Veronica Galvan
Teacher-Web Technologies


This is my first year teaching Animation and I wanted to see if anyone out there has any information on great resources I can use. I have been struggling to find curriculum. Any advice and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Animate

    Design interactive vector animations for multiple platforms.

  • Character Animator

    Turn 2D artwork into live, animated characters.

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Tristan Ward

Posted on 1/28/20 4:20:08 AM Permalink

I use animation within my Game Design class. We focus on 8 bit animation using Adobe Photoshop turning them into GIFs.​ The focus is on the development of a Sprite (game character). Also we watch some films and note the use fo design elements (Colour and Shape).

Lauren Petiti

Posted on 1/13/20 9:57:45 PM Permalink

​I start by teaching my animation students about the Principles of Animation (using the Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston). Teach them basic mechanics using any software and that will help get them off the ground.