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This YouTube video will give you a taste of Game On, a WordPress plugin that enables teachers to deliver content utilizing game mechanics. Since I need to make more videos, I thought it might be helpful to address questions others might have.

Any questions?

Video Answers (search comments for answers in context)

Note: All videos include my typical stumbling, bumbling verbal maladroitness, leading to incomplete or misleading descriptions at times. Bear with me and we'll help each other arrive at the desired destination.

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Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/4/20 5:12:43 PM Permalink








marcia blanco

Posted on 2/4/20 11:32:42 AM Permalink

Just opened up the game to reveal all sorts of newness. How cool is this?! This game is starting to feel like the never-ending Christmas present.

This message board is a different matter. It is super slow. I thought that I posted this at 6am this morning, but it didn't post until right now.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/4/20 5:15:57 PM Permalink

The new discussion is live. (See above)

Add a comment to get new activity notifications.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 2/3/20 12:07:13 PM Permalink

Hi Mick,

I'm in the beta version and can't upload any images. I've tried jpgs and pngs; I've deleted a bunch of old images; any idea why?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/3/20 3:04:06 PM Permalink

Hi Marcia,

I just uploaded an image to my site and to yours.​

If you're still having trouble, try rebooting your computer. Sometimes that eliminates the gremlins.

marcia blanco

Posted on 2/3/20 3:08:17 PM Permalink

Yeah. It was gremlins. I thought that I had deleted the post, but apparently not. Gremlins everywhere, I guess.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 2/2/20 2:28:37 PM Permalink

Happy February, everyone! In the NE USA, we get a serious 10-day "break" (aka, catch-up) for the last week in this short month that extends through Town Meeting Day (known as Super Tuesday to the rest of the country.). When we come back, the days and nights are pretty much the same length and everyone is full bore into sugaring season (maple syrup), so we have a lot to look forward to. I love February.


I'm in the reader and a bit flummoxed. I can't filter any of it. It's pulling up posts of all my students since August. At 10 posts/page, it's going to take all day just to get to January.

Now, I haven't had my coffee yet, and I haven't used the blogs in several weeks, so maybe I'm missing something obvious.

I also haven't explored the rest of the update, which I will no doubt love (especially the stuff that I ask for. Thank you!!) I'll keep you posted because this is the day that I'm chained to my laptop.

I love, LOVE LOVE the modified date sorting option. Thank you!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/20 7:00:26 PM Permalink

Are you on the beta? Sorting issues were resolved there​.

Enjoy your Feb-Fun. Yesterday it was in the low 80s here. The leaver finally fell off our trees, but the acacia are blooming. Even the roses have a few final blooms blossoming. Crazy!

marcia blanco

Posted on 2/2/20 7:11:09 PM Permalink

Not sure if it's in beta or not. How do I check again? I know it's in the thread somewhere but......994 posts?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/20 7:36:35 PM Permalink

Good point. Click on Tools in the Dashboard and tick the Use Beta checkbox. ​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 1:09:30 PM Permalink

When I view a Map page, logged in with my Admin account, switched to "View as a Player," shouldn't the hidden quests be hidden until I've completed the one before them? They're not, on my view. I can still see them just as if I was viewing as Admin.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/2/20 7:02:13 PM Permalink

We didn't think to hide anything in pods, because, they're pods. Oops​. It's on the to-do list.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 12:03:03 PM Permalink

​One thing I've wished for a few times but which may be outside the purview of Gameful: having additional media sub-libraries or galleries. For example, I have have headers with all my Quest Givers, along with minis of just the quest giver silhouettes. They're currently scattered throughout the main Media Library in the "Add Media" window. I'd love to be able to tag those and create a new tab across the top there, called "Quest Givers" and have just those tagged files show up in that list.

[Yes, I know I can put stuff in the description field and then search by that. I've done that. But it's an extra couple steps. As long as we're building a wish list... :-) ]

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 1:17:32 PM Permalink

Good idea. Not sure how soon/if it will happen, though.

For now, you could create ​templates with each Quest Giver or just clone an existing quest with the QG in place.

Or—the idea just popped to mind—make a map hidden by a badge only you have, create a set of QG quests to have handy, and clone from the front end when needed.*

*I seldom make a quest from scratch or use a template. Almost all of my quests are created via clone and edit.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/31/20 7:22:54 PM Permalink

Awesome new features and bug fixes going live later today. (​With more on the way.)

If you don't want to wait, Go to Dashboard > Tools > Available Tools and tick the Use Beta checkbox to activate/deactivate the code. (Takes about 1 second to switch.)

Marcia, you have your sort by modified date wish, but editing via the Maps is my NEW preferred method. Hover over a Map item for half a second to trigger the NEW front-end options.

The stats icon on the right now reveals available loot and loot earned data for admin and students.

Map glitches should be resolved and lots of other little things fixed, modified, or introduced.

Let us know if you find any new issues or have new ideas on how to improve the system.

Have a great weekend!

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 7:44:05 AM Permalink

Thanks for the update, guys! Mike, I had already switched to your click-quest->click-Edit method for editing daily quests. Simple genius. I was excited to get the hover option, but unfortunately, I don't see anything when I hover over quests. I've tried finished, unfinished, hidden, and nested quests in pods (I don't have any chains any more) and it's the same on all of them. I tried turning on Beta in case I just hadn't gotten the full update yet (I do have the map link & stats icons) but no change in symptoms.

I was just thinking in the shower this morning that it would be nice to have a display on quests items in the Pod/Chain and was going to write you guys, then I open up my email and here it is! Because my students all use laptops, vertical screen real-estate is precious - I'd love an option, eventually, to toggle to a more vertically compressed display of the loot. Something like:
About Me
15/30XP | 0.77/2G | 0.25/0.5REP

It doesn't read as clearly as your current display, but preserves the vertical space to display more of the map at once. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can now quickly and simply compare loot for the various items in a Pod/Chain to make sure I've accurately set them. This is hugely helpful!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 10:58:52 AM Permalink

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 11:07:57 AM Permalink

Sweet!!! That looks exactly ​like I expected it to and I'll be super thrilled when it arrives on my side. Thanks for checking it out.

(Both links worked in email, and on EdEx)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 12:12:40 PM Permalink

Hey, Mike, what tool do you use for mouse position, keystrokes, etc while you're recording?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 1:09:27 PM Permalink

Currently, I use Keystroke Pro and Cursor Pro.

Nice guy, but the dude needs to fix a few issues. He keeps promising, but something always comes up. Sheesh. Developers! ;)​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 1:38:38 PM Permalink

Thanks! I asked because I use an old app called Mouseposé, but liked the effects you can achieve better. However, Screenflow v.8 now has built-in annotations (they call them Screen Recording Actions) that allow me to create effects nearly identical to yours! Just found it while trying things out. It's not visible while recording; gets added after. That was a bit disconcerting to begin with, but I think I can get used to it pretty quickly. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 2:02:10 PM Permalink

I couldn't adapt to Screenflow's option​. I got the need to see. :)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 2/1/20 1:39:42 PM Permalink

Suddenly, I have the icons. Don't know if Mick got to it already or if something finally pushed through on the server, but they are there! ​(cue Sesame Street theme: "Haaaapyy Day...")

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 2:05:09 PM Permalink

Your gremlins must have gotten bored. Glad it's working. ​If that was Mick, what's he doing up before sunrise?

Tired. Time for second sleep. Back in a few hours. Zzzz.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 2/1/20 11:19:11 AM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/30/20 2:28:37 PM Permalink

Still having issues with maps. I created a quest that was nested under today's Daily. I realized that it was better suited for the Typography, so I change the map in the quest to reflect that. I made sure that it was no longer nested, but it is still under the daily.

Also, there are some issues for students using Safari. Safari won't allow kids to scroll past the crease. We by-pass the issue by using Chrome, but I thought that you should know.​

Update: The map seems to be behaving itself now. Gremlins be gone.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/30/20 3:29:40 PM Permalink

These problems should be fixed ​when Mick pushes the beta code to the primary branch after school on Friday.

The beta may still have a glitch or two, so I'd hold off until Mick gives the all-clear signal.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/29/20 1:22:51 PM Permalink

Wish list entry: is there a way to sort the quest list according to recently edited as opposed to create date? I create my dailys at the beginning of the semester and then go back in to edit them. I know that I can isolate them by filtering maps, but my computer is a slow old man and I'm trying to save myself 2 clicks and some refresh time.

Also, I seriously second Mike's request to be able to open quests by clicking on the map that shows them when editing (or creating) a different quest.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/29/20 2:49:54 PM Permalink

I use the map to locate and edit my daily quests. I think that's what you want to avoid.

Good News: The Edit Directly From Maps (and more) is in beta and may be released soon.

Top Secret: We've got an option to activate the beta plugin right now, but Attendance was broken yesterday so I'm back with the latest release (that you're using).

Mick will give the all-clear when Attendance is fixed and then anyone can walk the high wire without a net. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/29/20 5:11:52 PM Permalink

No, it's much simpler than that. I'd love to have the quest list default be based on the last time a quest was edited​, rather than when it was created. I often go in and edit an old quest and if I need to work on it some more and go into the Quest list, I have to filter to find it because it was created in July, 2019.

Does this make sense?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/29/20 3:04:28 PM Permalink

I'm heading off to a workshop, so I want to make sure I answer clearly.

When I said, "I use the map to locate and edit my daily quests," I meant I:

  1. ​Click on the quest I want to edit
  2. Click the Edit Quest button
  3. Edit and Update

Is that what you want to avoid, Marcia?

The new feature:

  1. ​Hover over the map item you want to edit
  2. Click the edit button that magically appears
  3. Edit and Update

Much simpler!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/29/20 2:27:21 AM Permalink

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/29/20 5:44:22 AM Permalink

Nice! All 3 links worked for me in the email but 2nd one is corrupt here on EdEx. (including visually)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/29/20 11:38:00 AM Permalink

Ah, a clue to pass on to the EdEx Master. Thanks, Matthew!

P.S. I wear T-shirts to work all the time. But I'm tired of the ill-fitting, often scratchy fabrics. I've found blanks from heaven and am going to wear my own designs exclusively once I get this setup.​ (Then add student designs to my wardrobe once they begin producing work I'd be comfortable wearing. That's a new Hall of Fame-level accomplishment because I'm really picky when it comes to shirts. Form and Function. Design and Message.)

Leaving out the second—always corrupt—link from this point forward.​ If these two continue to work, I'll start using the third—new tab—link exclusively.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/29/20 12:22:49 PM Permalink

All 4 links (both in email and on EdEx worked). Here is hoping the broken links style is a dinosaur​ that is doomed to extinction. ;-)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/26/20 11:40:38 PM Permalink

​Before I hide any quests, I'm wondering......It would be so awesome to be able to use this new hide-the-quest power to create easter eggs. So, like Skocko, I'm thinking out loud......Maybe I can use a hidden quest to create a treasure hunt of some sort. Each clue that they find could be a password to the next stage or quest.....The prize better be awesome.....This might be an amazing activity.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/27/20 2:40:58 AM Permalink

Your idea is akin to the video I just uploaded for tomorrow—finding something amazing to do using only the tools we have at our disposal.

Sometimes those constraints are a creative's best friend.

At least one of those friggin' links will work.​ (A creative solution to a constraint we've all encountered here on the EdEx.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/26/20 4:11:51 PM Permalink

Hi Mick!

In my maps, my Adult Ed Photoshop map is showing the arrow under "Lock by Previous" column. It shouldn't be locked by anything other than the class that has access to it. It seems to be working OK, but I'm a little gun shy about maps these days. When you get a chance, can you check it out? (Class isn't until Thursday, so no rush.)

Update: Every time I go to update a map, the order changes. It's driving me nuts. Any clue how that's happening?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/27/20 11:17:55 PM Permalink

That setting does not apply to maps and those icons shouldn't be there. I'll remove them in the next update. Only chains and pods can be locked by previous--and they will go back to the last ​chain/pod on the previous map if the first one on a map is set to "locked by previous".

You should be all set for Thursday.

Also, I'd gladly take any suggestions on naming of theses items. Maps are the parent, chains/pods are the child, and they hold quests. Can that be named in a way that makes more sense?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/28/20 12:53:31 AM Permalink

Mick and I talked about this.

PARENT MAP: The name derives from WordPress functionality. For our purposes, the parent ​map is the name of the map—the name of the container that holds all map sections (child maps) and quests. What should we name this? We need a common way to refer to it so everyone will understand what we're talking about.

Dinner time. Back later.

Short Version: We need a name for child maps (map sections), too.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/28/20 2:14:41 PM Permalink

I talk with my students as if the top level (on the menu at the top of the page) are MAPS. The smaller ones within that are PODS or CHAINS (since they're all one or the other). Within those are QUESTS.

If we need another set of terms, how about SHELF holds MAPS holds QUESTS? But I think the current naming is fine, as long as we're clear about the ones in the middle - I don't think anyone is confused about quests, we just have to be really consistent about PODS and CHAINS when we talk about the middle items, which hold quests.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/28/20 3:21:17 PM Permalink

Pointing out child maps (or map ​sections) are actually Pod or Chain containers is a great idea.

Between you and Marcia, I think we have an answer. Thanks!

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/28/20 12:35:22 PM Permalink

I think Parent and child maps make loads of sense. Users new to this make the mistake of loading quests into parent maps or placing child maps in other child maps (both of which I've done), but that isn't hard to clarify​. It just needs to be clarified from the beginning, which I think might be the problem.

However, if we are looking for clarifying analogies, I'm kind of thinking out loud here:

  • neighborhood/streets/homes
  • family/genus/species
  • grandparent/parent/kid
  • System/units/adventures

None of these are doing a lot for me. I'll come back to it later when the coffee kicks in a little more, if I have anything that is slightly helpful.​

Also, is it just me and my 8-year-old computer, or is AEE super-duper slow for everyone?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/28/20 3:13:08 PM Permalink

The EdEx has never been speedy to load, but when a resource nears 1,000 comments, things can really slow down.

I doubt that anyone other than teachers participating in our gameful resources has ever encountered the issue.

I'll create Part II of our discussion soon.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/28/20 2:43:41 PM Permalink

Still thinking, and I'd like to emphasize that I don't think the nomenclature is the issue. Parent/child maps (which emotes a friendly image, lets face it) and chain vs pod are easy concepts. I think it lies in introducing the platform itself.

The only thing I can find that qualifies as hierarchy instruction is Mike's video (#2 above) that talks about parent and ​child maps. It's more of a "what not to do" video. Would it help to create 2-3 set-up videos about the game, organizing maps and quests. I'm thinking that these would come embedded in the platform itself, under the options panel and be some serious hand-holding type instruction for those of us who's brains don't work in the same logical order that you guys do.

If you'd like, I can do these.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/28/20 3:03:00 PM Permalink

Spot on, Marcia.​

We're working on just that. (Thanks for the offer.) It'll be built into the back end and in quest maps for admins.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/26/20 3:28:55 PM Permalink

953 comments on this board. Think we'll hit 1000 this week?

Look at me.....procrastinating. Sheesh!

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/26/20 3:27:21 PM Permalink

​Hi Mike! I am so inspired by your stuff that I am poaching your ideas shamelessly. I love the documentation of skills learned at the end of the week. (I already have something like that, but the kids use separate blog post entries to document the week.) We have a huge emphasis on creating "employability" skills and gathering evidence for that to present at the end of the year, so my ears really perked up in your "Few New Ideas" video (which I think I have memorized.)

Of course, I have a question: for the DPE entry that documents the kid's new skills, you mention that the blog entry is an extended one. It led me to believe that the kids continue to write in the same blog post, week after week, and simply date the post. That would make it so easy for the kids to measure their growth and reflect on it, because it would be in one document.

How do you set that up? Is it like the daily inspiration, where the loot is an exchange entry/1x/week? I have it in the Daily Quest map nested under Fridays. Would I just move it every week to the next Friday? Or should I just bag it and make it a Google doc entry?

Am I making any sense?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/26/20 8:28:38 PM Permalink

You are making sense and it's got me thinking...

No, I don't currently ask the kids to log all progress on a single blog post. That's an intriguing idea. The question is, how to construct the quest(s) so we (admin) have an easy way to check class-wide progress before actually reading the content. (Some teachers have nearly 200 students. I have 170.)

Mick has some great feedback tools on the way. One that will allow us to see at a glance (on the maps) how many students have attempted and/or completed any quest. Right now I use the Quest tab in the Clipboard for quick checks. That data is golden.

How would we track a single blog post for all students each week at a glance?

The first idea was a multi-stage quest for the semester. But that's crazy. (Or is it?) All the info would be in one long post. I can see multiple ways to limit access or rewards each week, but how do we collect data to reveal class-wide progress? A badge each week? Nested weekly DPEs tied to a single post? Something new?

Hmmm. Just thinking out loud.

Gotta go fold laundry. Will think on this.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 9:39:30 PM Permalink

Got another question for you guys, not nearly as dramatic as yesterday's adventures.

The Exchange has been set to open on Friday mornings and has been working fine. However, now that I have this Thursday adult class that is so enthusiastic, I want the Exchange to be open Thursday afternoons and Fridays until 3:00. I set the days for Thursday and Friday. Time available at 3:00pm and minutes available: 1440. This morning, it was locked. What did I do wrong? Would it work if I just put Thursday in for 1440 minutes?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 10:13:39 PM Permalink

Yes to the last question (if you're talking about individual store items) if you want availability limited to one continuous window.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 10:16:44 PM Permalink

​Great! Thanks!

max noremo

Posted on 1/24/20 1:34:35 PM Permalink


marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 2:22:24 PM Permalink

Yeah! It seriously is!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/26/20 8:57:23 PM Permalink

Thanks, Max (and Marcia). Eight years of work and over 10,000 comments on a collection of resources associated with the project here on the EdEx​.

Focused crowdsourcing.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 12:53:55 PM Permalink

An update. The class went swimmingly. They all got absorbed in the game, just like the kids, but got even more absorbed in achieving rank. Go figure.

One thing I found interesting though: Half my students showed the Adult Ed map with the intro child map as a single strand covering the entire width of the monitor. The other 3 child maps were completely hidden. The rest of my students showed the map like I intended, with 4 child maps but quests in 3 of those maps hidden from view until the badge gets earned in the intro map.

Weird, huh?

Anyway, for anyone worried about the quality of customer support that you'll get should you dive into the adventure of gamifying curriculum using this site, let me completely assure you that there can be No. Better. Service than what I got yesterday when my maps went goofy. I don't know how you guys balance all this, but I am super grateful that you do. 5 years ago, they almost eliminated my program due to a lack of interest. Next year, I have a waiting list for students.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/24/20 4:15:14 PM Permalink


That is so good to hear:)

With the map issue, did the three empty chains show at the bottom of the single column or not at all? It will help me track down the issue.


marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 4:21:23 PM Permalink

I'm afraid that I don't know. I was busy trying to get everyone up to speed in the registration process. (Two of the students were not using the email that I registered them with, so getting their profile up was problematic.) I didn't think to investigate it. I was just so relieved that it was working......​

I'll make a user and try it myself.

