Sarah Johnson
Lecturer of Graphic Communication

Preparation for the Adobe Certified Associate (InDesign) Exam


I'm trying to prepare for the Adobe Certified Associate (InDesign) exam and would love to know if anyone has tips to share? I've been using InDesign for a good 15 years, but I know there are little techniques that I just don't use daily and thus won't be prepared for on the exam. I'm ready to add that ACE badge to my profile!

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Craig Daalmeijer-Power

Posted on 3/8/19 11:00:57 AM Permalink

​If you have been using InDesign for a long time you will be ok with the ACA as this is the entry level accreditation. The ACE is a lot more deeper and I'd recommend downloading the files and reviewing this before you attempt the ACE levels.

Sarah Johnson

Posted on 3/14/19 8:21:23 PM Permalink

Thanks, Craig. I passed the ACA exam today! had a series of prep videos that were very helpful, too. ​