Russell Pritchard
Senior Teaching Content Development Officer

Anyone used ADobe Substance?

Just saw an amazing presentation about Substance and the benefits.

Has anyone here any tips?



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Suzanne Brodsky

Posted on 1/6/20 3:13:21 AM Permalink

​Hi Russell...I saw a video about Substance, too. I haven't used it, but it seems intriguing. I think you can use it with a character animation site called Mixamo. You can access Mixamo if you have the full subscription to CC.

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 1/6/20 11:08:21 PM Permalink

Hi Suzanne,

We are really getting into Substance at the moment and find it fascinating.

We are currently trying it with Medical applications to see how it would benefit our students.


Suzanne Brodsky

Posted on 1/8/20 2:22:47 AM Permalink

​Hi Russell...That sounds great! I'm guessing you can use Substance with objects to apply texturing in addition to animations of people? (In a medical setting, perhaps something you would see under a microscope could be enhanced using Substance?) I'm hoping to try it once I finish the AR class and then After Effects (which starts on Jan. 19). I've never seen a class offered using Substance, but I think they would have a lot of people who are interested.