Update: Nothing is below the single column. It only has the one map.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 4:44:48 PM Permalink

I just looked at your map on the back end and it's working exactly as you set it up. (I think.)

The other three maps are locked and you selected the Hide Map if Locked option.​

I'm guessing your students must complete the first map to earn the badge that unlocks—and reveals—the other three.

Yes? No?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 7:41:10 PM Permalink

Yup! That's precisely right. It's just odd that some had the other child maps pop up and some didn't.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 7:51:53 PM Permalink

Are you certain the players in question hadn't already earned the badge?

Once earned, the locked map sections would automatically appear.​*

*I made my maps prior to the introduction of this feature, but I love how this would allow a single map to unfold from a single column, to two, to three...

I can't wait to use this in the fall!

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 7:58:57 PM Permalink

Definitely sure. She​ was one of the two that used the wrong email to register and was behind the others.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 8:30:11 PM Permalink

Too weird. Maybe the registration is a clue. I'll pass it on to Mick.


Question: Why do you—or anyone, for that matter—manually register users?

Registration is automatic​ when users first login. You set the filter: email domain (limit to school email) or passcode (any email plus the codeword).

Keeps the bots out, saves you time, and empowers players. Just sayin'

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 8:42:11 PM Permalink

Mainly because I just don't have that many students. We are the smallest CTE center in Vermont (which is hardly a thunderously large State). Our whole school has 8 teachers and 50 students. It's just not that hard for me to put their stuff in and it has worked for me.

We changed email domains​ this year, and there was much confusion, so I just got into the habit of registering everybody.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 8:48:08 PM Permalink

Fair enough.

Whatever works best for you is the best solution.​ :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 4:51:36 PM Permalink

P.S. So glad things worked out for your new students. Funny how competitive some adults can be. :)

And thanks for the kind words. It feels so wonderful to hear that your program is flourishing! ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/24/20 7:41:45 PM Permalink

It's pretty good from this end too. :P​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/24/20 7:53:22 PM Permalink

+1 :)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 4:40:18 PM Permalink

Testing a theory. Since none of my links in the Discussion description at the top of the page are glitched, could placing links exclusively in unordered lists be a workaround for us?

Now, trying the same thing in a single line of text. and and ​Autistic Super Power.

Note: the first link didn't get truncated and turned into a link automatically (as it did in the unordered list).

Here's a second test of the first link:

Hmmm. Pasting and hitting return creates the immediate truncated, active link.

But do they all work?

Observation: Sometimes my links seem fine until they glitch after a page reload. Sometimes they're glitched as soon as they're posted.

However, rolling over each link before posting shows all of these links work as intended (except the plain text link that begins the single line of text).

Posting Comment now.


Comment is Live

Dang! Two links glitched: The second link in the unordered list and the second on in the single line. (I was hoping the UL was immune so I'd have a workaround).


Second Edit

Double Dang (but maybe good news): Both links seem repaired after posting the update.


Third Edit (after page refresh)

Ha! The two glitched links are back to gibberish.

Dang! But they appear fine now as I roll over each, checking the info in the browser's status bar.


Fourth Edit

The same two links are glitched. This is my personal hell on the EdEx.

  1. ​Ah! My link works fine.
  2. Refresh page. #$%&! My link is glitched!
  3. Click Edit. Link is fine. Refresh page. Link is gibberish.
  4. Click Edit. Link is fine. Yeah, right. Remake link. Refresh page. Sometimes works. Not often. Sometimes.
  5. If 4 doesn't work, try again. Try again. Try again.
  6. If all else fails, twitter dot com / maclab / status / 1219668490291826688

What a friggin' waste of time​.




Read the second comment in the thread. (The author is an autistic woman trying to weave humor into the neurodivergent community.)

A far lesser pain than trying to fix a problem beyond my control.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 7:38:59 PM Permalink

Testing a theory I had last night about the links:

  1. ​It's scary how much the Neurotypical ​described there resembles me, in all the (humorously intended) OCD ways.
  2. Here's ​the same link but pasted in without the https:// portion
  3. And here, pasted in with the full link:
  4. And without: ​
  5. Not linked intentionally, full link:
  6. Not linked intentionally, without: Nope. Try again after washing it through BBEdit: There we go!

Interesting...I couldn't paste it directly into the sentence without the https://. The EdEx system immediately turned it into a full link. ​I had to paste it into BBedit and remove the schema and then recopy in order to leave it behind. Not sure if that's EdEx or Mac screwing with me on that one.

Now to save and reopen a few times to see what EdEx does with those.

Update: after loading and reloading several times, no changes in behavior but EdEx dorked the 3rd link and left the others alone. I theorized that leaving the schema off may be less prone to trouble...but not enough evidence to convict, yet.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 7:58:12 PM Permalink

So, only your 3 is glitched. But when I pasted the full link it worked fine. But you pasted into ​an ordered list. Clue or just more gremlins?

No BBEdit for me, but here's the same copied from a plain text file:

If that stays text, I'm going to try that in the future. Never would have thought of that. Thanks!

Just because I have to. Trying the same copied from the address field in the browser:

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 8:32:25 PM Permalink

Both the links in your text stayed plain text, at least when I loaded the page. :-)

Now I can't leave this alone. Not knowing the details about when this occurs is really hitting me where my OCD comes out. ;-)

Paragraph form:

It's scary how much the Neurotypical ​described there resembles me, in all the (humorously intended) OCD ways.Here's ​the same link but pasted in without the https:// portion. And here, pasted in with the full link: . And without: ​ . Not linked intentionally, full link: Not linked intentionally, without: Now let's see what EdEx does with this.

Update: 3rd link dorked again plus visual garbage. 4th doesn't show up as a link for me, though it sure looks like one. Fifth is also dorked.

2nd Update: after adding the comment and reloading, 3rd and 4th don't show up as links, even in the editor. 5th does and is fine now, except for the added ... at the end. Where did that come from. This gets weirder every time I reload! Mike, I'm beginning to see a glimpse of your EdEx Hell. :-O

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 8:44:18 PM Permalink

I'm sending this thread on to the guy in charge of the joint. (He's a great guy who has overseen the EdEx since it's first baby steps​.)

Help us, Obi-Wan M'Niemitz. You're our only hope.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 12:13:51 PM Permalink

​And one more glitch I just found today: students have been unable to add themselves to multiple sections. The front-end interface allows the change (add row, select the second section) but when saved, that second row disappears. I have been able to add the second section on the back-end, in the "Users" WP interface page.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 12:06:46 PM Permalink

Hi Mick! I really need your help! I'm starting an adult ed class tonight (intro to PS) where I want to roll out Game On and make a slick impression but the cyber gods are plotting to get me. The "Adult Ed Photoshop" map won't work. (All the other maps look great, BTW.....of course.) I had locks on there so that only the adult students could see the map ("Royalty" class) and the first child map is a series of intro quests. Upon completion, they can explore all the various directions that they want: photo-restoration, retouching, compositing, animation, etc. The map comes up linear (even though there are only 4 child maps under it and even with the locks off) As a user and even as the admin, iI can't open the quests. There is no admin password workaround. Also, all my old PS quests landed in there, even though I didn't put them in there. They are God awful, too. I need to seriously revise them. I'm pretty sure that I'm missing a setting somewhere, but with all the muckiness involving maps lately, could it be a js problem? Can it be fixed by 4pm est?

Update on an observation: My maps seem to get all screwed up when I clone a quest and place it in a different map.

Another update. The map is now working because I turned it into a pod. There are still a bucket of quests that shouldn't be there though. The only quests that should be there are "Mac4Grownups," "Dock/CCAcount" and "Photoshop, the Beginning". (This last one isn't even showing up.)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/23/20 3:58:51 PM Permalink

I'll take a look ASAP. ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 5:48:30 PM Permalink

​I still have the same problem, only with that one friggin' map! The other maps all look lovely.

Also, at least the quests are functioning now. All the quests I plan to use tonight are working and areyellow. It's just that they alternate with quests that aren't supposed to be there.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 4:03:29 PM Permalink

Marcia, I'm looking at your Manage Quest Maps info on the dashboard and I notice that you have several maps—PARENT maps, highlighted in blue—that have a quest count. That's not possible unless you turned map sections—CHILD maps, nested under the PARENT—into maps before Mick Made that impossible to do.

PARENT maps ALWAYS have a quest count of 0 (zero).

Mick, could this be causing problems in the database?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 4:42:34 PM Permalink

Oh wow! Those are maps from LAST YEAR! I haven't even looked at those. They should be deleted because I've reorganized ​everything.

Nice catch, Mike.

Done! They are gone.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/23/20 5:18:17 PM Permalink

What ever just happened seems to have made all your maps disappear. I'm I the only one seeing that?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 5:25:19 PM Permalink

Marcia, I'm seeing the same thing Mick is. He's on it.

The worst-case scenario is a roll-back to yesterday. ​The best is a fix.

Email me and I'll give you my cell number. Sometimes texting (or talking) beats this clunky method.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 5:41:22 PM Permalink


Good luck with your new class tonight.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 5:44:56 PM Permalink

It took you guys 15 minutes to fix it? Wow.

I have the urls for all the quests in an email ready to go if the maps pull that again. Don't roll anything back until tomorrow. I don't want to lose the quests that I made today. (At least not until this class is over. :P)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 5:51:00 PM Permalink

You should be good to go.

Are all the maps behaving themselves now?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 5:55:59 PM Permalink

Not yet. It's better though. Like I posted to Mick, the quests I plan to throw at these guys tonight are functioning and are the right color, but they alternate with quests that aren't supposed to be there.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/23/20 5:55:38 PM Permalink

From what it looks like, you want the first map category to be a chain not a pod. Also, there are still items showing that should be on other maps.

This is what should be in that first column, correct?

  • Mac4GrownUps
  • Dock/CC Account
  • Photoshop, The Beginning….
  • Image Resolution & File Formats

Let me know and I'll figure out why those others are showing.

EDIT: I cleared the server cache. I think they are showing as you intend. I think it was left over glitches from the issues we were having last week. All I did on any of these problems was change the order (of the quests or maps) then save then move them back. That forces the cache to clear.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 6:06:08 PM Permalink

Yes!! It's working!

This is me sending you digital wine and flowers!!!!

Thank you!!

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/23/20 6:18:33 PM Permalink

I about had a breakdown when your maps all disappeared. I'm so glad it was an easy fix. Have a great class tonight!​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 8:25:12 PM Permalink

*Snort!* Tell me about it! :P

I had several backup plans (still do, cynic that I am) but those first impressions are important and I'm very proud of this platform you guys have built. I want to show it off.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 8:24:50 AM Permalink

​Three new issues:

  1. In the Reader, my comment box has missing icons for the editor toolbar. (​Pict​ure, if EdEx doesn't screw up the link)
  2. Students have been unable to submit blog posts recently. It's fine for quest-attached blog posts, but if they open the blog itself and create a post there, the submit button just hangs for ever. Save, on the other hand, is working fine, but we can't find the saved posts in the blog (does that only work for posts attached to a quest?).
  3. If I set a timer (say, 10 minutes) on a quest, students can open it but can't start the quest. The button clicks, but doesn't go anywhere or change the quest in any way. Removing the timer allows the same quest to work fine. Doesn't seem to matter if it's minutes or longer, both hang.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/23/20 3:58:25 PM Permalink


I'll get on those ASAP.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 2:48:19 PM Permalink

Hi Guys!

This morning has been an adventure. Luckily, I have the world's greatest kids.

I have (once again) poached from my mentor, Mr. Skocko, the daily voluntary quests where the user "buys" their loot from the exchange. One of those kids pointed out to me that they can just go into the exchange and click "buy" to get the loot. What setting did I screw up when I set these up in the Exchange?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 2:58:30 PM Permalink

Edit the store item and set Item Location > Location > Store Section to NO.

If it's set to NO, it can only be bought via a link you place via the shortcode below the Store Section field. [go_store id=18876]

I need to add LOTS of new Daily Challenges. Ideas, anyone?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 3:22:48 PM Permalink

Perfect! A quick fix! You just made my day. (Whcih has a limit of 1....Bwahahahahahaha!!)

I'm feeling just a tad bit punchy.

I'll come up with daily challenges, I promise. Stay tuned......

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/22/20 7:53:42 PM Permalink

What scope/size are you looking for? Graphic Arts in general, or more focused?

  • Design a box that can be unfolded and used for something else (ideally, related to the contents of the box)
  • Ideas for very low cost ways to add fun into people's lives in ways that encourage them to act ​positively (​like this example in Brussels)
  • Promotional material for a video that promotes wellness (vs. fitness or weight loss) for teens; for young professionals; for young kids; for parents; for older adults; for retirees...
  • Christmas card that incorporates instructions to fold it up into an ornament (eg into a star or a christmas tree - use origami inspiration; cutting is allowed)
  • Logo for Nolat Design Labs (yes I'm serious and I will use it for my site if I like it)
  • A coordinated set of seven logos, one for each core values, which are designed in the style of superhero logos. I'd like these in flat style but am open to other possibilities if well executed. Must also be usable in black & white. We have a official color palette (I can provide an ASE file, or the hex codes) that should be observed. Our seven core values are: Perseverance, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, Courage, and Compassion.
  • Create architectural highlight overlays for familiar major cities, using limited horizontal and vertical space. Heres' ​an example for Cairo (it's not particularly small, but gives the idea).
  • Infographic highlighting one of the United Nations' 17 ​Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Motion graphic explaining a literary device (such as alliteration). Or several of them.
  • Infographic explaining why compound interest is so powerful and encouraging youth to invest early
  • An original optical illusion in Escher's style (or another illusionist)
  • Poster about AMP (I'd love one that includes Relationships - RAMP - too!)
  • Motion graphic that explains the distinction between sans serif, serif, and slab serif.
  • Something like ​Reality Ends Here but simpler, with cards as the prompts. (​Here's a pic of some of their cards)
  • A box design that shows the contents while protecting them, but without using plastic or cellophane, just cardboard/oaktag

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 8:15:51 PM Permalink

I'm going to steal some of these.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 8:18:27 PM Permalink

Whoa! A mind-opening answer. Thanks, Matthew.!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 8:33:44 PM Permalink

And to answer your question...

Daily Challenges are 5 to 20-minute tasks that either build skills, solve problems​, or inspire.

Design Challenges (a thing last year and coming back soon) are longer projects (like your class logo).

And in typing that, I realized that the optional video in today's Daily Quest— —should have been placed in a Challenge.

Thanks again!

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 8:14:43 PM Permalink

We are doing typography at the moment. A quick daily quest that would work is illustrating a word using only the letter form. You can provide a list of words if you wish.

90 or above on the Kearning Game​ -

More to come. I'm teaching my first Adult-ed class tomorrow and I'm a bit frantic.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 8:40:39 PM Permalink

Good ideas, Marcia. My veterans keep asking when we're going to do the Kerning Game again.​​ is also fun.

Want a shock? Most kids don't know how to read a ruler. Test for yourself https://www.rulerga​ (Oh, they've updated the site.)


marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 8:46:59 PM Permalink

We just got done playing with that color wheel game last week! I struggled to get my kids off of it, they had so much fun.

404 on the rulergame site.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 10:23:24 PM Permalink

www dot rulergame dot net

I'm so sick of this site inserting gibberish into links. C'mon Adobe. This ain't rocket science.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 5:11:18 AM Permalink

I don't think I've ever had that happen (maybe once), but it seems to happen really regularly to you. Have you had a chat with your IT people about what might be happening? I think you use Chrome on a Mac, just like me, so that's probably not the difference.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 5:53:02 AM Permalink

It happens on my home computer, too. Plus, I've clicked plenty of others' links ​that I have to edit to get to the destination, so I know it's not the district network. Maddening, especially because I post lots of links here. Hasn't happened to me on any other site. *sigh*

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 6:06:09 AM Permalink

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 6:40:35 AM Permalink

Sure enough! I retract my boastful comment. I should have known better; you're much more thorough and methodical than my comment implied (and clearly, I'm not as careful about checking as I should be!). :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 3:52:23 PM Permalink

Hardly boastful. Tech happens to the best of us.

As for "thorough and methodical," autistic me knows it's more akin to paranoid and reactive​. I HATE appearing as if I don't know how to make a proper link.*

*ALWAYS stripping out the tracking markup so many sites add.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/23/20 1:36:55 PM Permalink

I get the gibberish too.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 3:53:02 PM Permalink

Thanks for the confirmation, Marcia. Good to know I'm not alone. :)​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/23/20 5:08:57 AM Permalink

I just had a minute so I went looking for a graphic design ​Hall of Shame with the idea of choosing one or more and having kids redesign them better. But then I ran across ​this Hall of Shame and lost all my spare time to laughing. (Warning: not appropriate for work if you have kids in the room)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/23/20 6:01:26 AM Permalink

Yep. The Kids Exchange* was here in El Cajon until going belly up recently. Google "bad kerning" for more horrors in the images tab.​ (There are even worse examples.)

KIDSEXCHANGE (It reads that way even without the color.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/22/20 3:14:33 PM Permalink

Oh, and I have the limit set to 1 per day so no one is tempted to double-dip.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/22/20 11:50:27 AM Permalink

​Hi Mick!

I just want to give you a heads up. I'm getting that map issue again. It was looking good yesterday, and then this morning, my January child map in my AP Daily Quests S2 parent map have a bunch of photography quests that should be in my "Side Quests" parent map under "Photography". When I look at them on the admin side, their map locations are correct. So far, everything is working, it's just confusing looking.

Last night, before I went home, I created 2 new quests and nested them in that "January" map. Could that be it? Could the nesting code be screwing up the rest of the map?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/21/20 1:10:07 PM Permalink

​Wish list item that may not be worth it because it might blow everything up.......

The ability to drag n drop quests from one map to another. (It's something that I've been thinking about for a while, but this weekend really brought it home. :P)

You'd probably have to rebuild everything to do this, and personally, my feeling about building Wordpress sites is akin to doing surgery with a fork, but I thought I'd put it out there.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/21/20 2:54:45 PM Permalink

Reordering quests (and quest sections) via drag and drop on the front-end is something Mick and I both want.

Dragging a quest to an entirely different map probably won't happen, though.

But never say never because one never knows. (Lot's o' nevers.)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/21/20 3:40:15 PM Permalink

I do plan on being able to reorder and move quests and chains on a map, but as Mike said, moving between maps isn't so easy. I've been thinking about a "quick edit" button that would open a lightbox and allow for changing just a few items–quest name, location, and locks. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/21/20 12:40:40 PM Permalink

​Some new ideas. (A few Mick doesn't even know about yet.)

