Ian Hurd
Senior External Moderator: UAL Awarding Body

InDesign Basic Features Training Workshop

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Ian Hurd

Posted on 4/8/19 10:11:49 AM Permalink

​For anyone who comes across this Discussion forum, it follows on from a webinar training session on using the basic features of InDesign where participants were asked, in a guided practice exercise, to match images of personalities with quotes, either by them or by one of the other personalities, as well as altering parameters of he typeface and image place and size, as a fun exercise used to foster creativity and imagination. This exercise was a precursor to participants working on the creation of a document they identified to support their practice, such as assignment briefs, session worksheets etc.

Ian Hurd

Posted on 4/7/19 6:01:26 PM Permalink

This is brilliant James, many thanks for sharing! I particularly enjoyed the Russian alphabet use!