Larissa Warren
Art & Photography Teacher

Best Student portfolio option

Looking for ideas on how Art & Photography teachers have their students present their work digitally as a portfolio. I'm looking for something easy to present in class and share with each other. Spark is my first thought. I am considering Portfolio, however, these students are 15 and I don't really want them getting bogged down into the social side of it.

  • Adobe Spark

    Adobe Spark is an easy-to-use tool that helps you turn your ideas into compelling social graphics, web stories, and animated videos

  • Portfolio

    Create beautiful portfolio websites on desktop and mobile.

  • Behance

    Showcase and discover creative work.

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Sarah Johnson

Posted on 3/18/19 12:21:36 AM Permalink

I teach in higher education and I encourage my students to use Behance, Portfolio or Weebly due to simple layouts and navigation. I think Spark would be difficult to organize content since it's viewed from top to bottom as you scroll instead of with the typical drop-down navigation options.

Thom Gibson

Posted on 2/12/19 3:18:03 AM Permalink

​Perhaps Padlet? It's sort of a bulletin board that they could post images onto with captions. They could also post links to other documents and videos and really anything else and it's pretty aesthetically pleasing. But yes, Behance is the more formal way to go though. Haven't used Adobe Portfolio...which is probably blasphemy in these parts of the web ;)

Abby Guido

Posted on 1/30/19 12:19:01 AM Permalink

I teach in higher education and we have our students post all of their work on Behance. While there is a social side, it is such an easy transition to Adobe Portfolio and it gives them a chance to also write about their work and their process and concepts.