P.S. Wish List item I forgot to mention. It would be nice if quests in the Daily Quest Vault weren't even visible—if they were hybrid Hidden, Nested, Optional Quests​ automatically set to be invisible by nesting them in the VAULT (a new type of quest container). Remember, these are repeatable quests, so they're going to be accessible unless we manually lock them.

Just thinking out loud.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/21/20 1:05:34 PM Permalink

One question for you, Mike: Do you sleep?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/21/20 2:48:19 PM Permalink

Ha! Last night I was so tired, I dropped off around 7:30 (way early). At 2:30 I was wide awake and inspired. ​

I love early mornings. (Well, maybe not that early.)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 11:22:30 PM Permalink

I think I got all the weird stuff where items were going to the wrong place on the map figured out. Some stuff might still show in the wrong place until the php cache clears on the server. It happens in 24 hours or just open something that is supposed to be in that chain and then save it. That will clear the cache for that particular chain.

The "eye" does more now too. It shows a direct link to edit the items on the map/store pages. It shows how much loot each item has associated with it on the map. I have more planned for the coming weeks.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/21/20 2:35:06 AM Permalink

Mick and I just spoke. While he works on code, I'll pass along some news.

Student maps have the eyeball​, too. Their eyeball reveals loot. Ours will do what Mick described and so much more. Coming soon.

Mick had an Attendance setting epiphany. Soon, your settings for each bell schedule will be nested. Early, Late, and On-Time (if you have that) will live under a single toggle.

AND cloning is coming. For me, that means one new schedule with Early and Late is all I need to build from scratch. Clone that and edit for each alternate bell schedule.

The downside is that existing schedules aren't grandfathered in. Each of us will need to rebuild them if we want to use the new system. The two will co-exist until everyone makes the move to the new system.

There was something else, but it's slipping my mind.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 4:11:39 PM Permalink

Hi Mick! I think my site has caught a bug. My maps are looking goofy. I have a top map called "Side Quests" which has various child maps: photography, color/type, draw/illus, Misc. When I look at the Misc map, there are a bucket of quests that are supposed to be in the photography map. When I go to move them, the map that they are listed under is photography. Is this what Matt was dealing with earlier?

Could this be happening because I have 6 child maps rather than the usual 5 or less?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 4:45:24 PM Permalink

Sounds like the same issue. I was able to replicate it once and then I thought I had it fixed. Let me check it out and get back to you.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 5:55:24 PM Permalink

EDIT: I thought I had it figured out but I didn't. I think I have it now.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 6:47:13 PM Permalink

It's not there yet, Mick. Now those quests that were in Miscellaneous are popping up in AP Daily Quests S2>January. I'm going to take them out of the maps altogether and see if that helps. Also, should I clear my cache?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 7:18:25 PM Permalink

I see they are all moved again. I don't think it's the cache. When editing a quest, if you change a map, does the list of quests in the order box refresh to show the quests on the target map. If it still showing the quests on the previous map, they all move to the target map when saving.

Perhaps that is still an issue? Did you move a quest to the AP Daily Quests S2>January map?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 7:56:34 PM Permalink

I made a new quest in that map, a nested quest. I didn't move anything over to it.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 11:20:38 PM Permalink

I think I got it this time (I hope). Some stuff might still show in the wrong place until the php cache clears. It happens in 24 hours or just open something that is supposed to be in that chain and then save it. That will clear the cache for that particular chain.

The "eye" does more now too. It shows a direct link to edit the items on the map/store pages. It shows how much loot each item has associated with it on the map. I have more planned for the coming weeks.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/21/20 1:51:33 AM Permalink

​I can't wait! In the meantime, my ancient computer seems to know its end is near. It has slowed down to dial-up speed, and testing anything has turned into a sprint through quicksand. This day has been a total exercise in frustration. I'll let you know how it works tomorrow.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/21/20 2:41:17 AM Permalink

Computer problems and web site problems. Sounds like a bad combo. I had my motherboard go out last year (on a new computer). It was not fun.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/21/20 5:07:50 AM Permalink

Sounds excellent, Mick! I'm excited to see what's coming. Thanks for all your quick responses and work over the last few days.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 4:06:19 PM Permalink

​Hi Mike! I want to take you up on your offer to "check out" the videos that you talk about in your "Few New Ideas" video above. You mention "Kevin", but that's all the info that's given. My unit on the P&E's of design is woefully lacking, and I'd live to see what others are doing. Can you post who Kevin is or a link to his stuff?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/20/20 4:55:50 PM Permalink

​Design Dojo is where Kevin's E&P videos are. They're very polished and took him forever to make.

I used Kevin's vids in my E&P quests. Feel free to clone them. They're just a work in progress so they'll need attention if you use them.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 5:51:57 PM Permalink

Thank you! I love it! Kevin's dojo theme ties in brilliantly.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/20/20 6:08:34 PM Permalink

His site is awesome, too. ​​​​ (#$%&ing Adobe and links!)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/19/20 8:55:03 PM Permalink

​Hi Mick!

I'm in the process of revamping my maps for S2 (because I have a 3 day weekend and no life....:P) and I'd like to go in and clone some of Skockos stuff (like his daily and weekly maps, which are completely awesome!) I went back into the posts from 11/19, but I still can't find the overlapping squares icon. I'm definitely not looking in the right place or I have the wrong setting going on. You stated that you'd have a video. Did that ever happen. If it did, can you post the URL? Thanks!!

Also, I'm dyingto play with the colors. Where is the customizer? Is it under the "Appearance" menu? I can only get that to edit the site itself.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 9:04:26 PM Permalink

Click the EYEBALL to get the clone feature to toggle on.

Copied and pasted from below:

And just in case you missed it, in the Dashboard go to:

Appearance > Customize > Gameful Display > Map Display to customize your maps' appearance.

It's a global setting at present. I'd suggest working out the colors prior to making changes. (But that's just me. UBU.)


Mick: We could use a reset button for when things go horribly wrong with color choices.​


Did that answer the questions, Marcia?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/19/20 9:13:25 PM Permalink


Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 9:32:43 PM Permalink ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/19/20 9:38:18 PM Permalink

Got it!

Is there a​ way to find a list of sites on that I can look at? We can all look at each others, right? As long as the settings allow us to?

Update: I don't got it. How do I navigate to the maclab from my gameful site?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 9:44:28 PM Permalink

Since this is kind of new, we'll have to ask users to opt-in first.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 1:14:03 AM Permalink

I think I broke the eyeball that shows on others sites. I'll fix it right way.

The way it works now (or at least in a few minutes when I make the fix)​ is that anyone that has a full admin account on Gameful sees the clone icon an all publicly available maps and stores. I figure if its on the internet other teachers could cut and paste it if they wanted it, so we might as well make it easy to share.

What we don't have is a directory of others sites. We have a forum in the works where we can share links to our sites and our best lessons that we would like to share. I'll post some of mine as soon as I get the link working and have a few extra minutes.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 2:47:04 PM Permalink

I thought I was going crazy. I gave up and went to the gym. I feel so much better now, on all levels. Thanks Mick.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 2:10:56 AM Permalink

The "eyeball" is there now. Have fun.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/20/20 3:54:28 AM Permalink


My site is


marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 2:47:49 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 3:05:00 PM Permalink

Hi Mike! I "cloned" your "SkoQuests" maps. It said that it was successful, but I have no idea where it went​. I'm worried that I F*'d it up somehow and now I've mucked up your maps.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 4:43:52 PM Permalink


No harm done. There is supposed to be a page where you choose the destination site. It wasn't showing for regular admin. It should be all set now. Go ahead and try again.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/20/20 5:06:47 PM Permalink

My maps are fine. No worries, Marcia.

I don't see SkoQuests in your Quest Maps, but wow! You have a lot of maps!

I'll pass on the failed clone to Mick.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/20/20 6:02:38 AM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/20/20 3:05:27 PM Permalink

Thanks Matt! What a nice looking site! Super clean!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/19/20 6:57:32 AM Permalink

[ ​833 Comments already, holy cow! ]

A few more items today - some wishes and one issue (maybe a bug). The issue first:

  1. I went in to try to reset student accounts for the semester, but the Reset button in Tools doesn't appear to do anything. Is there something hidden somewhere else?
  2. Related to #1, a wish I have is to reset gold, XP, and REP separately. I'd like to allow students to keep their REP between semesters, but reset totally between years (or maybe not even then...still noodling about this).
  3. I'd like a way to mass-reset the "Period" in user accounts. Each semester, students move between periods for my classes, and some leave. In order to see just the students I currently have in the class, I have to go in and manually remove the setting on user accounts for students who no longer are taking the class. I'm thinking this would make sense if it was linked in the "Users -> Manage Sections" tab, which would bring up a list of all users currently set for that section and allow me to remove checkboxes to mass-remove the ones that no longer belonged there. Or add this to the "Reset" button and just have it clear that setting from all users.
  4. Speaking of periods (just thought of this), we don't have sequential periods but instead a rotating block sequence that repeats every 8 days. Day one is periods ABCD. Day two is EFGH. Day three is BCDA. Day four is FGHE. and so on. This means we don't have the same class during the same time block again until 8 days later. If you could figure out a way to make the attendance tool work with this sort of scheme, I would love it! But not a high priority, as the store-based check-in is working fine right now.

Thanks, gents!​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/19/20 7:27:00 AM Permalink

1. I haven't used that reset tool in quite a while, but it should be an easy fix (I hope). The reset tool is overkill for most times--it would undo progress on the maps and remove history (including messages, tasks, and store items). I'll make sure that it has a big warning message when I look at it (if it doesn't already).

2. If you just want to reset loot, send a bulk message with a penalty of greater than the maximum amount of any user. You can include up to 100 users in a message from any tab on the clipboard. The message auto adjust to the amount that users have. I reset XP at the semester and just sent a penalty of 10,000 to all users one section at a time.

3. That is a great idea. Just a thought--since we can already bulk add and remove loot, badges, and groups with messages, why not just add the sections there? Just check the boxes of students to remove in the clipboard and then send a message. Thoughts?

4. You can create all the schedules using the section and then all days of the week and times. Then you can manually toggle the correct schedule on for the day. With the 8 day cycle, that's the best I can come up with for now.

Your questions have me thinking about the best tools for the end of term/year. I want to keep my users content that they submitted, but also be able to have then not show in the next years game. I also want to reuse my content. I have two options so far.

#1: A new setting to mark users as archived and then they would not have access to gameplay, and would not show in the leaderboard or clipboard. Their blog would still be accessible with a direct link (for them to see their work), and teachers would have a setting to show archived students in the clipboard. The quest and game content could then be changed to reflect the new year.

#2: Create a new site each year and clone the content over to the new site I want on the game. The old site would be renamed with a prefix for the year it was created and then a new site with no users would be created with all the existing content. A tool would be created for this purpose if we go this route.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 2:08:57 PM Permalink


A. Both 1.'s lead to student data being dumped into a black hole. Mick's #2 seems the way to go. It gives us a living history of our classes.

B. Mick's 2. and 3. seems to solve Matthew's 2. and 3. with a familiar tool rather than creating a new one to learn. Messages, surprisingly (to me), have become a power-tool in my arsenal. I've requested the ability to take notes with it as well (an unsent message of sorts for record-keeping and reminders). The addition of sections (and seats) would save me trips to student profiles when making those changes.

C. Mick's 4. is spot on (unless I'm missing something obvious). I toggle between bell schedules all the time. I've made On-Time and Late (with rewards and penalties) for our regular, collaboration, and minimum day bell schedules and have testing, assembly, finals, and two weird Valhalla special schedules. Probably a royal pain for anyone without autism but a zen-like exercise for me to create. I was kinda sad when I finished, knowing that the work will last for years and years. The Attendance tab in the Clipboard is my new best friend when taking roll. HINT: Make a store item for excused late to offset the penalty.*

*Even better [cue Mick to groan], if I had a way to override LATE in the Attendance tab to make it read EXCUSED (and return the penalty loot), I wouldn't have to enforce who can and cannot purchase that store item. >>> EDIT: AND WE WOULD HAVE AN ACCURATE IN-GAME ATTENDANCE RECORD.

D. Re: Mick's #1. Do you have kids who drop out then drop back in? I do. I used to delete the user account before being bitten several times by this new phenomenon. Now I just go to their profile when they leave, add a row to Section/Seat, and delete the row with outdated data (because there's currently no way to set the Section/Seat back to the null state). An archive/activate (reactivate? unarchive?) feature would work for this scenario as well.

D2. Mick's #1 also has me thinking about returning students having a way to access their old blogs. That would be AWESOME.

E. As previously stated, Mick's #2 is a killer idea. If it solves my D2, that would be even better.


Thanks for the great feedback, Matthew!

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/19/20 7:19:44 PM Permalink

I chuckled as I read your comment D because of your choice of words - I built an actual section called "Null" in which I place inactive students and administrators. I move them back (or they place themselves back) when they return to a regular section. :-)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 7:54:38 PM Permalink

Genius! (Stealing that idea.)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 7:05:33 PM Permalink


The more I think about this, I'm liking Mick's #1 better than #2 for one reason: I intend to ​add content (outside the game) to the site and moving that content to a new site seems tedious.

Unless... Could the archive feature create a copy of the entire site and rename it instead? Then we'd just continue to work on the existing site.

Just thinking out loud.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/19/20 7:59:50 PM Permalink

+1 (When will Adobe catch on and implement the 'like' on posts? Sheesh!)​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/19/20 7:18:16 PM Permalink


  1. Agree. I like your other solutions much better.
  2. Brilliant solution, which I implemented today. Thank you!​
  3. Yes, that makes good sense. I was thinking of it as a user operation, but since all our other bulk operations go through the clipboard, that is very logical. I actually used the clipboard to find out who was in which sections...and it never occurred to me to even look there for this feature! Forest...trees.
  4. OK, I can see that. Perhaps to Mike's surprise, I even agree that building the schedules would be soothing and somewhat fun. But toggling them on and off daily, given the current interface, would not be fun. Currently, in the Awards list, I either have to have the row expanded fully (looooong) or minimized with nothing but a blank to identify it. If instead, when I minimize a row, it shows the activate On/Off button and the Award Title, that would help substantially! UPDATE: Just realized while playing with it that this is almost there already; I can minimized the details pane only. Due to the number of awards I'll need (3 each for 6 sections for 4 different daily schedules plus 4 different activity day schedules plus 4 different half-day schedules = a sh*tton) I'd still like to be able to minimize the row entirely and still have the title & the On/Off button.
  5. Regarding your end-of-year ideas, I would definitely prefer #2
    1. because I'd like to be able to go back to a previous year to see how the quests were written, maps arranged, etc, without changes in the current year being reflected there in the archive.
    2. I'd like the option to import existing users (ideally, with a select checklist!) to avoid having to re-create user accounts and to preserve blogs with the user account rather than the year. (IE: I agree with Mike).

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 8:17:36 PM Permalink

4. Maybe your interface is glitching as mine was at first. ​I manually togged things ​to look like this screenshot and it opens like this every time now. There's no delay between clicks so it just takes me 4 quick clicks to switch schedules before clicking update. (You'd have 6 clicks.) Am I misunderstanding?

Set your schedules up in sequence and just move down the list each day.

NOTE: RD = Regular Day. CD = Collaboration Day. (And on down the list, if that wasn't clear.)


Watching the football playoffs in the easy chair with the laptop. Will continue responding as ideas arise. :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 10:25:14 PM Permalink

5.2. For the first time ever, I haven't created a single user account this year. Signing into the site ​creates each kid's account.

If you have school email, limiting registration by domain ensures continuity. If your school uses Google, it auto-fills names. Requiring students to fill in Section and Seat creates my seating chart.

Gameful makes my job so much easier!

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/20/20 2:22:09 AM Permalink


Even though you aren't going to use it, the reset button now works--with some extra warning text. ​

I also added the sections to messages so you can bulk reset/change sections. Mike's requested "note" checkbox is there in the messages lightbox too. You can now use messages to log a note about a student that isn't sent or visible to students.

I am hopeful that the clone issue is fixed as well. I did a lot of work on the front end cloning. It now works great for cloning on your own site. Clone entire maps, chains, store sections, or individual items. Chains and individual quests go right next to the item being cloned. It a super quick way to do something like set up something like a "Daily Quests" map. You still have to change the locks for the individual days, but at least the quests are created quickly. There is also an option to clone or sync when copying between sites. If the map or chain (or store section) being cloned already exists on the destination site you have an option to only copy the content that doesn't exist or create an entire new map with all the content.

Have a great day.


Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/20/20 1:39:08 PM Permalink

It was indeed a great day, Mick! Thanks to that new bulk section reset, I spent all of 5 minutes today doing what took around 50 yesterday! Outstanding, sir!

I'm not sure the bulk section reset will make sense to new users, as a "Penalty"​ to subtract their "Section" isn't necessarily the phrasing of that operation that will leap to mind. But it worked like a charm functionally.

On another front, I started building the extensive ladder of attendance options that I'll need, following Mike's helpful suggestions above about how to structure and use that tool. Unfortunately, I ran into snag partway through - it reports "Maximum Rows reach (15 rows)" at the top of the awards list right now, when I try to add more. I'm going to need 72 rows to put my entire schedule in place. Is that possible?

Also, I customized my map colors, just for fun. It looks great! However, even though my map text is set to white and shows up properly in the preview window, it still generates as black on the main site map. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if my setting just isn't saving, but it's the only color that wasn't changed properly.

A new feature I just thought of may have been suggested before (seems likely): maps that link directly to other maps. This will be more useful when we have the ability to use custom graphics for maps rather than the autogenerated lists, but I thought it might be fun to have a front-page map of links to all the sub-maps within a game, rather than the drop-down list. I'm imagining a continent map with countries as the clickable, which open up as separate maps with individual quest lines on them.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/21/20 5:30:35 AM Permalink


Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll change "reward" and "penalty" on messages to ​"add" and "remove". It works in both instances.

I take care of the map text color ASAP.

The map with a background image is still on the list. I think you might be on to something with your suggestion. One thing I've been thinking about is that lots of the maps (most?) have so many quests and other info that it's hard for me to picture how they work on an image. A good starting point could be the map of maps that is over an image. This master map would provide a way to see all the other maps. Maps that unlock other maps would be connected. Hidden maps would suddenly appear once they are available. Locked maps would be greyed out. You get the point. I plan on eventually having Images for the other maps, but I'm liking the idea of starting with the master map.

Thanks again.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/18/20 3:57:05 PM Permalink

Hi Folks!

