Adobe in Elementary Education

What are some thoughts surrounding using Adobe products within elementary aged students to use in the classroom? What are some of the best programs that would be the best fit for elementary students?

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Joel Aarons

Posted on 8/22/17 10:38:10 PM Permalink

​If I can be self promotional here, I suggest everyone check's out my blog ​Confessions of a Media Arts Teacher. I am a primary/elementary school Media Arts teacher who uses Adobe programs in my syllabus. I use a lot of the mobile apps like Sketch, Draw, Capture, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix and Comp. I also, from Years 3-6, use the desktop apps. Everything from Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Muse, Audition, Premiere Pro and even After Effects. It is a huge mistake to think younger children can't handle these programs.

Diana vanderSon

Posted on 8/23/17 1:35:55 AM Permalink

Thank you.​

Izyan Mahmod

Posted on 8/23/17 7:01:45 AM Permalink

This is interesting, but there is no art school in my city for primary school students. Me as a tutor at polytechnic would like to teach my son whom just 7 years old to dive in digital visual art. Dont know where to start.

thank you all for sharing.

james watt

Posted on 8/24/17 12:11:27 PM Permalink

Thank you for originally posting the Adobe Voice template. I found it elsewhere online and have used it for 2 years with my Canadian Middle School students. I did not know whether I​ would get the chance to say thanks. So... thank you. I work with Learning Disabled students and they need alot of scaffolding and organizational support. Your template worked really well. I have since found others and have started to build my own. I checked out your work posted online. Very impressive. I am envious and will use it as a model to produce some of my own material. Thank you again for posting.

Paul Riccio

Posted on 3/19/19 1:14:09 PM Permalink


I am a music teacher at an elementary school. I am having to begin a class teaching video for Elementary school kids. I prefer Premiere Pro but am worried the learning curve is too high. Do you find it cumbersome to make lessons tailored for 4-5 grade?

Joel Aarons

Posted on 3/19/19 7:40:28 PM Permalink

It's certainly possible. I teach Premiere Pro starting in the 3rd grade. It takes some patience and time for the kids to get their head around it, but it's worth it. So much better using a proper program than using an app on the iPad.​

Debbie Supplitt

Posted on 8/22/17 9:57:41 PM Permalink

​I have used the old Adobe Voice which is now Spark. In my visual arts classroom I have 30 ipads for 165 students grades 5th-8th. Is there a teacher account I can set up for Spark and how do we get around the 13 year old age restriction when most 8th graders are either 12-14. I'd love to use this with my 5th graders who are 10-11 years old.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 8/22/17 6:54:42 PM Permalink

​Check out ​Nicole Dalesio's resources. Her elementary school kids did amazing things with Photoshop. Nicole has since moved on to helping high school teachers* but she remains a vocal advocate for the little ones.

*Seldom as adventurous and/or as fearless as her former students. :)

A. B. Porta

Posted on 8/22/17 5:14:15 PM Permalink

​As I look at the terms of service for Spark, access is restricted to those 13 or older. Has Adobe created Teacher Accounts?

Mel Wolverson

Posted on 7/10/17 2:30:58 PM Permalink

​I agree that Spark apps would be the best place to start, especially if the kids are younger. Sketch/Draw on the iPad might be a good idea as well. Photoshop is probably the easiest of the full-programs.

Derek Dorsett

Posted on 6/26/17 4:02:00 AM Permalink

This is a great question! Age can make a big difference in what products are used and what is not. I'd say that around 4th or 5th-grade students can start grasping the fundamentals of online interaction. Also, if the parents are involved then it is a much easier process to implement. The best tool that I can think of is Adobe Spark. If you haven't checked it out I would highly recommend that you do!

Izyan Mahmod

Posted on 8/23/17 6:53:51 AM Permalink

​thanks i would love to