Catherine Bower
Graphic Arts Instructor

Setting up a High School Classroom with Creative Cloud

I am a high school Graphic Arts Instructor. We have purchased creative cloud for the classroom and I was looking for feedback on setting up creative cloud on each computer. Last year was our first year to use the program and I ran into some difficulty.

Students were initially inputting setup info with false email accounts. It would then lock out anyone using that computer until I could apply a fix. I had to run a clean up tool to erase the setup info and start again. Pain in ___.

My Mac lab has internet access but we are not on the school network. I have 24 computers. Does anyone have a similar lab? I wondered the best way to set up creative cloud without having to provide an account for each student. I see approximately 75 to 100 students per semester.

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Julia McCollough

Posted on 9/5/17 12:47:04 PM Permalink

CC is being installed on 28 computers. Students (in 2 different blocks) will be sharing device licenses......will each of those students' work be protected in the cloud or will the other student sharing the device license next block have access to their work?

Maria Hernandez Weyne

Posted on 8/16/17 5:48:43 PM Permalink

Jennifer, I agree with you on the saving of the assets and libraries. I often suggest they use a flash drive to save all the work. Also, sometimes the school set​s up a fttp site so the students can save their work.

Kyle, YES the ONLY way to install Device licenses is with the CC Packager. No other way around it.

Kyle Wilcox

Posted on 8/15/17 7:30:42 PM Permalink

​I'm not sure if this will solve all the issues, but I think you need to use the Creative Cloud Packager. Here's a link to instructions:

It's not the simplest thing in the world, but after doing it a few times it starts to make more sense.

Jennifer Wright

Posted on 8/15/17 5:25:04 PM Permalink

Hi, Catherine - we purchased the device licenses last year and ran into snags with them as well. I have not found a completely seamless way to get Adobe set up on the computers. I will benefit greatly from this discussion as well. I personally use Creative Cloud often when designing and love it, but utilizing it in the classroom has proven to be no small feat. The pitfall with device licenses, unless students have take home laptops or something that only they are using all the time, is that your libraries and assets don't save for you so you're starting from scratch when you step away from that computer. So, I will watch this thread for helpful information because I could use it as well.

Maria Hernandez Weyne

Posted on 8/15/17 5:14:50 PM Permalink

It appears your are using NAMED Creative Cloud licenses. You should DEVICE licenses of Creative Cloud for you lab. With device licenses, there is no need for the user to sign in when using. ​ Main difference NO online services included with the device licenses. But they are cheaper.

Faten khalil

Posted on 8/10/17 1:26:14 AM Permalink

I would also benefit from this information. ​