I'm just wondering about changing up my program's digital portfolio. I'd like to know, if you use a digital portfolio for your students:

  • what do you use?
  • Is there a cost
  • Is there a downside?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/18/20 5:42:32 PM Permalink

  • I've used sooooo many different solutions and ​Behance is my favorite. (Adobe bought it in 2012.)
  • It's free.
  • None that I can think of.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/19/20 3:14:23 PM Permalink

I remember sometime in the distant past a thread talking about that. You​ had switched out of Behance (I think. It was eons ago) to Google. I guess you're back. I wanted to make sure that there wasn't something that I'm missing out there.

Thanks, Mike!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 5:01:40 PM Permalink

Yeah, using Google was trying to play nice with the district. We went back to Behance when the G-option proved too clunky for words.

But now we use Gameful's Blog​. I only point my best kids to Behance for an additional pro portfolio.

Adam Coulson

Posted on 1/19/20 6:04:53 PM Permalink

Because of COPPA laws, Adobe removed Behance for the individual k-12 enterprise (school) user accounts in November​ so that was a real mess since they did it without any warning and locked all students out of their existing accounts. Through some research and approval of admin I am now again having all of my students create their own personal Adobe ID's to have access to their Behance account that they will have forever. I gave parents the option to opt-out of that as a little CYA but no one has so good to go. I love to have students not only create a public professional portfolio account but using Behance to explore other artists and finding personal inspiration has been priceless!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/19/20 6:22:15 PM Permalink

Hey Adam! Great point. (And something I'd forgotten about.)

I fought for (and won) the right to have my kids sign in to Creative Cloud with Adobe IDs (via their school email) so they'd have access to the entire feature set.

The AEL in Idaho who bent Adobe to his will and made that possible is no longer an educator. Or at least not in school. Adobe recruited him to work for them and help the rest of us learn to use CC as advantageously as possible.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/19/20 9:06:03 PM Permalink

Hi Adam! You articulated that for me beautifully. I want my students ​to be able to access these portfolios and build on them through college, should they go on in this field. I also really like the feedback that some of them get, as well as the inspiration. I'll stick with Behance.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/17/20 11:28:23 PM Permalink

Happy Friday! I think I got the bugs I introduced this week worked out this afternoon. I was trying to add some items from the wish list and there were some unintended consequences. I'm going to avoid doing any updates until I know we have these current issues resolved. The next item on my to do list is to create an option to use a beta version of the code. Mike and I (and any other brave souls) can ​test the code in class and get things worked out before taking it live to the larger community. My plan is to do the update to the beta on Fridays and if there is code that is ready for prime time, push that out as well. Any plugin users out there still? I will do a weekly build when I push the code.

There are a few cool new things on the site. You can customize the map colors in the Customizer now. Also Badge and Group locks with multiple items are easier to create and display better on the frontend. I had a new check for understanding that allowed for sketching answers but there were conflicts that I need to resolve.

Have a great weekend everyone. Let me know if you find any more issues and I'll get on them right away.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/17/20 5:51:01 PM Permalink

​Howdy All!

I will be starting an adult ed class next week and I want to run it through GO. I want to make a map just for them. I have a couple of issues/questions.

1. I have made a class in the game called "Royalty" The map I made for them is locked and the key for access is the "Royalty" class. However, when I test it as a user, I can't get through the lock. (Yes, I made sure that I'm listed in the class. LOL If you were wondering, I don't blame you.)

2. Is there a way to make it so that the "Royalty Class" can't see the other traditional student maps? I think I saw that you guys had a setting for that, something new that you put up a few weeks ago. Of course, I can't find it. :P)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/20 6:20:02 PM Permalink

Mick is working on the maps. Last night's update caused a few issues.​ Maybe wait until he gives the all-clear before proceeding?

The locks may be glitched right now. Click on Quest Maps in the Admin Bar or Quests > Quest Maps in the back end and then on the map you want to lock.

Enable Locks will give you control over access and visibility.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/17/20 6:31:40 PM Permalink

Yeah, I did that. 'Tain't​ workin'. I'll give it a rest

Is there a way that I can have one class only see their maps when they go into the maps menu? If not, is it possible? Maybe the "Show" option in the "Hide Map" feature can have locks on it too that allow visual access for only certain classes or badges or scores..... That way, when a kid earns a badge, a bunch of choices pop in the maps all at once.....Maybe as a specified color, depending on the badge.

Or can we do that already?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/20 7:17:07 PM Permalink

Try again after Mick signals all is well. It'll work​.*

*All but the custom color for a single map.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/17/20 7:36:15 PM Permalink

The color bit was an addition to the wish list.

Actually, all of it was an addition to the wish list. Anything from the wish list that gets done before summer puts me in awe. In the mean time, I can't seem to tie my own shoes.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/20 7:50:05 PM Permalink

We all feel that way at times.

Remember, Macia, you're a trailblazer. And if I may quote ​something I wrote 25 years ago (geez! 25 years?!):

Footsteps blaze the trail taken, a path that we’ll create

Just because you’re following, don’t mean I can’t relate

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/20 7:57:55 PM Permalink

And just in case you missed it, in the Dashboard go to:

Appearance > Customize > Gameful Display > Map​ Display to customize your maps' appearance.

It's a global setting at present. I'd suggest working out the colors prior to making changes. (But that's just me. UBU.)


Mick: We could use a reset button for when things go horribly wrong with color choices.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/17/20 11:20:38 PM Permalink

I think I got it all worked out.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/17/20 11:38:21 PM Permalink

The map locks with hiding is working. You will need to put a lock on all the maps and assign the sections that you want to access that map (unless you want all sections to access). You can add and/or statements that include the badge locks to auto show the map as the earn other badges (or loot, at a certain time, etc). There is an option to hide the map completely, show the lock message but no quests, or show the lock message and the map with all locked quests. I plan on starting my students with access to only one map next year and then having it grow as they gain experience.

You also have the option of creating a new site. Content is easily cloned between sites.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/17/20 12:08:38 PM Permalink

​OK, serious editing weirdness going on. I had begun creating the quests for the daily jobs for January. A couple are nested (weekly jobs) and one hidden. I usually create by cloning the first one and just changing title, time lock, and timer. Worked find until I got to to February. I forgot to change the map on the first couple quests. Remembered on the third one. After I saved that one, they all (all the jobs I'd just created on the Jan map) moved over to the Feb map!?! I went back to edit the first one and move it back, but in the editing window it lists itself in January, although it's the only one listed there . The other jobs that used to be in January are the same. Yikes!

I tried opening up in a cache-cleaned copy of Safari, to check whether something was just local. They're all listed in Feb on the front-end Map. Editing window shows them as listed in Jan, except there aren't any others listed in Jan. So it definitely looks like something on the server side.

UPDATE: As I was playing around, trying to isolate the weirdness, I found that if I change the "Jan 30 / Feb 2 2002" quest to January, they all move over to the Jan map. Then I checked "Wed Feb 5 / Thu Feb 6 2020," and found it was listed in Feb, but all by itself. I moved it to Jan and then back to Feb, saving after each move. Now they're all in Feb again. How did I mess it up this badly!??

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/17/20 3:02:58 PM Permalink

Since Mick has been working on map code all week, I'll defer to him on this one.

As you know I have similar maps and have never encountered anything like that. Hopefully, it's easily remedied. ​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/17/20 4:04:25 PM Permalink

I pushed some beta code last night (~12pm PST) that had many unexplained​ and unintended side effects. I removed it. Hope that fixes it. FYI the code was a new check for understanding--a drawing widget. It worked fine in all my testing--on pages that had a drawing widget, but conflicted with js elsewhere on the site.

Your issue might be something else entirely. Let me know if it's still happening and I'll check it out.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/17/20 11:20:23 PM Permalink

I think I got it all worked out. I'm posting something in a few minutes about how I'm going to try to avoid these ​mistakes going forward.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/18/20 11:53:02 AM Permalink

Nope. Still behaving funky, though work-around-able. I'll try removing all the new (Feb) quests and start with a clean one to see if that can work around it for now...

Well, I was able to move the Jan quests ​back to the Jan map, but they're listed as duplicated on the Feb map on the front end. Adding a new final quest for Jan 30th shows no other quests in the Jan list on the editing end (Add New Quest window), and after saving it did not show up on the front end but did show the proper list of other quests in the Map Location dropdown. After a second update, it did show up on the front end.

Creating a fresh quest for the February map cleared the 'duplicate' listings from January, but didn't show the Feb quest after the initial save. After a second update, it did show up in Feb, without the duplicates.

UPDATE: Worked fine all the way through April. Started with fresh daily & weekly jobs at the beginning of each month & cloned them through just that month. Then in May, for some reason, all of April moved to May after I created a quest in May by cloning the last one in April. It definitely seems to be related to cloning, if that helps narrow the troubleshooting. -sigh-

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/18/20 5:06:26 PM Permalink

How are you cloning? The button on the edit page or on the map? It will help me trouble shoot.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/18/20 5:22:21 PM Permalink

Nevermind--I was able to replicate the issue. Now to figure out why. I should have it fixed by tomorrow. I'm going to make a few changes to the front end cloning that will also make this task much simpler in the future.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/15/20 8:00:32 PM Permalink

Sorry for any weirdness in the past couple hours. I uploaded some code that had a couple issues. It mostly affected scheduled locks on the store items but might have had issues somewhere else with locks. The maps displayed with strange colors for a a few minutes too.

Speaking of colors on the map, you can now set custom colors on the map. Go to the Appearance->Customizer. There is a panel there for "Gameful Display". You can navigate to the map in the preview window and live preview changes.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/14/20 9:29:15 PM Permalink

​I find it fascinating that everybody who has commented on this exchange all have first names that start with "M".

Just sayin'. XD

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 9:51:51 PM Permalink

Mmmm. Recently, you right! (And I never noticed the lucky 13th letter popping up again and again.)

M Power.

Scrolling down, though... Adam, Shawn, Christopher, Benjamin, Ryan, Keith, Carsten, Kerrick, Julian, Tiffany, Ram, and Syrita. (And the lurkers who just email me directly.)


Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 12:29:32 PM Permalink

One of my students has run into a weirdness with their profile. He can change his name, including his display name, but nothing changes on the Scoreboard, Stats panel, or my clipboard; it still shows the display name he started the semester with. He IS allowed to upload a new avatar picture (via drag-and-drop), but the "update image" button is grayed out as soon as he uploads a new image, so it's rather pointless. I have the same results when updating my display name and image. We tried clearing out cached cookies, log out and back in, and even logging into an incognito window, but no change in symptoms.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 4:08:50 PM Permalink

Mick will get this taken care of.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/14/20 10:36:24 PM Permalink

I just added a user to your site--test14. I was able to change the info on the profile page (on the frontend). Did the issue magically resolve itself or are you still having issues? I did notice that the display name is changing on all sites that that test user is a member of. The display names are supposed to be able to be set different on each site. I'll fix that but let me know if updates are still an issue.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/15/20 5:13:29 AM Permalink

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/15/20 6:42:17 PM Permalink


Thanks for the video. I think I got the username thing fixed in the code. The avatar can be changed by hitting the remove button and then adding a new one. I just removed the edit button. Let me know if that did the trick.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/16/20 8:17:19 AM Permalink

Works great now. Thanks!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 9:13:05 AM Permalink

Also, Mike, how is it that your videos show up in smaller size links? Mine take up the whole page width on quests. I can't find a setting to adjust it, but feel like it was there before and I must be missing the forest for the trees or something.

UPDATE: Sorry! I just realized that was in the editor. When I look at the quest as a student, on the front end, it looks just like yours. D'oh :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 3:03:04 PM Permalink

That's one of the reasons I use the TEXT tab when editing 98% of the time. ​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/14/20 7:19:39 PM Permalink

I'd like the editor to eventually use the same settings as the frontend for displaying videos. It's not at the top of the to do list. The settings for video have moved to the Theme Customizer. There is a Gameful Section where you get the preview of changes. I should have more Map and Quest options in the next few days. You can change the Map font there now.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 7:26:21 AM Permalink

Another item, not sure if I'm just unaware/missing something: I can select an achievement (badge) for a map category, but there are no tools for defining what is required. Does a student earn the master category for _any_ sub-map badge earned, or only if the entire map category is completed? Any way to define/control that?

A scenario might help here: I have a map category called apprenticeships that contains 8 (and growing) maps. Students must earn at least one from this category in order to earn autonomy so they can design projects of their own. I'd like to be able to lock the 'roll your own' map to require a single apprentice badge, but am having a bit of trouble making the job easy on myself, so there is as little dependancy between the two as possible. Ideal: when students complete one of the maps within the category, they earn that specific apprentice badge, plus a generic "Apprentice" badge for the category. That generic one then allows them access to the more advanced map/s.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 4:07:00 PM Permalink

Okay, I think I misunderstood but I'm going to leave the copy (below) because someone might find it of value for differing reasons.

What Mick and I learned from hashing out some of your questions is that we need a lock for PARENT categories for Groups, Badges, and Maps that'll allow for limiting access to those who've completed 1 of a collection. Complete one apprenticeship in the parent category and you're in.

For 2 of a collection of choices, add another lock with the OR AND option.

Does that make sense? (Or even answer your question?)


When you set up a map category (a child of a map), you define whether it's a chain or a pod. If the latter, you determine how many quests constitute completion​. If you assign a badge to the category, the badge requires the player to complete the category as established by the settings.

If you set a badge to the map itself, it requires players to complete every category's requirements.


I think you already know this, so I think I'm failing to understand the question. What am I missing?

The generic badge lock is a kludge I've used as well. The map locks now respect AND or OR restrictions. You could lock via... Just talked with Mick (Back to top of comment)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 5:49:11 PM Permalink

Yes, that first section of your answer makes sense and is exactly what I was trying to describe/request. I realize, reading the rest your response, that I'd confused the terms for Map and Map Category and was describing exactly the opposite of what I intended, which led to your confusion. Apologies for my muddled thinking. Thanks for hashing it out and ​kudos for sorting out my meaning in spite of the explanation!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 6:36:19 PM Permalink

No apologies necessary; your question led us to a new feature!

You deserve a badge. :)​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 7:18:50 AM Permalink

​A couple of interface issues for the not-critical-but-nice list: when editing badges (and possibly others, I didn't check) the only bulk action is "Delete." I started with a batch of badges and then decided it would be easier if I made a separate group for them, but the only way to put them all into that new group was one-by-one. It would be nice have some additional possibilities in the bulk action list/s.

Related to that, I have a map for which students must first earn one of the apprenticeships I've set up (badges). But listing it so it's locked AND they have access if they own any ONE of 8 badges is both clunky to look at and to set up - the form is rather looong to read. It would be nice to have a multi-selection tool and also to have the list be shorter. (If this doesn't make sense, I can record a video to describe what I mean).

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 4:12:56 PM Permalink

This would fall under the Parent Category lock discussed in your 7:26:21 comment. Yes?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 5:52:21 PM Permalink

It's directly related to it. But here, I'm suggesting that the interface for the lock selections could use a bit of redesign with regards to locking based on more than one item. If I want the lock to involve a series of OR or AND conditions, the current interface is pretty clunky. A simplified way to select multiple requirements and a simplified listing of the requirements currently in place would be beneficial. But definitely this is a corner case as well as look-and-feel vs functionality and thus very low priority. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/14/20 6:45:04 PM Permalink

Some of this—especially categories and hierarchies—are core functions of WordPress we're leveraging​.

We came to a similar conclusion as you did (above), but once an idea sinks into Mick's copious imagination, one never knows where it will lead.

Keep the observations and suggestions coming.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/16/20 6:08:53 AM Permalink


Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't tried adding a complicated lock in a while. I went ahead and added a multi-select to ​the badge and group locks as you suggested. This will allow for an or statement inside of the and statement. You can still and a second lock (an additional or statement) for other locks, but if you are just trying to add a bunch of badges this is much simpler. I'm going to test the code for a few days before pushing it out. I'm adding the parent category lock to the to do list. It would be nice for when you have a category of badges that might expand and want to lock by having any badge (just as you described). That's both easier to code and to understand for users than adding logic that can award a map badge sometimes on the entire map and sometimes on the chains. FYI badges on maps do require completing all chains and pods on the map to be awarded.

Also, I cleaned up the display of the locks when there are many applied to a shorter display.

Look for the changes by the start of next week.


Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/12/20 10:01:06 PM Permalink

I had fun on Friday playing with the custom button names (that appear in the store item Lightbox).

Edit any store item, click the Store Item accordion, and check Options for the toggle.

Lots of cosmetic improvements coming to the Store Item Lightbox as well.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/16/20 9:48:28 AM Permalink

Cool! I was just telling students earlier this week that the "Buy" would eventually change to reflect other options. And of course, it already had!

My assistant is in the middle of further education related to teaching, specifically ed tech, and has been looking with interest at Gameful. We took a look at Classcraft yesterday (he has a login, so I was able to see the back end) and I was impressed with how far it's come along. It's not as flexible/powerful as gameful, but looks a lot more polished. I was impressed at how well they've done the job of walking new users through the process (though I'd sure hope there's a shorter version, once I was familiar with the system). I also drooled over their maps functionality - much glitzier than gameful at the moment (though again, not as powerful nor flexible). It definitely makes the whole experience feel a lot more like a game.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/16/20 5:34:38 PM Permalink

TL;DR: The best tool for the job is the one that works best for you.


A long time ago (May 2011), in a classroom far, far away (actually, about 200 feet from where I'm sitting right now), I searched for a way to add game mechanics to my online curriculum (I teach via videos because I have no patience for direct instruction; therefore, I suck at it).

The only tool I could find was 3D Game Lab (Now R​ezzly). It was in beta, required Firefox, and didn't appear ready for prime time (you had to apply to be a beta tester—if I remember correctly).

So, we (the students and I) set out to create our own system.

Somewhat like the tortoise, we made slow, steady progress. Unlike the tortoise, we also ran out of gas (coders and skill sets) from time to time.​

Then Mick joined the party.

Mick is like the tortoise (relentless) and the hare (capable of bursts of amazing speed).


Classcraft is shiny. People like shiny. Kids like shiny. Heck, I like shiny, too. For some people—for lots of people—this shiny tool works for them. That's great.

I'm a designer, an artist, a perfectionist—or at least I was before becoming a teacher.

Now? If I have to choose, I choose function over form. Every. Single. Time.

Oh, I want shiny, too. But not at the expense of function.

We—Mick and I—have a vision for Gameful that includes shiny. We have lots of blue-sky ambitions. And we'll get there.

But not at the expense of function.

We're in this for the long game (says the guy who turns 65 in May).


#Respect to all who push their ideas into new territory.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/16/20 6:14:49 PM Permalink

Sounds like the making of a mission statement there, Mike. ;)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/16/20 6:22:39 PM Permalink


marcia blanco

Posted on 1/12/20 6:44:25 PM Permalink

Hi Mick!

