Adam Maksl
Faculty Fellow for eLearning Design & Innovation, Indiana University | Associate Professor of Journalism & Media, Indiana University Southeast

Teaching as Creative Storytelling

So, I've been a journalism educator for more than 15 years, and in the past few years I've gotten much more involved in eLearning, teaching courses online and working with other faculty to do the same. The most I get into the eLearning world, the more I see parallels between journalism and education.

Or more generally, both are about bringing prosocial change, providing individuals the information and resources they need to live better lives. And both bring those changes through creating content and building interactions with audiences/students. In journalism, we call what we do storytelling. And when I think of good teachers, the best ones I've had in my life, I think about stories.

So, especially in a world so focused on digital media and creativity, with the barriers to use creativity tools so low now, should we really think about teaching and learning as interconnected, interactive, multidirectional storytelling? Just a thought.

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