Need help, new graphic design teacher.

I need help! I am a new Graphic Design teacher and am looking for resources that I can use to teach Photoshop. I am completely new to this subject and have tried researching different links provided by Adobe Education Exchange, but am not finding any luck. I am not sure I'm just not looking in the right place or what. I am looking for specifically Photoshop scope and sequence, lesson plan, activities, etc. Anything at all would be a great help! Just needing to get my foot in the right directions.

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Posted on 1/8/18 7:28:31 PM Permalink

Hi Melissa.

Sorry you were unable to find what you are looking for. There has been very similar discussions with educators in similar situations as your finding yourself. We have created the Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production curriculum (To download the entire package: It can help you create a scope and sequence to teach your students, as well as teach skills in a variety of ways - some via large projects and some via smaller activities. It includes instructor guides to help you teach, specific lesson plans to use in your classroom and step-by-step technical tutorials that you can give to your students. All of the smaller activities that make up the larger curriculum are located here: Additionally, we highly recommend these discussions:

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Hope this helps get you in the right direction!

​The AEE Team