I just learned from a student on Friday that they can click on a button at the bottom of the stage to see other blog posts from students. Is that supposed to happen?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/12/20 9:50:33 PM Permalink

Yep. The option to turn it off is in Options > Feature Setup > Tasks > Show All Posts Button

It's part of a new Social Feed System anchored in the Leaderboard​.

You can turn that off in Options > Feature Setup > Tasks > Leaderboard > Show Social Feed

When finished, kids will be able to like each other's posts, follow each other, block annoying students, and maybe a little more.

More surprises on the way,

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/13/20 3:28:35 AM Permalink

Yes. By default it shows only after a student completes a stage, although when creating/editing the quest you can change to show when encountering the quest or not at all. As Mike mentioned​ it can also be turned off globally. It never shows students anything that isn't already publicly available on students blogs. It's also a handy way to give feedback on student work on stage. Admin can leave feedback on the blog posts shown. Because of that the button always shows to admin and it has a label of "admin only" if it isn't available to students.

It serves two purposes. The first is the feedback one for admin as mentioned. The second is I wanted a way for my students to easily see each others work--particularly on posts where they are turning in projects. I plan on keeping it off on stages that are simple answers or ones where most answers will be similar.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/13/20 12:30:29 PM Permalink

Mick, I thought the toggles on individual quests were yet to be implemented.​

Dang if I can find them.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/13/20 2:07:42 PM Permalink

They are at the bottom of any call to action section that has a blog post required.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/13/20 2:47:15 PM Permalink

Not in Safari.

Unless I'm a complete idiot and don't see something right in front of my face. (A distinct possibility.)


Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/13/20 7:01:13 PM Permalink

MYSTERY SOLVED: Updating Options > Setup resolves the issue.

(My quests were created prior to the implementation of this feature.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/14/20 8:43:47 PM Permalink

The timing on this was perfect because we are setting up SMART goals for the semester. I'm so glad that you put that in (and that my student pointed them out.) the collaborating feedback on everybody's g​oals worked out swimmingly! Thank you! (I say that a lot, don't I?)

marcia blanco

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​It's been a weird day. I've had a couple of wonky things happen with the game today.

  1. I have a multiple-select quiz at the end of a stage with 7 questions. The 6th question gives feedback that it is wrong no matter what answer is selected. I deleted it so that the 7th question was relocated to the 6th question slot and now THAT question shows every answer is wrong.
  2. I have two versions of the Daily Quest where the kids are supposed to write a minimum of 75 words to be able to submit. When the kids get to that stage on the user side, it only requires 38 words. I've checked my end several times, so it's not a typo on my part. Any ideas?

I'm starting to think that if I look in the mirror, I won't see a reflection. :P​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/8/20 7:44:00 PM Permalink

1. I'd delete the final question (after copying the details), save the quest, view it on the front end (that's another weirdness of mine—you shouldn't have to do that), edit the quest again, add the last answer back​, save, view, and test again. If the problem persists, Mick will have to look into the code.

2. I just made a quest with a 75 word minimum. I wasn't able to complete the quest with 22, 38, or even 74 words. I suspect gremlins.


Seriously, I also have experienced some inexplicable weirdness (just ask Mick). One thing I don't have is any legacy quests. I've made everything fresh this year and, for the most part, have had super smooth sailing.

Try replicating the problem in new test quests. Did the problems repeat? If not, are the problem quests old?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/8/20 7:56:37 PM Permalink

The quest with the multiple-choice quiz is a re-worked legacy quest​, so you are really onto something. copy/paste into a new quest and let you know if it behaves itself.

I will also go and buy myself some anti-gremlin spray. Is that available on Amazon?

Thanks Mike!

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/9/20 12:41:30 AM Permalink

What's the name of the quest? I'll take a look

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 7:07:42 PM Permalink

​I seem to have all my questions come in waves. This one is from a feature that has always been there but I've never used. I think that I might be able to use it now. What is the "Insert Read More" tag in the edit bar in the stages of a quest?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/8/20 7:46:13 PM Permalink

Freaking Adobe wrecking links!

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/8/20 7:56:52 PM Permalink

Thank you!!!​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/9/20 12:45:00 AM Permalink

Come to think about it, I didn't implement the readmore in our code for quests. It doesn't do anything now. I will just remove it unless it should do something. I could have it open the long block of text in a lightbox or separate page. Not sure if that is a helpful function or not. I probably would never use it. Thoughts?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 5:07:02 PM Permalink

I have an odd issue. I'm editing an older quest that has a multiple choice quiz in it. The quest works from the user end, but I can't see the MC to edit it. Anything in that magic bag of tricks?

Never mind. It's working now.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 2:59:53 PM Permalink

​I have an idea for your wish list, Mick. (In case you have nothing to do.....:P) Can we put a drawing widget in there? Sometimes, a graphic is overkill and a quick sketch is all I need.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 1/8/20 4:03:13 AM Permalink

I think that would be a cool addition. I think it can be done.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 2:15:02 PM Permalink

​Has anybody noticed a problem with the new system to upload videos in YouTube? Pasting the URL into my game from videos loaded with the new system just pastes in the URL. It's not even a hotlink. The old system works like a charm, but Youtube is now quizzing me on why I want to use it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/20 3:11:08 PM Permalink


I pasted https://youtu.b​e/AHG952cLrbY into a quest a few hours ago and it worked as expected.

​Two (of the many) weird things I ALWAYS do:

  1. ​I always paste videos in the TEXT tab, never the Visual tab. (I don't like the video getting in the way when I'm writing.)
  2. I always paste the root link to the video—the one without the extra "watch" gibberish. (Probably an autistic thing. I crave the minimalist purity.)

Have you complied with the notice at the top of the YouTube page? The one that says:

Important: All creators are obligated to take action to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and other laws. Review your channel settings.

"Kids" = Under 13

No, set this channel as not made for kids. I never upload content that's made for kids. = My answer.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 3:53:48 PM Permalink

Yeah, I've done that. I like the idea of putting it into the text box. I bet that will work, as well as your other suggestion (not because of the gibberish but because I worry that I won't get all of it when I copy the link.) As usual, super solid suggestions.

It's just weird.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 8:07:03 PM Permalink

Apparently, whining about the situation online is​ a very effective solution. The problem hasn't happened since. Just what you guys want to hear!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/20 3:31:16 PM Permalink

The irony just hit me.

The description field in virtually every video I've made for my students is: Vids for my kids.

marcia blanco

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​This is a bit off-topic but we have a lot of game design teachers on her, so I thought that I'd throw this up there.

I might have the opportunity to get some serious education in game design. The demand for it keeps increasing and as a 60 year old, I missed that train. I was told today to look into how I could get a certificate or some other organized pedagogy on game development training under my belt so that I can do right by my students. Other than taking a sabbatical to do full immersion, are there programs out there for somebody like me? (Right now, I'm just shamelessly poaching stuff from Unity, Masterclass and It's really a mishmash and kind of awful.)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/6/20 10:20:43 PM Permalink

I'm not a fan of certifications (the ability to pass a test), but I understand some people think they matter. If you're teaching Unity, you might look into their certs.

Or not. Your call.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 2:12:08 PM Permalink

No, that's not what I mean. I mean "certificate", as in multiple classes that fill a curriculum from an academic institution but short of a bachelors's or associates. ​(I do NOT need any more degrees, but I could use the pay boost from more credits. I'm working hard here! :P)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/7/20 3:14:15 PM Permalink

Still confused.

Do you mean an articulation​ agreement from a college or university that awards deserving students college credit for high school classes?

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 3:56:17 PM Permalink

No. This is for ME. This is content area professional development, a form of PD that is rarely paid for by my district. I might have the chance to get this paid for, so I'm looking. Game Design is my weakest asset as a teacher.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 5:54:19 PM Permalink

Matthew Miller

Posted on 1/14/20 6:01:08 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/14/20 9:28:09 PM Permalink

Thank you, Matt! That is really helpful. I'll look into it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/6/20 4:28:22 AM Permalink

Oh, and Marcia, you might want to check out the new annotation options when providing feedback to students. Mick added that just for you!​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/6/20 7:24:03 PM Permalink

I am incredibly honored! You guys are really awesome. I hope I'm not the only one using it though. Sometimes I feel like you guys do all this work just for me. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/6/20 10:22:55 PM Permalink

Mick and I were just talking about how valuable your questions and suggestions are. You, Marcia, are the awesome one.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/7/20 2:16:16 PM Permalink

*blush* Long day yesterday. I needed that. Self-confidence has been doing battle with the elements. Thank you!​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/20 10:09:13 PM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/20 8:15:24 PM Permalink

Lots of new features to share. First up: Locks on Maps.

The possibilities are endless. A real game-changer. Literally.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/20 8:11:29 PM Permalink

Ha! I just pulled a bonehead move and opened a quest that I was editing in another window.

A warning popped up.​

Awesome. I knew Mick was working on this, but I didn't know it was functional.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/4/20 11:53:03 AM Permalink

RE: ​This idea

​We have more new features. Hidden, Nested, and Optional Quests. (The options can be found within the Map Location section of the quest.)

Some quests ​in this screenshot have nested content (kind of obvious which ones). Others might have hidden content (there's no way to know until completing a quest).

Besides delivering daily requirements (and/or optional enrichment activities), the nested quests will be a great way to chunk more complex quests to provide players a better feel for their progress.

Completing 3 of 5 Quests > Completing 3 of 5 Stages

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/5/20 7:13:53 PM Permalink

Could I use this new feature to embed "easter eggs"​?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/5/20 8:06:52 PM Permalink

Sure, but understand that "Hidden" means that it doesn't show up on the map until players complete the previous quest. Then the "Hidden" quest becomes visible on the map​.

In this sense, it's more of a surprise that automatically reveals itself at a predetermined point in the game.

I think a video might help to explain it better. I'll get on it.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/2/20 1:09:08 PM Permalink

​Hi Guys!

One of my students just pointed out this error that we are now getting when anyone goes into the Scoreboard:

"DataTables warning: table id=go_leaders_datatable - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see"

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/2/20 2:08:14 PM Permalink

Confirmed. Mick will fix that ASAP.

Are you back in school already?​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/2/20 7:16:43 PM Permalink

Yup! Back for a two day week. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/2/20 7:52:49 PM Permalink

Then here's a belated present.

  1. Click on any link to any student's map.
  2. Click on one of the student's completed quests.​
  3. Enjoy the new feedback options you'll find there.

Back in the saddle on Monday. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/4/20 11:20:13 AM Permalink

The Ajax error is not only fixed​, it's... well, just look at the Leaderboard now.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/1/20 9:50:03 PM Permalink

​I have an odd issue. I have a game design quest that ended up (mainly because of poor planning on my part) as a 5 stage quest. I plan to redesign it, but for now, I need to keep it as is. However, even though the quest summary at the top states that it has 5 stages and there are 5 stages on the back end, the 5th stage is not available to the students. All they see are the first four. Any idea about what's going on?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/1/20 11:25:22 PM Permalink


Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/2/20 12:47:25 PM Permalink

I know Mick is working on code, so that may explain why I'm able to interact with—and complete—a quest​ that I should be locked out of (I'm not a member of the Professionals Group and should be locked out when using Player Mode).

I did notice that you left the Completion Message and Rewards fields blank. Try adding an Outro Message to see if that does the trick.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/2/20 8:34:52 PM Permalink

I tried. Nothing changed. Is it because it's a 5 stage quest? (Happily referred to as 'The Quest from Hell'. :P)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/2/20 9:24:53 PM Permalink

Go to Users > Add New User > Add Existing User

Enter the email address of an existing user on this network to invite them to this site. That person will be sent an email asking them to confirm the invite.

Enter and don't change my role.


​I want to see it from a player's perspective.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/2/20 9:25:34 PM Permalink

Oh, and add me to the Professionals Group so I can access the quest.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/3/20 1:05:14 PM Permalink

How do I do that again?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/3/20 2:44:57 PM Permalink

  1. Go to Users > All Users
  2. Click on my name
  3. Add me to a section (one of your class periods) in the admin view of my profile (users can't add themselves in your game)
  4. Open that section in the Clipboard
  5. Click the megaphone in my row on the Clipboard to open the Message Lightbox
  6. Click on the Groups field at the bottom right of the Message Lightbox
  7. Select Professionals from the Groups list and click the Send Message button
  8. Click on my name again and remove me from the section

Now that I have the Group, I can get through the lock to complete the quest chain to get to the 5 stage quest.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/3/20 3:04:31 PM Permalink

Or (I just thought of this), post the link to the ​quest that awards the Professions Group.*

*If that's how the kids earned it.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/20/19 5:12:53 AM Permalink


1. Attendance Awards: These options allow you to set up a schedule of course sections and times where users automatically receive an award for any page load. You can set up a on time award for the beginning of class and then have a late penalty for anything after that. Create multiple schedules and then just toggle them on and off.

2. Social Feeds (View All Posts): There is a new button under blog posts on quests (View all Posts). This button will show all public submissions for that post in a masonry layout. This adds a social component to the game. Students can easily see each others posts for a particular assignment and like each others posts. Students get notifications of likes. Only the student who submitted the post and the one who liked it can see the like icon (heart).

There is an option to turn social feeds off entirely (in Game Setup Options-->Feature Setup) and you can turn it on or off per blog post while creating quests. There is also an option to show the button before submission of their own post. I have plans to add options for students to be able to follow each (with a social feed like facebook or instagram) and comment (all with admin options of course). I'd love thoughts on how to make this feature useful for your classes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Favorite button is back on reader
  • Fixed double name bug
  • Admin can join sections on profile page
  • Section lock bug that allowed only one section
  • Favicons now show in tabs on Chrome
  • Trash auto empty removed

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/21/19 8:49:25 PM Permalink

I can't wait to try all this out! It's a great Christmas present, the gift that keeps on..... Thanks Mick! You're the best! I hope you get some sleep over the holidays.

marcia blanco

Posted on 1/1/20 9:26:03 PM Permalink

I am the daughter of a man who, upon sitting down to watch the news on our new TV set in 1968, watched it for 15 minutes before commenting in full surprise: "Hey! It's in color!"​ Keeping that in mind, let me ask this:

How long has the "See All Posts" button been in place? That little device is now my new best friend. Thank you!!!

Oh! And Happy New Year to both you and Mike.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 1/1/20 11:24:30 PM Permalink

Happy 2020 to you, too, Marcia.

Mick announced it on the 20th (see #2 above). It's wonderful, yes?

I'm digging #1 (above). Still need to add a couple of weird schedules for testing and special events, but the auto-check-in will make taking roll a breeze. Screenshot with late penalties built right in. (More on that later.)

He's yet to announce other new features he and I have been testing. (I'll not steal his thunder.) More good stuff waiting to be found with even more new features right around the corner.

w00t! It's going to be a great year.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/18/19 12:20:44 PM Permalink

​As Mike does, I have badges assigned for each month at the end of the Daily and Weekly quests. The chain (in my case) is set to award the badge for all completed. I didn't realize, but had added an extra day. When I took that out, the badge remained un-awarded, even to players who had completed all the quests there were in that month. Abandoning and re-completing a quest awarded the badge, but then they lost the loot from the mystery box. I don't know if this is fix-able, since you have to have a trigger of some kind. IF it happens again, I'll probably just create one more throw-away quest in the chain so they can complete it and get the badge, but I thought I'd mention it.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/18/19 6:09:12 PM Permalink

I like your solution of the empty quest as a trigger. The other current option is manually awarding the badge​. You could search for who has completed the final quest on the clipboard and then select all and send a message.

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 7:35:47 PM Permalink

Also, last thing and then I'll get re-buried and you won't hear from me until the days get longer.....What happened to the heart next to the eyeball in the blog? Was that supposed to go away? I find that I miss it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 8:02:36 PM Permalink

​That had to be an accident. Mick and I both like the heart, too. It'll return.

Plus Mick has BIG plans for making the blog much more than it is right now. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'll say no more.


Finally, never throttle your enthusiasm or wild ideas, Marcia. Bring 'em on!

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 8:12:54 PM Permalink

I can't wait!​

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 7:34:16 PM Permalink

​Another wish list item that I'm not sure is possible. (Mick, you still like me? :P) I love love LOVE the blog! Not only is it data for me, but it's evidence of growth for them in a format that they can't lose. (Each student has to show evidence of growth in the employability skills that we have as standards. Communication is one of the big ones for my program.)

I'm finding that I have to work really hard to get students to see or acknowledge my feedback on what they need to edit. So I have an idea for a character; something like "Crone of English" or "Grammar Eater" that can be a character that pops up in the feedback box when they blow a blog, so to speak, by cranking out literary garbage. They would then get 24 hours to correct the errors in their writing or get nerfed by the character.

It's just an idea, but I have buy-in from the kids. They can't wait to design it. Is it possible to add an image to a blog feedback? If not, can anyone think of another clever way to incorporate this?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/18/19 6:13:21 PM Permalink

I think adding images should be possible--I might have to change something to make that happen. I'll take a look soon. I'm not sure about an auto nerf, but you could send feedback with a % loss and then give it back when reread it. After they make changes it would go back in the reader as an unread quest and you have access to the last submission to see what they changed.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 3:24:41 PM Permalink is the skeletal version of the D'oh! moment described here: Permalink

I will absolutely, positively add new required quests to the sequence. It sure seems like an easier way for kids to know at a glance what's required each day as the quests turn yellow.


Process: I cloned an existing Daily Quest, Weekly Plan, and Weekly DPE to the new map, changing the Lock Until Date and the Due Date Loot Modifiers on each. From there, it's just a matter of cloning in sequence, using the locks as checks that the dates match. It's virtually fool-proof.

I still need to add Badges to each month (and the semester 2 parent map) as well as adding other required quests to reinforce skill sets and/or our classroom culture. The latter will be dropped into the sequence as needed.

I really, really like the idea of keeping everyone on the same page at the beginning of the period—to build community–and allowing students to pick up where they left off after that—to provide autonomy.

Still a work in progress, but it feels like a much better balance than I've ever achieved.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/17/19 5:04:18 PM Permalink

I like the idea of the required stuff all being on one page, too. I think I'll keep the on-boarding ​as a separate map, as there is so much of it. I'm curious, why you put the "Week Plan" in a separate quest rather than including it in the Monday quest?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 5:15:24 PM Permalink

The Daily Quest is my pep talk for the day. Me talking to the class (and myself).

The Weekly Plan is student-created. It's them reporting to me (and themselves).​

The Plan and the DPE are weekly bookends for the students.


As for onboarding, "there's so much of it" goes for me, too. I'm thinking of chunking it next fall—doling a little out each day then providing meaningful creative outlets for the remainder of the period. I've never gotten onboarding dialed in right. I'll be testing this idea next semester with an eye on the fall.

