Gregory Todd
Lecturer/Head Teacher (Digital Media)

Little Known Adobe Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks That You Use All The Time

Even though I've been using and teaching the Adobe suite for 2 decades now, every week I learn some new tip or trick in a program that makes my workflow more efficient. I try to pass these on to my students when I can. The problem is that there are so many Adobe products that it is impossible to be on top of them all. But between all of us on EdEx, there must be a few not well known but incredibly useful techniques.

So post any trick/tip/technique/shortcut that you feel might not be widely known. Doesn't matter if 80% of us on EdEx already know it. The other 20% will be forever in your debt.

My two cents worth:

Photoshop: You can floodfill any selected area (or the entire layer if nothing is selected) with the foreground or background colors.

ALT + Backspace =foreground color (CMD + Delete on Mac)

CTRL + Backspace = background color (OPT + Delete)

I use this technique in nearly every PS composition, and was surprised to discover two other PS teachers where I work had never heard of it. I just assumed that it was a well known technique.

That's the idea behind this discussion: What weird trick do you know that I don't (and really REALLY should)?

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