bronwen Wade-Leeuwen
STEAM Arts Educator

Are school children only expected to conform in the classroom and does this mean they are being educated out of creatively?

During my PhD studies I interviewed 350 pre-service teachers in 3rd and 4th year of their teacher training degree. One of the teachers surprised me with this statement after being on her praxis experience in a school.

“My previous classroom supervising teacher wasn't into Creative Arts at all and I can see that in the kids because when I gave them that freedom to create they weren’t able to perform, they wouldn't - they were just lost” (SV-06), 4th Year preservice teacher interview in 2015.

Similar to Adobe's philosophy, I am working on the assumption that we are all creative, does this quote from a 4th year pre-service teacher demonstrate children in the classroom are being educated out of creativity?

My research showed that preservice teachers need to develop their own creative capacities during their four year tertiary studies so they can foster creativity in their pupils. However, the evidence shows we are seeing another generation of conformists in many of our schools.

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