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Premiere Pro vs. Final Cut - What's the difference and why is FC chosen over Pr in the production industry?

I completely understand that we're all using Adobe products, considering the fact that we're all here. :) So try to be open when portraying your opinions!

Going through my multimedia courses back in college, I've always been taught that Final Cut is the ultimate tool; especially if you're going in to the production business. Even Hollywood is using Final Cut over Premiere Pro and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. I love and own FC, but from the moment I discovered Pr, I literately "NEVER" use FC anymore.

In my opinion, FC is way easier and faster to use, but lacks in the accessible tools department. There's honestly not that much you can do aside the basics ( color grading, transitions, music and video FX, titles, etc.) of what you can perform in Pr.

In Pr, you have unlimited tools and resources to control anything from a single to multi-camera production, which is great if you're a live broadcaster like me. Opposed to that, let's not forget, you have dynamic tools to link your project to other Adobe Products.

So can someone please tell me, what's the huge difference and why is Final Cut chosen over Premiere Pro in the production industry? Aside from the fact that FC is a huge time saver. ;)

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