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Maximizing Adobe Creative Cloud

What are your suggestion in maximizing Adobe Creative Cloud and integrate them to curriculum in the college/university level?

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Tammy Moore

Posted on 10/8/19 5:34:41 PM Permalink

​Your question could be interpreted as the student using the Creative Cloud applications themselves or it could be interpreted as the faculty utilizing the Creative Cloud in their curriculum design for students. I will tackle it from each perspective.

​For students:

​Give them a job-based reason for learning it. One good way is to seek out professionals to share how they use Adobe in their jobs and present these people to your students, hopefully in a way that also uses Adobe tools if not an on-site visit.

​See if you can integrate the use of Adobe tools into assignments and make sure that those are not too cookie-cutter that everyone ends up with 30 different versions of almost the identical same thing. They will need enough creative freedom so that their assignments can be unique.

​Can you team up across multiple classes to create one larger project focus? Several years ago we combined Marine Biology, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Captivate courses together for one larger super-project of them all working together to create an interactive Marine biology course. We ended up touching on a few additional Adobe tools in the process even though there was not a full course for it such as adobe Animate for some of the needed animations. I could see A Premiere and After Effects inclusion is you wanted to use a lot of interviews of marine biology scientists.

​For teachers:

​More and more universities have a support team for professors to tap for course building. These teams usually have at least one instructional designer, visual designer, and video specialist. I would start there first to see what is already in place for support. If you do not have a dedicated team, talk to the instructors that teach the various disciplines mentioned. If you find you are totally on your own to build curriculum, good Adobe software to learn for a face to face class would be Illustrator and Photoshop for your graphic needs. If you teach using any asynchronous elements, then Adobe Captivate (rapid e-learning tool), Audition (sound/narration sound quality), and if you plan to do video then Premiere and After Effects. those tools will let you create on-demand lessons that can sparkle with personality and interactive simulations/activities. One of my favorite all-time examples of how a professor built his lessons is this one It is one done in Articulate, but it could be built in Adobe software (Captivate) just as easily. He was making these as a professor, but this particular one was built for an Articulate GURU award competition. This was a winning entry. It is a little long in the tooth now, but still very much worth taking a look at. It is Flash, so be ready to approve to to play in your browser. What makes his so special is that it has his personality all through it. It plays like a quality TV episode series with an opening sequence. The content is interactive and playful. The name tells you a lot about his goal with these: Psyched in Ten. He wanted then to be ten minute learning segments. this is great for the students so they do not get cognitive overload, but it is also great for the teacher in that he did not feel a need to convert 100% of his content over in a year. He could take it bite by bite with little projects and the design lets him keep expanding it each year until he is satisfied with how many of these he uses.

Jan Michael Garcia

Posted on 7/25/19 11:12:06 AM Permalink

  1. Trial integration in the curriculum (e.g. what parts of the lesson, what are the outputs and outcomes)
  2. Training for all faculty involved
  3. There should be effective transfer of knowledge and skills from teacher to student
  4. There should be tangible outputs from the use of Adobe Creative Cloud
  5. ​Evaluation of the impact of utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud from all stakeholder's standpoint
  6. Expansion and development of its use based on the evaluation of its impact

Cortez William

Posted on 5/19/19 2:26:24 PM Permalink

There should be a memorandum from the top management in the implementation of Adobe Creative Cloud to maximize its usage.​

Kevin Cummins

Posted on 10/23/18 3:14:46 AM Permalink

For students to create a portfolio of their skills and ability, and to tap into digital assets and resources

Edward Bustillos

Posted on 8/18/18 1:17:31 AM Permalink

​Hi sir. Enjoy Adobe Creative Cloud CC.