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 7:21:03 PM Permalink

Can you or Matt define "Onboarding"?


Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 8:06:43 PM Permalink



Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, is management jargon first created in the 1970s that refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective organizational members and insiders. Wikipedia

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 8:12:14 PM Permalink


*Snort!* Got it. :P​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 8:25:49 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/16/19 9:19:36 PM Permalink

Hi Folks! Sorry that I've been so quiet. This game keeps me pretty busy these days.

I have something for the wish list. I love the blog and my ability to edit right inside the kid's writing. However, when I post a prompt in the required elements field, I can't access any of the editing tools, including the "Comments". My suspicion is that nothing can be done about that, but I thought that I would give it a shot. I really like the required elements options. I'm just going to have to use them for content questions only.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 2:51:24 PM Permalink

Good suggestion, Marcia. Never thought of that. Will discuss it with Mick and one of us will get back to you.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/17/19 3:03:09 PM Permalink

I'll look at creating an option for a WYSIWYG editor in the required elements text answer field. That would get you what you want.

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/17/19 8:01:11 PM Permalink

Thanks Mick!​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/16/19 4:25:00 PM Permalink

There's a nasty bug that was found and fixed. Unfortunately there is most likely some student blog post data that is lost on each site.

The bug was causing posts to be incorrectly marked as trashed. When one student would hit the "undo" button, more than just their own post was marked as trash. Then after 30 days, those items would be deleted permanently by default empty trash behavior. I’m surprised that I didn’t get reports of this from students or other users, but it was definitely happening.

It is fixed going forward. Students and you will see blank blog posts in place of the incorrectly deleted posts. The check for understanding will show as complete just with an empty post. There was no effect on the loot. It should only have impacted posts that are more than 30 days old.

Any posts that were in the trash and had not been deleted yet have been set back to “unread” status and moved out of the trash. You might notice some more posts in the reader.

I'm very sorry about the trouble.

The bug is fixed and I’m completely disabling the auto empty trash feature. Thanks for sticking with us through these first few months as we work out all the kinks.

Plugin Users: A fix will be sent out ASAP.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/16/19 4:13:36 PM Permalink

The evolution​ of a D'oh! moment...

Spent some time this weekend rethinking next semester and rebuilding the store (not live yet).

Woke at 2-something, still rethinking, and began reading ​IBM’s ‘elite’ data science squad has kickstarted AI for more than 100 companies on my phone.

Before finishing the article, I was at the computer, working on the new Daily Quests.

The D'oh! was: Why not put the required content into one map? Right now I have Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and a bunch of other quest maps. I wind up pointed kids at other maps (from the Daily Quests) when asking them to do something specific on a specific day. Why not keep these types of quests in chronological order on the daily quest map?

Problem: The map may become quite large. How will Gameful handle the load with 38 kids pounding it every period?

There's only one way to find out. I'll build it, they'll come, and we'll find out how big is too big. (The real test will be with all the onboarding quests in the fall.)

Benefit: Everyone will know what's required each day, and it's a way to keep kids on the same page (literally and figuratively) for some stuff while they work at their own pace on the rest of the curriculum.


No idea if that makes sense to you, but it's a mind-opener for me. :)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/13/19 2:55:21 PM Permalink

Exciting news on my side of the world is that I was accepted to present a "RAMP up to personalized learning" workshop at the NESA Spring Educators Conference! NESA is Near East South Asia educators association for international schools; this is one of the largest conferences of the sort in this part of the world. I'm pretty jazzed!

As you might guess from the title, this is going heavily reference AMP. I add 'Relationship' to that triad both to calm fears among teachers that automation will remove their jobs and because I believe there isn't any way to run such a class successfully without a strong relationship with a teacher. My vision is to build the workshop within AS a personalized learning experience, about personalizing the learning experience. Because the conference is in April, I have plenty of time to iterate this.

So here 's the thrust - I'm hoping some of you will go through the workshop as I build it and give feedback, so I can really polish it up. I'd also like to include example stories, videos, schemas, photos, and screenshots of a classrooms with a wide variety of content that are using or the Game-On plug in, so I can help as many teachers and admin as possible to see this as a valid option for their specific discipline. I'd specifically like to include examples from anyone with a core class (LA, math, science, social studies) and anyone teaching to externally moderated exams.

Woot woot!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/13/19 3:16:44 PM Permalink

Congrats and count me in. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 12/13/19 5:10:26 PM Permalink

That is SO awesmone!! Congratulations! Count me in! Use me as your luddite example. :P​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/16/19 8:24:39 AM Permalink

That's great. Let me know how I can help.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/13/19 2:45:06 PM Permalink

​Ok, I'm finally thinking about switching to using Google integrated login instead of password (myself - the players are already using that system). I don't want to screw up my admin account, though, and the email address I'm currently using for email-based-login is the one for my google account. Would there be any problem if I just start logging in using the google integration, or should I be wary?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/13/19 3:14:33 PM Permalink

I switched to the Google-integrated login after logging in manually at the beginning. You'll be fine.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/17/19 7:16:01 AM Permalink

OK, I tried to just log in with Google (and admin I held my breath as I clicked the button). But Gameful just reported an authentication logging and dropped me back at the main login screen. I found the 'link to Google' button in the "Social Profile" section of my profile, but that one just dumps me onto the front page of I'm stumped.

How do I accomplish the switch?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 2:43:32 PM Permalink

Here are my settings:

Options > Login and Registration > Google Only Login and Registration > Yes

I also limit the domain, but that's probably not an issue for you unless your school provides Google email accounts like ours does. (Keeps the bad guys out.)

IMPORTANT: Your Google account MUST be your admin email on Gameful or Gameful doesn't know you're the admin.


If you've done that and are still redirected, verify it happens with a different browser. Sometimes it's simply a caching issue. That will tell you.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/17/19 3:05:26 PM Permalink

I don't think it's related to the "Login and Registration" Options. I'll create a new admin user from scratch later today and see what happens. I'll let you know what I find out. ​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/17/19 5:12:57 PM Permalink

Bumping out to keep it readable. I tried on another computer and got the same results. I checked settings, just in case, and mine are the same. We use a google Apps for Edu domain, too, but I keep the stuff I develop out of their domain, so I maintain control over it. I got excited and thought the "limit to domain" might thus be the issue, but when I changed it to a password, no change in symptoms. :-( I also tried removing the "Google only login" and used the "Link account with google" button, but it still dumped me onto the main gameful page. Rats.

​Another weirdness, discovered while troubleshooting this, although it may be intentional behavior for admin accounts that I just wasn't aware of before. I cannot assign my admin account to a section; the user interface allows me to select from that dropdown, but doesn't save the information (at least, in any way I can find).

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 5:54:40 PM Permalink

This may not be it, but if you're using Chrome, another computer won't matter as your cache is in the cloud. Just for kicks, try a different browser.

Every once in a while—once a month?—a kid will have the same issue. Switching to a new browser fixes the issue for the day. And it's a Chrome issue 99% of the time. ​Seems to resolve itself the next day. (And if it's cache, that makes no sense.)

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/17/19 6:53:26 PM Permalink

Same behavior in Safari. Double rats.

As I understand it, although this may be out of date, the maximum timeout for an http header ETag is 86400 seconds, or 1 day. That's the longest most web servers (apache) can be defined to allow the client (your browser) to hold onto a cached file. After that, they MUST re-check with the server. Now, that just means the browser has to re-check; if the resource hasn't changed, it theoretically will choose to continue using the cached copy. But, if the cached copy is corrupted somehow, the check may force a refreshed copy. That may be the magic behind the 1 day fix, at least some of the time.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/17/19 8:11:35 PM Permalink

The mystery deepens. Maybe Mick will have an explanation. I'm stumped.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/18/19 6:19:32 PM Permalink


I created a new trial account and had no issues with adding Google Login. Please use an incognito window and try logging in using the google button on the Gameful main site. That way there are no site settings involved. If that doesn't work I'll have to clear out some database info. If it does work, it must be a site setting on your site.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/18/19 7:20:33 PM Permalink

That gives me the login sequence from google, but afterwards it briefly shows "Authentication Error" in the address bar and dumps back to the login page. ​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/18/19 8:09:47 PM Permalink

Try again please.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/18/19 8:30:47 PM Permalink

Yay! That seems to have fixed it. I'll keep testing, but it's time to head to bed over here. Thanks, Mick!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/10/19 8:09:44 PM Permalink

​Small interface tweak I just thought of as I was doing some editing: on the Edit Job Maps page, in the "Pods" box, it would handy to have it listed as "Minimum # to Complete Pod (of X in pod)" where X is the current number of jobs in the pod.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/11/19 6:53:14 PM Permalink

I've been trying to figure out what I'm not understanding—and failing.

​If you toggle Complete All off, Minimum # to Complete Pod appears with a quantity field. That's where you set the—oh, wait.

Are you just asking to have the current # of quests in the pod displayed on the Edit Quest Maps page?

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/11/19 7:17:17 PM Permalink

Yep. Job = Quest in my game​, but I'm leaning toward switching back, just for the convenience of using the same terminology. I even forget in class sometimes ;-)

You nailed it: when editing a Job Map to set the minimum number required, it would handy to have a display right there of how many quests are currently in the map/pod.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/11/19 7:56:42 PM Permalink

Yeah, I got the Job = Quest.

It wasn't until trying to find words for the rest that I understood your question. Seems like a good idea​.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/6/19 3:30:11 PM Permalink

​Okay, that big idea (below) might be asking a lot of Mick. How about just one key feature?

Use the 45° banding to differentiate an ACTIVE quest from an AVAILABLE one.

Valuable information for players and admin!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/5/19 8:18:36 PM Permalink

​An idea for next fall's Gameful roadmap.

Currently, we have Quest Chains (complete all quests), Quest Pods (complete X of Y quests), and Optional Quests (to complete, or not to complete, that is the question).

I'd like to propose new functionality for non-Chain Quests and new tracking for all quests.

Context: In World of Warcraft (WoW)—which I had to play for 10 days during my Master's program in 2011 leading directly to the development of our gameful learning system shortly thereafter—a player is limited to 20 active quests. Once the queue is full, a player must complete or abandon a quest before being able to accept another.

Idea: What if we limited players to Z number of active quests? The quantity of Z could be an option. (I'd suggest 5 to 10 max.)

Rationale: I believe that the mechanism could help kids stay focused on completing tasks rather than just clicking around. Example: Yesterday, a student encountered 19 quests, completing none. (Admittedly, I probably have far more optional quests than many teachers, but I'm hopeful others will embrace this strategy in years to come.)

New Mechanics: Besides the check for currently active quests (≤ Z), players would need a way to quickly check for active quests and preview new Pod and Optional Quests (if a quest is in a Chain, there's no need for the preview because it's required and completion is the only way forward).

Active Quest: In keeping with the yellow (for available), an active quest would be yellow with the 45° banding that >100 REP currently has. This would provide visual feedback at a glance for students and admin. (There might also be a filter for Active Quests in the Stats panel.)

Preview: Pod and Optional Quests would have ACCEPT and DECLINE buttons in the first stage (at the top?). Stage one loot (a minimal amount is a motivator) would be awarded upon acceptance. (The COMPLETE button would be inert prior to acceptance.) Clicking DECLINE would return the player to the Quest Map. (This avoids requiring a player to abandon the quest after previewing.)

Preview Override: (Just thought of this.) My Daily Quests are in pods and are NOT optional, but they're also not in Chains (for good reasons). There needs to be a toggle to ignore the new functionality if necessary. Or perhaps a toggle to activate the new functionality if others find this of dubious value and would rather not deal with it.

I'm not sure if I've explained this clearly, but I am certain the functionality—when fleshed out and properly implemented—would enhance and focus student engagement. (Or at least it would in my learning environment.)

Criticism, questions, and suggestions welcomed.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/3/19 3:53:36 PM Permalink

​Get this. I've got a number of serious coders in the Mac Lab this year, but one just pushed the limits of amazing.

First, he developed code that used his home computer to log him into Mac Lab and purchase the Early Bird automatically (a beneficial item available each school day in a 5-minute window before class begins).

When I penalized him for showing up late one day after his home computer made the purchase, he was crestfallen.

Today, when he walked in late, I looked at the Clipboard and, much to my surprise, a late pass had already been purchased.

When I asked how he managed that, he explained that his program is now location-based. Since he was on campus but hadn't entered the Mac Lab by the start of class, his auto-check-in system purchased a late pass.

Friggin' amazing.

When I offered a bonus for ingenuity, he just asked not to be marked tardy.

Done. I also sent 100 Gold and 10 REP for coding with integrity. Gotta love the white hat.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 12/3/19 7:01:47 PM Permalink

​Wow! That's impressive. I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to figure out a way to do this with my school district daily login/attendance check haha

Adam Coulson

Posted on 12/2/19 4:37:19 PM Permalink

​I may have encountered a crippling bug to the old Gameon wordpress plugin. The new WordPress update may have broken the quest functionality as the "continue to next stage" buttons simply won't function anymore. They just dont click. I am being forced to scrap the website for the remainder of the semester since students can't work through the quests. They can still see them if they log out and view the unlocked quests as a visitor but no functionality anymore.

Might be the death of the old plugin and my site :(

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/2/19 4:44:34 PM Permalink

Mick might be able to help once he recovers from pneumonia. What plugin version are you using?


Just a thought... Does your district block Vimeo, too?

Adam Coulson

Posted on 12/6/19 5:03:31 AM Permalink

I'm using GameOn 4.331. Cant find any newer versions since I didn't want to upgrade after my semester had started.

Yeah, my district blocks absolutely all external video hosting I have been able to find...dumb! My district is big and these days all they seem to care about is avoiding lawsuits specifically associated with all the child privacy and safety stuff. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/6/19 3:25:56 PM Permalink

I'm just thinking out loud, Adam. You can keep using the plugin, or...

Right now, you're hosting your own videos, right?

If so, all of those videos reside at a specific URL.​

What's to prevent you from giving a go next semester? You could continue hosting the vids elsewhere and use the [go_video_link video_url="" video_title=""] until your district comes to its senses. The first 60 days are free.

Or not. Just a thought.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/2/19 5:57:35 PM Permalink

I just tested the plugin on a single site install with the latest Wordpress and had no issues.​ Are you using the latest plugin?

Adam Coulson

Posted on 12/6/19 4:45:41 AM Permalink

Finally got back to this with the chaos of the end of the semester prep. I'm currently running at 4.331. I know it isn't the most current because I had already started my semester when you published the newest plugin. Do you know where I can even find the new Gameon plugin now? All the old links I could find seem to be dead.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/2/19 12:32:56 PM Permalink

have quest for which I'm willing to accept either a written summary or a video/audio recording of a student summarizing their project. At the moment, I have added the file requirement and simply told students to attach any small file if they choose the written summary. Is there a way to attach a file upload to a quest but make it optional rather than required?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/2/19 1:30:46 PM Permalink

If you use the Blog option and check Show Text Editor, students have the ability to write and/or upload media.

At present, that's the only way I can think of.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 12/2/19 5:56:26 PM Permalink

Mike's right that the only way to currently do that is with the "Show Text Editor". Your post has me thinking though. The text editor was the only way to post at first, but now it should be just one of the options, and the options don't have to be required. It could function like a google form, just add questions with types of answers and the ability to mark some items as required. Thoughts?​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/2/19 6:23:28 PM Permalink

Sounds grrrreat. I like the flexibility of that idea and it's much more than I was thinking of! ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 12/2/19 7:06:35 PM Permalink

Maybe it could work like the locks, with AND and/or OR options?​

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/21/19 8:36:38 PM Permalink

​OK. I have a quick one here. I noticed that in the blog, the user can upload various files. Under the "file type" field, "application" is a choice and listed in there is "Adobe". I'm not sure what file formats fall under that. Can the user attach an .ai file under that option?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/21/19 9:09:58 PM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/21/19 11:44:24 AM Permalink

Hi Mick!

I think I found a (mighty frustrating) bug, but because of it's intermittent appearance, I'm wondering if it's user error. Over the last few days, I created 4 new quests and plunked in 12 videos. The only thing I needed to do were intros and Calles to action. This morning, I spent half an hour crafting an intro to the first quest. I I then put in a 'Call to Action' and hit update (because I really didn't want to lose that wonderfully crafted intro, right?). When it updated, nothing saved. The quest and videos are there, but the work from the last half hour is gone.

This has happened to me before, but not consistently and not enough for me to see a pattern. Any ideas on what's up?

Also, for some odd reason, the blog tool in this same quest isn't working right. I can't get it to show the prompt questions in the required elements section of the blog set up. (The digital gods are working against me this morning. :P)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/21/19 3:09:35 PM Permalink


That is frustrating. It isn't a bug in gameful--saving a post/quest is a baked in Wordpress action. I can look at mitigating it. What browser are you using? Also, can you check the revisions to see if it saved the information as a revision--you can find them under the quest.

Anyone else is reading this reply, have you experienced this? Any information about when it is happening will help.


Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/21/19 3:16:16 PM Permalink

​Anytime this kind of thing has happened to me it's been user error. I've had the quest opened in different browser tabs at the same time and that has caused me problems.

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/21/19 5:21:42 PM Permalink

Hi Mick! You were right. It was all in the revision history. I'll remember that trick the next time I do something like this. I also think Shawn is onto the reason this happened. When I opened up my computer this morning, I realized that one of the tabs was a duplicate to this quest. I clicked to close it before working on the quest in the other tab so, when I was working on the quest, there was only one tab open, but I think closing the other one created the conflict. Live and learn. At least now I can get it back.

Also, the blog window is working just fine for the users. It just wasn't showing up in the preview on my end.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/21/19 5:26:05 PM Permalink

Been there more times than I care to admit -- but NOW I know about revision history! :-)​

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/21/19 5:30:16 PM Permalink

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who didn't know that trick. ☺️​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/21/19 8:14:03 AM Permalink

One thing I noticed today, which may be intentional but doesn't look like it: when I used canned messages, the text in the main message body is not copied. I have text there in the canned message template, but when I select it in the clipboard, everything is filled in except the message body. The same does not happen for canned feedback; in those cases the message body is copied as I expected.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/21/19 3:09:50 PM Permalink

Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix that ASAP.​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/20/19 7:53:41 PM Permalink

​A few items for the wish list:

  1. ​A view option for the Badges list which shows a visual thumbnail of the badges (or maybe not an option but just built in, anyway, if that's easier).
  2. Some method for indicating used up purchases. For example, a student purchases a license for a certain behavior which can be used at any time; once it's been used, it's marked as such in the displays, so it's easy to see if they have license(s) left to engage in the behavior. Useful for both of us.
  3. (bit more blue sky) I'd love a way to have a store purchase item type which is count-down-able. Specifically, I have 3d printers in my classroom. I'm thinking of ways I can give each student a weight allowance of plastic for the semester, then have them use that up as they make prints. I could, I suppose, have a set with really small amounts, like 1g, 5g & 10g, then they purchase the number they need for each job, and we keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't exceed their allowance (or they've taken the option to purchase a larger allowance). Then I could give them gold for the allowed amount at the beginning of the semester...hmm. I'll think about this. Maybe not needed, but I'll leave this up in case it sparks other thoughts (and for my reference ;-).

