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Igor Karasev

Posted on 11/15/18 8:25:08 PM Permalink

Igor Karasev

Posted on 11/15/18 7:39:10 PM Permalink

Igor Karasev

Posted on 11/15/18 7:34:27 PM Permalink

Michael McDaniel

Posted on 11/15/18 6:51:24 PM Permalink

​Here is the Spark project I did. It is a "how to" make pico de gallo. Please pardon the poor audio quality. The mic I have attached to this PC is pretty crummy. I do have good mics, just not on this machine.


A graphic/post example


Brennan Stewart

Posted on 11/14/18 9:41:52 PM Permalink

Maurizio Cavazzoni

Posted on 11/13/18 8:46:52 PM Permalink

Kimberly Conroy-Tuohy

Posted on 11/10/18 10:43:16 PM Permalink

I've been using a spark page throughout this course because I've taken other courses and we are usually required to have a learning journal page.

Here's my journey of this course so far: https://spark.adobe.com/page/RnWR3rydiqtZq

Sundeep Muppidi

Posted on 11/5/18 9:13:25 PM Permalink

This is the first semester that I am learning and teaching Adobe Spark. It has the potential for a lot of uses. I am excited about incorporating it into my future classes.


S A Soto

Posted on 11/2/18 6:34:58 PM Permalink

S A Soto

Posted on 11/2/18 4:31:07 PM Permalink

S A Soto

Posted on 11/2/18 3:39:42 PM Permalink

Michelle Rauch

Posted on 11/2/18 3:58:55 AM Permalink

Ahmed Belal

Posted on 10/30/18 9:07:23 PM Permalink

Thanks very much for helping me to understand better how to manage my spark, hope you like it now


Kelvin Jayaram

Posted on 10/26/18 4:50:46 PM Permalink

Kelvin Jayaram

Posted on 10/26/18 4:44:44 PM Permalink

Kelvin Jayaram

Posted on 10/26/18 7:58:08 AM Permalink

Noelle Drop

Posted on 10/21/18 3:48:08 PM Permalink

Noelle Drop

Posted on 10/21/18 3:47:40 PM Permalink

Robert Dunaway

Posted on 10/17/18 4:13:51 AM Permalink

Jose Gomes Ferreira

Posted on 10/14/18 7:04:43 PM Permalink

22 smith

Posted on 10/14/18 2:12:00 AM Permalink

​Here is a pitch deck project that will help students organize their own company pitch decks.

Pitch Deck Project


Jose Gomes Ferreira

Posted on 10/12/18 5:59:32 PM Permalink

For this project I retrieved a page that I use for my students, about Photo Production ... it is in my native language, but I believe the important thing is to demonstrate the use of this resource, regardless of the language. This is one of my pretensions, to produce content in this community for Portuguese-speaking users. I apologize to all who do not speak this language.

​My project on Spark Page

​​My Learning Journal​

Jose Gomes Ferreira

Posted on 10/12/18 10:43:06 AM Permalink

Iqra Iqbal

Posted on 10/10/18 2:36:20 PM Permalink

CREATIVITY: I felt motivated. I learned about Adobe Spark Post, its ability to make graphics, web based story telling and video making features. I am definitely going to use it in future projects.

hend gamal

Posted on 10/7/18 5:58:20 AM Permalink

22 smith

Posted on 9/30/18 3:22:04 AM Permalink

​Here is a sample of a robotics post for our students to share out online:

FTC Robotics 2018

chris Janssen

Posted on 9/24/18 12:45:42 PM Permalink

chris Janssen

Posted on 9/24/18 11:59:29 AM Permalink

Thịnh Lương

Posted on 9/24/18 6:46:28 AM Permalink

​Dưh án thànu viên

Dickson Ukegbu

Posted on 9/23/18 7:51:29 AM Permalink

Dickson Ukegbu

Posted on 9/22/18 8:42:12 PM Permalink

Dickson Ukegbu

Posted on 9/22/18 8:40:15 PM Permalink

Leigh Nance

Posted on 9/21/18 5:21:19 PM Permalink

​Had a little trouble with some of the design elements, but here it goes:


Leigh Nance

Posted on 9/21/18 3:35:38 PM Permalink

Julie Vermeer Fowler

Posted on 9/19/18 5:09:06 PM Permalink

Fred Blok

Posted on 9/15/18 12:55:31 PM Permalink

Here a little video


Fred Blok

Posted on 9/15/18 12:51:34 PM Permalink

And here a Spark post.


Fred Blok

Posted on 9/15/18 12:49:07 PM Permalink

This was the first spark workshop for the first year Photography students.


Rebecca Stewart

Posted on 9/13/18 5:09:42 PM Permalink

​Ive just put this as a teaching asset for anyone working in 360 video


Jenifer Webster

Posted on 9/11/18 1:50:21 PM Permalink

Jenifer Webster

Posted on 9/11/18 1:46:39 PM Permalink

Ilya Verner

Posted on 9/9/18 9:42:07 AM Permalink

​The Video spark.adobe.com


Daniel Visbal

Posted on 9/7/18 2:06:06 PM Permalink


Daniel Visbal

Posted on 9/7/18 2:00:35 PM Permalink


Daniel Visbal

Posted on 9/7/18 1:59:28 PM Permalink


Sherry Baker

Posted on 9/5/18 6:13:37 PM Permalink

anindya banerji

Posted on 8/29/18 9:20:43 AM Permalink


Emma Scobie-Jennings

Posted on 8/25/18 11:52:35 PM Permalink

​I created a video to share with students and their families about what Digital Technologies subject is about.


