Abby Guido
Assistant Professor of Graphic and Interactive Design

Fair Use Guidelines

Hi All. I teach graphic design at Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University. One of the assignments we have been giving for years is to find a brand that needs a redesign and redesign it. The students don't always reach out to the companies, but for years it wasn't an issue. We looked at it as fair use since they were using the name and sometimes images for learning purposes but completely rebranding everything. Things are tricky now with online portfolios, Behance and Instagram, now it's not just seen by the select few people our students interview with. One of our students today received a cease and desist letter for a small laundry mat she redesigned. What is the best practice out there? We could easily change the assignment to also rename the company, but just curious what others are doing to address this.

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Anais Young

Posted on 1/17/19 2:48:28 PM Permalink

Could your students not post this project online? Then you could continue to do the project (which I think is really neat).

The other option could always be that the students have to change the name of the company as well and they can use those original companies as just references or starting points​

Abby Guido

Posted on 1/17/19 5:43:49 PM Permalink

It's hard to keep them from posting since most of their work goes into their portfolios to get their first jobs. I had also posted this question in another group and got a great suggestion I think is worth sharing. The students still find a company that needs a rebrand, but instead of rebranding it they create a competitor. I'm going to try it this way and see how it goes, I can report back here!