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/20/19 8:10:28 PM Permalink

  1. Do you mean something different than the Badges tab in the Stats Panel? How would it differ?
  2. ​Mick will be rebuilding the store over the summer to include inventory. We'll be inviting more discussion next semester.* We both want a more flexible, fun way to utilize the store.
  3. That's in the plan. It would be an inventory item. (If I'm understanding correctly. To simplify, if a kid had 5 restroom passes and cashed in 1, he'd have 4 left in inventory. Does that make sense?)

*Since it's out in the open, and with the understanding that it won't be implemented until summer, what else would make the store more useful?​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/20/19 8:39:16 PM Permalink

  1. Sorry, that was totally unclear, as so often happens. ​I meant to ask for a view in the Badge editing pane which will also show a thumbnail of the badges. I find scanning visually for them easier than the textual names.
  2. & 3. - Yes! Would this work for very small granularity? I'd like, for example, to give each player 200 grams of plastic at the beginning of the semester and let them buy additional allotments of 50 grams each.
  3. Additional items (since you mentioned them): players in my game are often confused (in the beginning) by having to "Buy" items like bonuses and penalties. That term makes sense in the store context, but much less when they're receiving a bonus or having to take a penalty. Could we build in alternative terminology for the 3 cases? Are there other cases?
  4. Formatting - I'd like an option to put a header in the store. (I was about to put in the example from my previous site, but it broke with the last update I did. Mike, it looked rather like one of your stores about 3-4 years ago, with an introduction section at the top.)
  5. Several of my players have requested the option to gift an item to their friends. With the upcoming 'inventory' upgrade, maybe this could be re-added?

I'll keep thinking about it - we have lots of time to build this list out to truly outrageous proportions before summer. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/21/19 10:40:35 AM Permalink

  1. Ah, that's a Mick-thing. He'll get back to you on that.
  2. & 3. If inventory works as we envision, that shouldn't be an issue. They're just numbers.
  3. We've talked about that. We rely on color to communicate: RED (for penalty or cost) and GREEN (for ​reward). Should the buttons have different default labels? Should they be customizable? Better ideas out there?
  4. Mick really wants to revamp the store. He'll get back to you on that.
  5. Gifting was my idea. I thought it was a great idea. I will NEVER, EVER use it again and I will discourage anyone from introducing it into their learning environment. Even when I put a 5 to 1 transaction fee into play (500 Gold to gift 100), it was abused by grifters preying on less-savvy peers.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/21/19 6:34:20 PM Permalink

Thinking more about gifting and I can't come up with a satisfactory solution that doesn't involve admin​ intervention.

How do we teach integrity if our budding con artists can rely on their more responsible peers to dig them out of a hole via "gifts" or "loans" or whatever you want to call the mechanism? That breaks the Don't game the system law of the land, IMHO.

However, I can see making gifting available via petition to the Game Master (and manually manipulating the transaction if approved).

Otherwise, I feel we'd be negligent in our duty to protect sheep from the wolves.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/22/19 5:21:16 AM Permalink

Mine were asking to be able to buy goodies for friends (who were really friends), so this aspect didn't occur to me. But I do remember reading about your pain when this was happening and ​I could bring a few students to mind for whom this would be an immediate concern if I implemented gifts, now that you mention it. Glad you've been through those waters, before I waded in. Thanks!

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/21/19 9:50:59 PM Permalink


I'll add the thumbnails ASAP. Should be done in by next week, but maybe later today. The rest will be once the new store rolls out. I'll add your requests to the roadmap.


Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/22/19 5:18:37 AM Permalink

Wow, when I say jump you guys start out the reply with "how high!?" Amazing responsiveness! Just to be clear: when I post items for the 'wish list' I'm not expressing any urgency and adding them to the roadmap is perfectly OK for anything and everything I list this way. I have zero expectation that you'll jump on 'wish list' items so fast.

If it's that fast because it's just that easy to implement, well that's grrreat. And Thank You.

(BTW, I prefer Matthew, if you wouldn't mind.)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/25/19 8:13:32 PM Permalink


I try to get to bug fixes right away. If a request is relatively easy and it benefits everyone--like the badge thumbnails--I prioritize it. I'll let you know if something is going to take a while.

Badge thumbnails should be there now:)


Matthew Miller

Posted on 12/2/19 12:26:44 PM Permalink

Badge thumbnails look great and are exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks Mick!​

Marcia Blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 8:42:56 PM Permalink

​I know how to hide maps and I know how to limit their access. Is there a way to limit who can see them? I'd love my morning class to only see the morning maps and the afternoon class to only see their maps. How would I do that?

Also, If I set 'guest access' to "open" in the settings, can that give other "Game-On" devotees access to look at my game (and therefore contact me for any resources they may be interested in so I can utilize that cool clone feature)? Does that give guests access to my scoreboard as well?

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 8:45:31 PM Permalink

BTW, I submitted that on my school account rather than my home one. That's why the avatar isn't there.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/19/19 9:09:50 PM Permalink

I have my quests set to: Regular (Locks Apply: Date and Map Order Locks Only)

Any Gameful admin can come to my site—don't log in or join—​and clone any content. I don't have to do anything. Any admin can snag it.

Conversely, any admin could come to your site and clone away. You don't need to do anything.


The only way to limit visibility right now is to use two sites. (You get 5 sites automatically.)

I was going to suggest cloning your own content—that's how it's supposed to work—but now I'm wondering if I'm missing something.


That way you can set up the second site in minutes.

WAIT. That leaves your players behind on the old site.

Hmmm. Mick and I have talked about hiding maps. Maybe Mr. Wizard has a better solution.

All I can think of is locking quests with badges. Make a morning and afternoon badge and lock the respective quests to limit access.

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 9:23:14 PM Permalink

WOW!! How come I keep feeling like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ? You guys keep telling me that all I have to do is click my proverbial heels together because I've had these powers all along. I didn't realize that I have access to other's material. No WONDER you don't want kids to admin! Guess what I'M doing over TG break?

I have no problem limiting access to maps and each class has limits to their own content, at least for the first semester. Just, for the sake of clutter in the drop-down menu, I'd love to be able to limit the number of maps each class can view. ​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/19/19 7:53:54 AM Permalink

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/19/19 10:15:57 AM Permalink

Woke up at midnight and read that in my news feed. I agree.

Now, if I can just get back to sleep.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 10:36:10 AM Permalink

​phhhhhhph! Must be the moon. Me too!

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/18/19 3:49:44 PM Permalink

​Question for the hive mind. Say you have a student who misses a bunch of class time. The rest of the class is on, say, Quest #25, but he's only on #10. You want him to catch up but also be able to work on group projects starting with #26. What would you do?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/18/19 6:17:07 PM Permalink

I had to read that three times and still, I'm wondering if I understand.

​Unlock 26 for the kid and tell him to get to work on the rest.

(Am I missing the point?) ​Distracted Me.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/18/19 6:25:16 PM Permalink

​I guess I didn't understand the mechanics of the unlock. When you unlock with the admin override does it open all the following too? (I'm okay with that) I need to study unlocking. Also, I need to join you at the zoo!

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/18/19 6:37:34 PM Permalink

Come on down. ​I'm here.​

If you're dealing with chains, the override is a one-off. Repeat as necessary.

I'm relying more on badges to lock pods of quests. Haven't made a single chain this year (first time for that). I recommend sequences, but give the kids the power to choose.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/18/19 6:40:22 PM Permalink

Now I'm wondering... If a chain is unlocked in the middle, the following quests will probably be accessible.

Haven't tried that.​

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 10:38:19 AM Permalink

​I had a kid jump into the middle of a chain. I’ve had to unlock each quest for him.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/19/19 7:27:26 PM Permalink

Good to know. Thanks, Marcia.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/25/19 8:25:52 PM Permalink

FYI: I just tested it out--I couldn't remember the logic I created in the code. If a quest in a chain is unlocked, the next item in the chain will unlock when the first quest (the one you unlocked) is complete.​ If it is a pod, only the one quest is unlocked and you have to unlock them all individually.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/7/19 3:25:43 PM Permalink

New feature for users—the Cloner.

Here is how it works—content on one site can easily be copied to another site. There is a clone icon (two overlapping squares) next to items that can be cloned. This includes any public map, quest, store section, or store item. Click it and you then choose a destination. Done!

Here is the best part--it works on any site on the network. We can now share content with each other easily. I have a career plan map Mike want. It's his in a few clicks. The map, quests, badges and images are all moved to his chosen site. And if I see a illustrator lesson of his I like, I don't have to cut and paste it to my site—just click the button and it's now on my site.

If you have more than one site, by default the icon is hidden on your site. There is a new option in the view dropdown (the one where you can turn the locks on and off) to go into cloner mode. I have digital art and marketing courses and I do share assignments between them. This makes that so much easier.

I'll try to have a video up this weekend showing how it works.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/7/19 3:58:50 PM Permalink

A dream come true. Thanks, Mick

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 10:46:22 AM Permalink

​Oh Mick! How did I miss this for a whole week!? I’ve been poaching Mike’s maps by screen capturing his videos and using that as a base. I would love to share my stuff with all of you.

One question: is there a way to see other sites? I’d love to know what’s out there.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/19/19 7:38:38 PM Permalink

You know you can just snag my video URLs and embed them if you want. (If that's not what you're already doing. I can't believe that you're actually using a screen capture app to record my stumbling, bumbling videos.)

Just click on the video title once it starts playing in the Lightbox ​and that'll open it on YouTube.


Or use the new cloner and edit to fit your needs. No permission or credit necessary. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/19/19 8:03:02 PM Permalink

​I didn’t need the video. I just wanted to look at your map and how you laid it out. ;p

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/19/19 8:25:51 PM Permalink

Silly me. ​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/7/19 3:14:42 PM Permalink

Plugin users–there is a new release on git hub.

Although v5 has been in the master branch for a while, this is the first (pre-)release. It has countless bug fixes and new features. It is close to what is running on, but lacks the multisite functionality. This version does not support multi-site.

This is marked as a pre-release because I'm not running a single site installation. Once I get a few reports back that it's running well, I'll make the final release.

NOTE: This version requires a font awesome kit code for the icons to show. There will be a message after installation. It is free and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/7/19 6:06:00 PM Permalink

​Awesome. Thanks for giving it some TLC in addition to

I'm getting a similar error as what I posted down below from another version of it:

Error Details
An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 26 of the file /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-content/plugins/Gameful-5.4/modules/login/src/functions.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_network() in /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-content/plugins/Gameful-5.4/modules/login/src/functions.php:26
Stack trace:
#0 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-content/plugins/Gameful-5.4/modules/login/src/functions.php(91): go_get_user_redirect()
#1 [internal function]: user_registration_login_init('')
#2 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): call_user_func_array('user_registrati...', Array)
#3 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters('', Array)
#4 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/plugin.php(465): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
#5 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-login.php(478): do_action('login_init')
#6 {main}

When logging in it sends most of us here ( and says " The site is experiencing technical difficulties." removing the "login" at the end of the webpage gets us to the site however.

When logging out it sends us here ( and the page can't be found. Is that a page I need to create?

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/8/19 4:48:07 AM Permalink


I think I got it fixed. Try the release again. Thanks for the help on this. ​


Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/8/19 1:56:54 PM Permalink

​I'll update at my next class break. Thank YOU!

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/8/19 9:50:10 PM Permalink

Uh oh, 5.41 wouldn't let me activate. Gave me this error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function go_login_rewrite() in /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-content/plugins/Gameful-5.41/core/src/admin/go_activation.php:116 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: go_flush_rewrites('') #1 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): call_user_func_array('go_flush_rewrit...', Array) #2 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #3 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-includes/plugin.php(465): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #4 /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-admin/plugins.php(177): do_action('activate_Gamefu...') #5 {main} thrown in /nas/content/live/lsr7dmtquests/wp-content/plugins/Gameful-5.41/core/src/admin/go_activation.php on line 116

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/8/19 11:44:28 PM Permalink

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/9/19 2:58:24 AM Permalink

Bingo! Thank you thank you thank you.

BTW, this week I presented at our faculty meeting about gamification, so I'm hoping over the next year I might be able to keep spreading the gospel and get some more love from other staff members and building support for the ​ platform proper

Happy Friday!

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/9/19 6:34:47 AM Permalink

Glad to hear and worked and thanks for spreading the word. FYI: New signups have a 60 day free trial. No credit card needed until the trial is up.

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/4/19 5:08:21 PM Permalink

​A couple of things for you guys today:

1. Request: Is there any way we can have a highlighter as an option in the reader so that I can highlight kid's dumb grammatical screwups and let them figure out why it's highlighted?

2. (I know there is probably a way to do this, but I'm having a mid-semester brain fart, so humor me....) Can I limit access to a map by requiring that a certain badge be earned before they can get access to it?

3. I'm working on a blurb about Game on. Like my students, I work best with deadlines. What's the deadline on that?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/4/19 5:21:09 PM Permalink

1. No highlighter (yet) but you can click the edit button and change the color of the text.​

2. Yep. Access Locks > Badges - 1 of these. (I use this all the time.)

3. November 2. (Anytime will be fine. I can't bring myself to give you a deadline.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/4/19 5:40:24 PM Permalink

NOVEMBER 2!!! Crap! I thought you needed it by the end of THIS week!

You'll get it today.

Oh, and thanks for the help! :)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/4/19 6:05:15 PM Permalink

There's no hurry at all, Marcia. Anytime or no time. No worries. :)​

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/4/19 5:47:54 PM Permalink

Are there access locks on maps? Or do I need to put the access locks on all the quests under the maps?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/4/19 6:03:23 PM Permalink

Not currently on maps (and I wouldn't use the feature if it existed because I like to chum the water with some unlocked teasers to get kids interested in the rest of the quests—a new strategy I'm playing with).

​Put the lock on each quest—or better yet, put the lock on the first quest, make it just so, then clone and edit each subsequent quest. A real time-saver for me.

marcia blanco

Posted on 11/4/19 8:33:32 PM Permalink

OK. Thanks Mike!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/2/19 6:41:53 PM Permalink

I've been reading blogs today and just had to share this entry: I like how I can choose what I pursue in Nolat Labs, but I think the Victory Music they play when I buy something could be a little more annoying. It’s just not annoying enough.

This from a student with an extremely dry sense of humor and great delivery during conversations...nearly busted a gut.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/2/19 8:18:13 PM Permalink

Ha! My students are always quick to mute when they level up and I almost always exclaim, "All right, leveling up!"

I teach an audio production class -- perhaps my students could make some entries into the "level-up sound" library? Maybe a different sound for each level would be cool. Up to maybe 10 before they repeat? These have been my thoughts before

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/3/19 11:06:39 AM Permalink

If they could be incorporated into the official product, that would be awesome, Shawn! One of the things I loved to tell my students ​with the previous versions was that they were developed by students.

Mike, Mick - do you think we could, with appropriate vetting and process, create a system whereby student work (badges, music clips, sound effects, avatars, etc) could be incorporated as system libraries in our Gameful environment? Either individually in our own games, or as a system-wide library?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/4/19 5:00:28 PM Permalink

I think that's a great idea (and a valid comment from the kid). It'd be great to mix things up and especially to give kids a chance to contribute.​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/4/19 11:15:46 PM Permalink

I'd be glad to create a sound library feature. I believe we only have three sounds--loot up, loot down, level up. Am I forgetting something? I have the speakers disabled in my room. We could have several built in options and the ability to add your own. I plan on adding the ability to change logos in the admin bar and also eventually for store items. you can choose from font awesome but it would be great to have other icon sets. I had a student do a space theme set already. I have some functionality stuff on the to do list first, but I'll get to the style stuff soon.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 11/2/19 6:03:55 PM Permalink

I have a weird issue that isn't very important, just puzzling. I have some students who show, on their blog or stats pages, that they're in multiple sections (all named the same). When I open their user account to edit, it only shows one row; that one has the same name as the duplicates. It looks like ​this in the stats. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/4/19 5:01:56 PM Permalink

I've never encountered anything like that. Are there any commonalities amongst the kids who experience this?​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/4/19 11:17:10 PM Permalink

Can you email one students login name?​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/31/19 10:30:31 PM Permalink

Hi all,

We're rebuilding the Gameful website and have a spot for a few short testimonials. Would any of you be interested in being featured? Just a few short sentences about the experience would be great. We'd like to include your name, school, and a tiny little picture if you're comfortable with that.

If not, no worries. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/31/19 11:34:39 PM Permalink

​YES!!!!! When do you need it by?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/31/19 11:53:07 PM Permalink

Thanks! No hurry.​ Our presentation is on Saturday. :P

Happy Halloween.

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/1/19 6:21:12 PM Permalink

"​Warning: you should only start using if you want to fundamentally alter everything about your classroom. In fact, "classroom" isn't even the right word anymore. As I look around my room I see students creating projects that I could never have conceived in a rubric for them. They're instinctively connecting multiple Quests to create work that shows their cumulative knowledge. They go above and beyond not because they're being pressured to, but because they want to. Students want to achieve and do their best. They want quick, helpful feedback to improve. All of us want to do this without getting our hands dirty in a grade book. This didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't always easy, It started small and will continue to grow to create an absolutely engaged and motivated classroom full of students. If that's not the definition of win/win, I don't know what is."

But seriously....

Today my students are impressing me big time. Their work is better than any I've had in years past. I'm not even sure some of them could find their way to the school district LMS and/or grade book, but they're all engaged and working to create these awesome spooky video projects for our Friday viewing pleasure. What fun! They're doing things WAY above and beyond and no one is getting a grade on any of this. Teamwork. Collaboration. Problem-solving. Creative thinking. I'm usually a very level-headed, even-keeled guy, but I'm about to do cartwheels out of the classroom today because THIS is what school should be like.

Maybe there are some other quotes in there to use haha!

Also, I'm aware I'm an old school plug-in user, so my feedback may not be as useful. My district was very helpful to set me up on a custom Wordpress site so I'm flying high with that support too.


Mike Skocko

Posted on 11/1/19 6:28:09 PM Permalink

Smiling ear to ear visualizing your learning environment, Shawn. Too cool!​

Shawn Harrel

Posted on 11/2/19 6:16:55 PM Permalink

And to think, these are high school kids on Friday and the day after Halloween! :-)

After I posted this I had one kid stick around to film some extra shots and he was excited to let me know he would have not one but 2 videos for us to watch on Monday.

