations for Smartboards that work with Photoshop

Hi everyone. I'd like to know if anyone has a recommendation for a Smartboard/Interactive display that can be used with Photoshop? I have an older model SmartBoard and touch is not recognized within Photoshop (for instance when using brushes). Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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Tom Smalling

Posted on 10/28/17 11:58:56 AM Permalink

​Well, I never had any feedback on this, but I see some people have looked. I don't think any SmartBoards work with Photoshop, so I went ahead and Purchased the SmartBoard 65" 6000 Series. I'll post feedback when I receive it. I'm going to keep a small Wacom tablet next to it to use when working with Photoshop with the students.

Kimberly Larson

Posted on 2/11/18 6:32:34 PM Permalink

Did you find a solution to this? I'm looking for the same right now as I am writing up a SWAT for Interactive Boards. Please let me know what you thought about your SmartBoard purchase.

I see that you got a 65" screen. What size is the room that you are working in? I have a 3500 sq/ft room with 28 students. I want to make sure that the image is large enough for full class demos.

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback.

Tom Smalling

Posted on 2/13/18 9:48:38 AM Permalink

The 65" SmartBoard was a wonderful addition to the classroom. I'm unsure of the square footage of the classroom, but I have 24 students in good view of the board -- so it should be fine with 28 students. My classroom is double-wide with enough room for 40 students, so I bought a Balance Box with the rolling stand to give me the ability to roll the SmartBoard to work with small groups of students when necessary. Also, I can roll it into the studio to connect the video cameras when giving lessons on lighting and cameras.

The SmartBoard works great with InDesign and Illustrator, but it does not recognize touch in Adobe Photoshop. For these lessons I have a rolling cart with a wireless keyboard/mouse I keep up front, or I can use a Wacom tablet. Not the best solution, but it works. The one thing I have enjoyed with the SmartBoard is being able to give lessons with the lights on in the classroom. With the projection models, I had to turn out the lights for the students in the back to see. ​