Anne C Smith
Teacher (TAFE Queensland)

Laptop Swaps - Respecting Adobe Licence - Advice Sought

Hi Everyone, this is really a help query.

I note that you can have Adobe Creative Cloud on two computers, but only use one at a time, understandably.

On accessing my plans I am showing as having 3 computers connected (but only have 2). I have removed my work laptop as it is not as good as my personal laptop and I do most my lesson planning at home. That leaves 2 laptops, but this really is the same laptop with different dates:

  • Asus on WINDOWS_64
  • Asus on Windows

I am tempted to deactivate the older dated version, but fear this may deactivate the current one as it is the same computer. Any ideas?

My reason for wanting to sort this is that I have a new laptop which I want to add as the second laptop.

Any ideas? Thanks in Advance.

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Adobe Education

Posted on 3/2/19 4:13:32 PM Permalink

Hello Anne,

Since your question is regarding hardware and product, it is best you work directly with a support specialist. Please go here; login and scroll to bottom of page where you can select the option to chat with a specialist.

Anne C Smith

Posted on 3/5/19 3:20:40 AM Permalink