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/30/19 6:25:33 PM Permalink

​Hi Folks!

I may be setting myself up for a "DOH!" moment here, but I have a quick question. I would like to be able to see the stats for a single quest at a time to do a quick scan of how many students have started and/or finished said quest. Right now, I'm clicking on each individual student. Is there a way to just check a single quest in Clipboard, (or elsewhere)?

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 6:33:28 PM Permalink

Click on the Quest tab in the Clipboard​ and sort using the quest's title. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/30/19 6:48:15 PM Permalink

Oh! I see what was going on. I was typing in the quest name and THEN selecting the date filter. When I do it that way, the quest name disappears. (I confuse easily.XD)

Thanks Mike!.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 6:35:09 PM Permalink

Oh, and click the checkbox for Show Unmatched Users to see the students who haven't encountered the quest.​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 6:48:15 PM Permalink

Sorry to spam, but no one sees updates/edits in email.

And either clear the date filter or set a custom range. You can see how much time kids have spent on the quest, too.

You can clear the class filter to check all students at once, too. Sort using the Time On column for eye-opening data. This is valuable to me when searching for those who either haven't done quests or spent minimal time pretending to have done the work. (The few cheaters have learned about this feature the hard way.)

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/30/19 6:52:45 PM Permalink

Oh yeah......I am going to have a few conversations tomorrow. Thanks, Mike!​

Matthew Miller

Posted on 10/28/19 7:12:13 PM Permalink

​Small request and non-critical: on the site, could a link be added to the top right set, for login? I've set my site to use google and show only that, as I'm the only account that uses an email & password. So I log in using the gameful site and the kids have an easier time of it. I'm just am lazy - I'd like a link in the upper right, like many other sites, so I don't have to do so much heavy exercise, scrolling down with my index finger all the time ;-)

On another note, thanks for all the great work on Game On this year. This site, and the associated conversations here, are really rocking my class this year. I've never had such engaged students, even before the bell. It's truly awesome.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/29/19 10:46:34 PM Permalink

Beginning with the engagement factor—I second that. Best. Year. Ever. And I have loads of ideas to improve it.

About the sign in—why, if I may ask, don't you want to use the Google sign-in on your own site, too? I get a heads-up about issues and improvements the kids will experience. Mick's a tinkerer and there's always another trick up his sleeve. I want to experience it before the kids do.

There's no real reason to ever visit, unless I'm misunderstanding. Let me know.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 10/30/19 1:16:12 PM Permalink

I had already set up my login to use email + password. I'm probably a bit paranoid, but I try to use a different password for every site, so any exposure would be sandboxed and not open me to access outside that site. I use a password manager (Lastpass) and recommend it widely as a relatively pain free method to greatly enhance security.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 1:47:29 PM Permalink

Different strokes. Do what you think is right.

Before I pass this along to Mick, a question: Why not bookmark the login page and skip the middle man (the homepage)?

Just a thought.

Matthew Miller

Posted on 10/30/19 1:56:27 PM Permalink

Why not, indeed! The reason I haven't is that I (a self-described tech guru at my school and consider myself highly technically savvy) literally never thought of that simple solution. Oy! The number of times I've headsmacked after reading on of your cut-to-the-chase simple solutions , you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it always surprises me how I can overlook such simple stuff. :-)

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 3:19:19 PM Permalink

The irony is that I miss obvious things all the time. So much so that I created an alter-ego of sorts to give voice to some latent discoveries.

As BlindEye likes to say, "It was as clear as the blind spot in front of my face."

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 1:49:38 PM Permalink

Oops. Just saw Mick's reply. Looks like we were writing at the same time.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/30/19 1:45:36 PM Permalink


I have actually been planning on moving the login button as part of a redesign of the home page.​ I often login on the Gameful homepage because I have multiple games. There are also situations like yours where someone has google only logins for users but uses a non-google email address for admin. It's actually next on the to do list, so look for it soon.


Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/30/19 1:55:29 PM Permalink

Y'know, when I log in to my one my gameful sites, I'm automatically logged in to my other gameful sites. Just sayin.

You do have a point about admins with non-Google sites though.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 11/4/19 11:18:35 PM Permalink

Hope you like the new home page--with the login link:)​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/22/19 2:15:37 AM Permalink

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/23/19 1:32:22 AM Permalink

I'm getting a 404 on this. Can I assume it's the last video listed above? The 8 minute one?

Mike! It's epiphany time! You have just totally rocked my boat! I realize that my classroom is still too structured; that I'm still expecting my students to kind of run along in a pack and considering the artistic and academic diversity I have, that just never is going to happen. Holy Cats! THIS is what I need to do! This is amazing! I have so. much. to do!! ​Oh wow!!!!

Also, what's the DPE again? I know it's in an earlier video, but I seriously don't want to hnt for it.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/23/19 2:20:15 AM Permalink

Making a link on the internet is child's play—except on the EdEx. I double-check and repair every single broken link after I post and still, they go corrupt. It's working now. Who knows. Maybe it'll keep working. Grrrr.

The DPE is a Digital Portfolio Entry—how I have kids report their progress each week.


And from your second paragraph—did you get to the video despite the gibberish Adobe added to the end of the link? Seems like you did.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/23/19 7:44:37 AM Permalink

D'oh! Just reread the first line of your comment. No, is a different vid. But it also points to different paths students might take.

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/21/19 2:13:20 PM Permalink

​Quick question and I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Is there a way to recover a quest once you trash it?

I ask because this morning, in a pre-coffee haze, I hit "move to trash" instead of "clone" and it was gone. Not a great start to my vow to be productive. I recreated the quest, but I 'm dreaming of the awesomeness of that quest I lost. :P

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/21/19 2:40:23 PM Permalink

In the Dashboard, click on Quests > Quest List then click on the Trash link (at the top). Mouse-over the quest, select Restore, and you're back in business.

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/22/19 5:15:12 PM Permalink

NOW you tell me. XD!

I actually went in, found the old one, compared it to the re-done quest and combined them. Now it's the perfect quest! Thank you!! :P​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/18/19 1:28:22 AM Permalink

​Redirect hell . . . Today when logging in students get bounced around and have to refresh pages multiple times to get on the site. It's happened a few other times this week, but today was the worst.

I can't be the only one that this has been been happening to, but I am the only one responsible. My sincerest apologies. I'm hoping the lack of comments on it means that others are getting through their days despite the issue. Caching on the multisite environment is different than other Wordpress sites and has been giving me all sorts of problems. I think I have it figured out everyday, test it at home, then go it to work and have login issues the following day. Hopefully I got it tonight. Anyone that is using, please let me know if logins are causing redirects in your class.

Here are a few of my observations:

  • it's worse in Safari
  • Chrome has fewer issues but still has them
  • using "Clear Browsing Data" in Chrome seems to fix the problem (at least it did today).

Again, please let me know ASAP if there are problems. You can try tonight at home and if anyone has issues I'll try to address them right away. You can comment on this post or email

christopher cook

Posted on 10/18/19 1:48:31 PM Permalink

Lots of redirecting.

I found safari better because we don't use it often, so no cache to clear I guess :)​

Clicking the purple icon got some kids in. Retyping the flinthillmakers .... url after getting redirected worked, both on ipads and macs.

When the game showed challenges as viewing as guest after logging in the shift+refresh took care of that issue, and then they had no more for the rest of the period.

All I have atm.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/18/19 2:52:39 PM Permalink

Was that today or earlier this week?

christopher cook

Posted on 10/18/19 3:04:25 PM Permalink

Both. I do not have all the same kids every day​. The ones I helped with the shift+refresh yesterday were good today. The new ones were still no good today. Even as myself I had to shift refresh yesterday but it has been fine today.

christopher cook

Posted on 10/16/19 3:35:44 PM Permalink

​Hi folks,

Been lurking the forum but loving the new stuff. :) I am trying to have kids load short videos (about 10 seconds or so) as an end of quarter reflection but the max file size is 2mb. Any workarounds other than having the kids put their stuff on youtube? (Which we can do as we are a gmail school but not choice 1 or even 10)

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/18/19 1:18:03 AM Permalink

No workaround to the 2mb limit. Eventually we might be able to support larger files, but we have no plans to host videos. YouTube and Vimeo are the biggest video hosts that auto embed in WordPress but there are others. Here is a list of sites that oembed with WordPress. It notes which ones support video.

Another idea is to use Google Drive. Students could submit links using the URL required field. This way you could require that they start with Another way to have students submit from drive would be to get an embed code. This will show the videos right on the blog. It's a bit tricky, but real quick once you figure it out. Students can paste this code on the text tab of the editor (not the WYSIWYG). See this video for how to get an embed code.

christopher cook

Posted on 10/18/19 11:43:00 AM Permalink

Thanks Mick, I just started having the kids use youtube yesterday. It's not a big deal. :)​

marcia blanco

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Hi Mike! Can you tell me a little more about your "Reboot Camp"? It sounds like an intriguing management tool.​

Mike Skocko

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Sure! I'll make a video (or two). Away from home right now.​

marcia blanco

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Oh wow, Mike! I didn't say NOW! ROFL!

You are amazing.​

Mike Skocko

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marcia blanco

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Thank you, Mike! That was really helpful. I have something like that, but not nearly as developed. So this is essentially what your classes start with, right? All kids do this? Do hey have to do every quest before they get the Bootcamp Badge?

I'm sooooo stealing this.​

Mike Skocko

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That's what all students start with. And all students complete all quests for the Rebooted badge.*

*You can always award the badge manually to select students.


Always happy to share. :)

Mike Skocko

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Mick McMurray

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​All bugs reported today have been fixed. Thanks everyone.

Mick McMurray

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​Cache problem continued this morning:(

I apologize if anyone else was experiencing login issues this morning--the cache problem continued (not sure why everything works from home). My first class had several kids that were getting weird redirects and required page refreshes. I think I got it dialed in now. Let me know if anyone else continues to experience problems.

Benjamin Davis

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​wow! Kids are gonna freak!this is super neat. Many thx Mick

Mick McMurray

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You are very welcome.​

marcia blanco

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Yeah.....Pretty bloody amazing, Mick! Thank you!​

Mick McMurray

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Happy start to your week everyone.

First, if anyone had trouble with the login today, my apologies. I changed some cache settings on Saturday night and despite working for me in testing, they still caused a few issues. I'll try again next weekend.

LOTS OF NEW CODE TODAY! We will get a video out on these ASAP.

  • New Loot Notification Options: I removed loot notifications from the green and red boxes. (Just the ones from the tasks, not the messages). They are now text with red and green outlines. But the real fun part is there is a new option to add an icon and custom color to each loot type. The gold currency can even place the icon on a spinning coin. You can set the options under Options->Game Setup Options->Loot Options. Then look for the notifications section for each type. There are over 7000 icons available (
  • Purchased Content and Avatars (beta): Added a section when creating a store item to sell content. The content shows in a lightbox after purchase. This can be text or video (that was the requested feature). AND . . . there is an option to sell an update to the avatar. If you remove the avatar from the profile page, you can make it only available for update with this store item. For some extra fun, don't put the item in the store. Use the shortcode (available where you choose the store section when creating the store item) and place the store item directly in quests.
  • Icons for badges: Instead of finding/creating images for ​badges, you can select from over 7000 icons. You can also set the color of each icon.
  • Direct Link to Maps: This is a minor thing, but you can now link directly to a particular map. I wanted to share a link to a map with a colleague, but I could only link to the map page. There is now a little clipboard symbol to the right on the map pages that copies a link directly to that map.
  • Fewer screen options: Removed unused screen options and boxes from store items and quest creation pages.
  • Lightbox Galleries: Image galleries now open in a light box instead of the default Wordpress new pages.
  • and several bug fixes.

Mike Skocko

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#@%&! The page refreshed. I know better than to compose long responses in a text box. (But I did it anyway.) Bonehead!

Short version: Love lots of this. Have issues with notifications. Have given Mick lots of feedback this morning. Gotta run.

Mike Skocko

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Evolving Strategy Example utilizes Mick's new prompts rather than a single blog post.


  • No "creative" typography. (No multicolored, strangely formatted, hard-to-read paragraphs.)
  • Prompt. Response. Prompt. Response. Prompt... (Easy to check.)


  • No word count. (I can deal with that.)
  • Typography formatting glitches (Mick will fix.)

Mike Skocko

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Tuesday, Week 9 Report

  • 5,038 blog submissions. 0 unread submissions. (I love the Reader.)
  • 336 quests published. 233 videos uploaded.
  • New Gameful Features = Evolving Strategies
  • Roll takes seconds rather than minutes (via the Store tab in the Clipboard)
  • Grades take minutes rather than hours (via Reader, Maps, and observations)
  • Best. Year. Ever.

Shawn Harrel

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​My report (although it's the plugin)

Yes, Best. Year. Ever. indeed

  • 922 blog submissions. 0 unread (okay, 0 after today but still!)
  • 182 Quests, 1.8K YouTube views (not sure how many videos)
  • Still plugging away on the plugin
  • Roll takes place in another app
  • What are grades? (jk jk jk, if anyone knows this joke it's YOU)
  • Yes, best year ever.

Mike Skocko

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Yeah, I report roll in Infinite Campus, but knowing who is absent or tardy at a glance is priceless.

Love your YouTube counts. Most of mine are single digits. Many have 0 views even though every student completed the quests.

No sense crying over spilt views.

Mike Skocko

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P.S. I know the vid count because I put all of this year's recordings in a 2019 2020 playlist.* YouTube displays the count automatically.

*Another D'oh! Why haven't I thought of this before? moment.

marcia blanco

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​I have an idea and I have no idea if it's doable since the page is a special one but I'll throw it out there. Is there any way to put a time lock on the exchange? My students can buy tangible stuff such as food but I only want them to have access to the store on Fridays. It's getting kind of tedious hiding and unhiding store stuff.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/7/19 9:09:40 PM Permalink

Your wish is granted.

  1. Edit the store item
  2. Access Locks > Scheduled Access > Turn On
  3. Days of Week Available > Fridays
  4. :D​

marcia blanco

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I just tried to post what I thought was a clever series of emojis, but they won't take on this platform. Too bad. I really wanted to express more than just the "You.R.Awesome response.

Thank you, Mike!​

Mike Skocko

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Hey, Mick wrote the code. I'm just the messenger. :)​

Mick McMurray

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Happy Weekend.

I have a few things to share before we head into another week.

  • I changed some caching settings. The site is faster than ever. Let me know if you encounter anything strange tomorrow and I can try to dial in some settings in case anything is off. I did a bunch of testing, but there are always surprises.
  • I found a a nasty bug that deleted lots of loot from students when doing a bulk reset of a quest. I had a quest where students were missing a crucial part I wanted in the blog post. I added it as a required element, then went to the clipboard found all submissions of that quest and reset them in one go. That triggers a loop that does all the resets. Problem was the loot didn't reset between users and just kept adding together. The last student had the combined loot of all the students removed. Anyways, if you've done any bulk resets, you can find the amount deleted in the history and add it back in manually. It's fixed now--and I have some loot to add back in.
  • I added the admin comments as its own button in the editor. It's a little talk bubble. You can add comments to students posts and if you use it on quests you get comments that only admin can see

I'll monitor this discussion tomorrow and make sure I don't have to turn the new caching settings back by Monday.

And one more thing . . . here are a few things that are next on the roadmap:

  • New support forum and materials.
  • Content that can be sold in the store--including access to a locked avatar update page
  • Google Fonts in the editor
  • Use FontAwesome icons to create badges
  • Task and Map Customizer (colors and fonts)
  • Galleries open in Lightbox
  • Improved styling on loot notifications

marcia blanco

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The new admin comment button works like a charm, Mick! Thank you!!!!​

Ram Mahadevan

Posted on 10/3/19 5:40:28 PM Permalink


Pardon the repost.

I use v3 of Game-on and want to show HP in my student's view of the leaderboard. How do I do that? Right now I can choose between XP, Gold and Badges only.



Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/3/19 11:55:25 PM Permalink


I wish I could be of more help. I don't have v3 running anywhere anymore so I can't look at it. I didn't use v3 for long--I started on the v4 fork after using it for a bit. I think the HP in v3 are the "Honor Points". We have replaced that in v4 and v5.

Moving off of v3 isn't possible mid game. v4 had major changes to the database. Quests and Store Items move over with little fuss, but user data does not. It was designed to be a between year/term upgrade. v4 has a tool to upgrade the v3 database and would need to be installed first. v5 is an easy update from v4.

Just to make it clear:

  • DO NOT update v3 mid game. Player progress is not moved.
  • v4 has an upgrade tool and needs to be run before moving to v5
  • v5 can then be installed
  • And as always, make a backup of your site and database before doing any upgrade.

We do have hosted games on . You can migrate a v5 site to Gameful (but again with out player data).


Ram Mahadevan

Posted on 10/4/19 5:17:59 AM Permalink

Thanks for that Mick!

Yeah, I will start thinking about it at the end of term as I do not want to update mid game.​ This wasn't a big issue to begin with. I will start exploring gameful soon. :)

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/4/19 10:18:33 AM Permalink

Hi Ram!

It's worth it. The new platform is awesome and gets awesomer (is that a word yet?) by the day. ​

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/4/19 1:56:32 PM Permalink

Ram, if you want a free month or two on to get set up for the next semester, we can do that.

I have 17 years of blood, sweat, and love invested in my old site. I'll never go back. Gameful has exceeded our wildest expectations.

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/3/19 3:33:50 PM Permalink

So I got a bit carried away . . .

I added something new after posting last night. There is now a "Text" required element in the blogs and all the required elements can have a question/prompt set to show right above it. You can use it like a worksheet that shows on the blog.

This was purely selfish--I wanted my students to answer five questions in one blog post (four text questions and one image). I could of had them just do it in the text area, but I wanted to make sure they answered them all. The questions print right above each text area. The questions also print on the blog so you can see exactly what they were responding to.

I'm sure I'll still tweak the interface on quest creation on the backend a bit but check it out and let me know what you think.

Mike Skocko

Posted on 10/3/19 3:43:18 PM Permalink

LOL. I used this option early this morning without realizing the implications. (Mick and I had discussed this previously. Double D'oh! on me.)

Such an AWESOME new feature.

marcia blanco

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Hi Mick!

This is an AMAZING new feature and my only regret is that I didn't have it a month ago.:) However (I'm sorry, I seem to be full of "howevers") When I test it on my separate user account, I don't see the prompts in the blog. Am I doing something wrong?​

Mick McMurray

Posted on 10/3/19 11:24:13 PM Permalink

I'll take a look. What quest did you use it on? ​

marcia blanco

Posted on 10/3/19 11:33:42 PM