ashvin sonani

what changes we will see in manufacturing and service industry after AI penetration?

Google launched a self-driving car, tesla is testing an autonomous taxi, Slovenian capital launched a driverless green cab...

China has a chain restaurant where robots are serving foods, Chinese television broadcast news read by the robot. Sofia, the first 'Robo citizen' attends a press conference in Mumbai city. A USA doctor executed heart transplant surgery via online resources. And much other similar news is our daily intake and we are not amazed by such news now.

Anyone can predict the changes in the near future in the manufacturing and service industry?


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Leonardo Jara

Posted on 11/23/19 7:52:13 AM Permalink

The next industrial revolution will displace the workforce that is in the middle class, that is, the one that earns an average salary in their country. This means that machines, equipment, and artificial intelligence will displace large amounts of labor because these jobs are repetitive and that is the advantage of computers. However, where the machines cannot solve problems with innovation and boldness, that is to say that jobs of bosses or leadership will be difficult to replace because they must make decisions based on many factors including emotional, so these jobs, added those of the lower class as fast food distributors are those that will prevail in the near future.

Leona Guidace

Posted on 11/1/19 3:09:19 PM Permalink

​Thank you, Ashvin for your inspiring discussion. Addressing evolution of industry due to AI technology is crucial in our role as educators. We'll need to discuss such topics with our peers and students, to better prepare students with 21st Century skills. Students with heightened agility for problem solving and innovation will be better poised to succeed as AI penetrates and technology continues to evolve.

ashvin sonani

Posted on 11/1/19 5:33:49 PM Permalink

Hello Leona,

Thanks for your answer and kind attention to my question here.

Well, in education services, it will be also a drastic change in the coming future. A lot of perceptions and traditional ways of education would be changed.

But, I hope all would improve the overall quality and standard of living around us,