Anne C Smith
Teacher (TAFE Queensland)

Course and Workshop Comment - Re-visitation

Hi Everyone,

Background: I was ahead of schedule for one of the Adobe courses, but work meant a loss of 2 weeks, so I was glad to catch up. But on my re-engagement with the topic, I decided to visit the comments from my previous assessment submissions and came across all these extra comments. These had not come through to my email even though this had been ticked; and I am so glad I looked because I had many affirming and helpful comments.

Key Point: Because course participants vary in progress over the duration of an Adobe course, comments will grow over the course duration. So remember to return to your previous submissions to check the comments. Not just over days, but over the weeks of the course; and especially close to course closure. You may be missing out on some great feedback.

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Carly Manhart

Posted on 4/12/19 3:14:12 AM Permalink

​Yep I have experienced something similar. Great tip.

Anne C Smith

Posted on 4/16/19 1:06:09 PM Permalink

Thanks Carly.