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How to have students create VR/AR product

I've been trying to find tools that will allow my students (creatives, not coders) to create AR/VR content for playback on web/Rift/Vive/Go/Quest/cardboard+smartphone/anything really.

I had hoped to use Tour Creator and Poly to have students create Google Expeditions but our school system does not allow students to have Google accounts and blocks the sites in question.

I then thought I would have the students use Adobe Captivate 2019 which appears to have support for VR/360 images/360 video (I'm not sure to what extent, or if its both 3600 still and images) but I've now found out that our school system is experiencing an issue with Adobe licencing and students are to remain on 2018 Creative Cloud. The VR support is only from the 2019 version.

So, I am at a loss as to how to proceed. I've arranged for a chat with e teacher from another system this week to discuss how they are creating VR/AR content, but I thought I'd post here as well in case any one has come across a solution that is working for their students to create content.

Thanks - Graeme

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Adobe Education

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​Hello Graeme,

You might also enroll in the ​Virtual Reality for Educators online course beginning November 10, 2019 to discuss and share developing VR projects for the classroom. Keep us posted on how your vision evolves - what an exciting opportunity for your students to learn about VR.