Adrianne Nix
High School Art Teacher

Looking for a better way to deliver digital lessons. What program/app do you use?

I'm looking for a digital program or app that I can use to share digital lesson plans with my students. I've tried quite a few but I'm just not happy with any of them because they either have limitations in what I can post, files sizes limits, brings students outside of the site to view items, etc. I'm looking for somewhere that I can house you tube links, webpages, google documents, and student examples.

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Salih Agenter

Posted on 3/31/20 8:18:14 AM Permalink

Lauren Reap

Posted on 3/30/20 6:41:44 AM Permalink

Ratmany Kang

Posted on 3/26/20 4:28:25 AM Permalink

Mike Turner

Posted on 7/2/19 6:10:56 AM Permalink

​Could you create a hyperdoc using G Suite?

Dean Utian

Posted on 6/22/19 8:05:07 AM Permalink

​At my University. we are currently using Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). We have used Blackboard before. I'd say there is no perfect LMS. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. If you're using a LMS, you can develop lessons within the platform or others that can export to SCORM package.

Some tools/applications to develop lessons can be:

Stefania Buzatu

Posted on 6/6/19 1:14:11 PM Permalink

​We use Moodle, but I believe we're looking to switch to AULA. I like it quite a lot to be fair, it gives me much more freedom than Moodle does.

Cheriss May

Posted on 5/24/19 6:12:51 PM Permalink

​I've been using Canvas for a few years now, and love it! Within Canvas you can use other apps, documents, etc.

William Cortez

Posted on 5/22/19 11:04:16 AM Permalink

Our university implements Google Apps for Education.

Thom Gibson

Posted on 2/12/19 3:09:49 AM Permalink

I like Padlet as you can just drop just about any of those resources on it like a bulletin board.

Greg Gralf

Posted on 2/11/19 4:59:43 PM Permalink

Agree, Canvas is the best one :)

Tamara Wilson

Posted on 12/6/18 1:02:51 AM Permalink

​I use Canvas. This is my 1st year using it. I tried Schoology as well

Jessica Campbell

Posted on 12/3/18 1:41:59 PM Permalink

​Have you tried Canvas yet? It seems perfect for your type of curriculum (I might be stalking your Graphic Design curriculums... I love your ideas!!!) Canvas has changed my life, and with a few hacks I integrate it with Google Docs pretty seamlessly. The way it integrates submissions and assessments with custom rubrics is a huge time saver.

Ray Cooper

Posted on 11/28/18 5:25:40 PM Permalink

​My school uses Google Apps for Education. This integrates Google Drive and Classroom.

Sara Cubberley

Posted on 11/12/18 3:01:59 AM Permalink

My school system uses Blackboard for content delivery. My grad school program uses Moodle, which I wasn’t a fan of at first, but it has really grown on me. ​I would love to hear about the programs you have tried, and their pros/cons.