Henni Stalknecht
Q&A Instructor, L&D Practical Instructor

Using 360 video in the classroom?

Do you have any experience by using AR/VR and/or 360 video in the classroom?

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Russell Pritchard

Posted on 7/4/19 9:37:45 PM Permalink

Hi Henni,

I have been shooting 360 Videos since 2016, but only now are people realising the benefits in Teaching and learning.

I use a consumer 360 camera and shoot everything from .jpg stills which are then labelled to direct the students / clinicians to a different area / video / website but the most popular ​is the walk through.

This means i give the camera to the Academic, we have separate audio recording and they talk to the students to familiarise them with the environment they are going to be studying in.

Monash has a 3KM campus with it's own postcode so this helps let the students, many of those are international get there sense of bearings.

I then populate the footage with Motion graphics and highlight important areas like lecture theatres etc.

I hope this helps.


Henni Stalknecht

Posted on 7/5/19 5:17:43 AM Permalink

Hi Russel,
Thank you for your response, for me a good expansion of knowledge.
I had assumed that every 360 video also had to be shot as video, but as you already indicate, this can also be easily made with 360 photos.
If I have the opportunity, I will take care of that and make my first project to acquire knowledge.

Dean Utian

Posted on 7/4/19 12:55:53 PM Permalink

​Hi Henni.

In my faculty at The University of New South Wales, we have used 360 videos in courses to give virtual site visits. These allow students to get a sense of places that are difficult to access, like construction sites, or places that are far in distance so not as easy to access on repeat occasions.

I've created a discussion on - ​VR/AR/MR - impact on learning.

Henni Stalknecht

Posted on 7/5/19 5:13:18 AM Permalink

Hi Dean,
Thank you for your response, it is certainly a great opportunity to show things this way for security or inaccessibility reasons.

I am very curious how you (you) make these videos and which devices you use for this.