Few Questions regarding teachinng a tech programs

So I will be starting teaching next year, specifically social studies (4th-8th). What kind of softwares or new tech did yall use for your classrooms? Theres so many new programs and ways to use them for teaching it can be a bit overwhelming. Can yall list of really good ones and how you put them into practice?

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Ann White

Posted on 7/5/19 6:30:04 AM Permalink

Hi, I'm Annie White and I'm in the same class as Patrick Mitchell. I'm in the MAC Program K-6 Education. I have a little experience with Adobe Spark. I like Adobe and Adobe Spark. I put together a Movie Trailer once to introduce a children's book using Adobe Spark.

Is Adobe Spark a good vehicle or is there a better product to help third graders implement pictures from their cell phones of a community project and pieces of their Power Points or Google Slides and other work to compile a combination of work for a Scrapbook or Scrap board Portfolio?​

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 7/5/19 1:34:26 AM Permalink

​Hi Patrick,

I agree with Leona Adobe Spark has shown great benefits and really helped with engagement.

It's easy to put together and looks so much better than a Power point presentation!


Leona Guidace

Posted on 6/30/19 3:34:51 PM Permalink

Hi Patrick,

Adobe Spark is great for students to use tech while completing their assignments. It's very applicable to use in 4th-8th social and humanity studies.​