Joanne Roberts

Posted on 8/25/18 11:50:20 PM Permalink

Joanne Roberts

Posted on 8/25/18 11:12:44 PM Permalink

Joanne Roberts

Posted on 8/25/18 10:31:37 PM Permalink


Posted on 8/23/18 1:47:22 AM Permalink

brenda yarbrough

Posted on 8/19/18 7:15:10 PM Permalink

Matthew Sterner-Neely

Posted on 8/19/18 4:21:35 PM Permalink

Matthew Sterner-Neely

Posted on 8/19/18 4:17:19 PM Permalink

Herb Howell

Posted on 8/17/18 1:14:09 AM Permalink


Posted on 8/10/18 7:33:09 AM Permalink

brenda yarbrough

Posted on 8/7/18 12:08:31 AM Permalink

Spark poster of my son and his sons on Father's Day.


Michael Muhme

Posted on 8/6/18 6:21:43 PM Permalink

I created a visualization for my about page on my portfolio to tell "my story"

​My story

Suzanna Christian

Posted on 8/2/18 2:03:32 AM Permalink

Maybe I misinterpreted, but it looks like to complete this course the requirement is to create each of what Spark has to offer (a post, page, and video).

I created a Spark Post Poster with one of my favorite quotes and mantra for my level one students. I really like how it turned out and I can't wait to make more for my classroom using other favorite quotes!


This is a Spark Page I created for a simple lesson plan.


Here's a Spark Video I created for my class to be used as quick instruction for a single day shooting assignment.


Michael Muhme

Posted on 8/6/18 6:31:00 PM Permalink

​I agree the instructions and format made it appear you needed to do all three... Great job on all of them! I especially liked the lesson plan. Makes me want to work on one of those.


Posted on 7/26/18 1:12:23 AM Permalink

​I created a quick expectations video for students own Adobe Spark video they will create next week about plate tectonics


Georgia Greaves

Posted on 7/20/18 9:56:45 AM Permalink

Caroline Godbey

Posted on 7/20/18 1:15:35 AM Permalink

​Here's my first Spark Post!


Joylynn Gonzales

Posted on 7/18/18 11:41:21 PM Permalink

I created this banner to put on my Canvas class homepage. I think I'll use Spark to add buttons on the homepage as well.


Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval

Posted on 7/14/18 1:15:36 PM Permalink

Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval

Posted on 7/14/18 12:27:28 PM Permalink

Héctor Adolfo Bernal Sandoval

Posted on 7/14/18 12:13:31 PM Permalink


This is the link to the Spark Post


Translate: "Freedom of expression is something so big that it does not fit in the narrow brains. Therefore, the surplus overflows into something obviously nauseating. " Roberto Gomez Bolaños

Carrie Sims

Posted on 7/13/18 4:51:08 AM Permalink

​Technology...oh how sweet it is!


Carrie Sims

Posted on 7/13/18 4:41:42 AM Permalink

This is pretty neat! Its a fun and creative alternative to PowerPoint!​


Carrie Sims

Posted on 7/13/18 4:27:25 AM Permalink

​I believe all successes big and small should be celebrated!


Heather Brady

Posted on 7/13/18 2:36:43 AM Permalink

Here's a quick try with Spark video.


Heather Brady

Posted on 7/12/18 2:31:24 AM Permalink

Rachel Leach

Posted on 7/11/18 5:46:15 PM Permalink


It was fun to take what was given to us but then edit it to be my own


Posted on 7/11/18 1:13:31 PM Permalink


Posted on 7/4/18 1:18:30 PM Permalink

I got my own children to make a video and they loved playing around with this process....


corey shepherd

Posted on 7/4/18 7:28:18 AM Permalink

​Quote by Eintein with neat photo



Posted on 7/4/18 4:41:24 AM Permalink

Samer Dakroub

Posted on 7/3/18 11:08:27 AM Permalink


Samer Dakroub

Posted on 7/3/18 9:58:28 AM Permalink


Samer Dakroub

Posted on 7/3/18 9:18:15 AM Permalink


Elsa Elowitz

Posted on 7/2/18 3:51:46 AM Permalink

I created a glideshow with pictures of my family.


Elsa Elowitz

Posted on 7/2/18 3:50:06 AM Permalink

​I created a glideshow with pictures of my family.

Jarris Martin

Posted on 7/2/18 1:59:19 AM Permalink

​Just something created for learning purposes. Really enjoyed it


Elsa Elowitz

Posted on 7/1/18 11:09:36 PM Permalink

​I created an inspirational post, but I have not figured out how to share it here.

Eanisha Washington

Posted on 6/30/18 5:15:50 PM Permalink

​This is my video from summer vacay

Eanisha Washington

Posted on 6/30/18 4:36:20 AM Permalink

​I guess I"m a little special because I keep going back and forth with this program. It's going to take me a minute to figure this out. I sent a quote my grandmother use to say. I'm feeling real confused right about now. The information presented is great but I'm not sure if this is right or not.

Astrid Dynes

Posted on 6/29/18 9:17:05 PM Permalink

This is my intro video to explaining how to order rational numbers.

Rational Numbers

tarsha lavillis

Posted on 6/29/18 7:08:59 PM Permalink

Astrid Dynes

Posted on 6/29/18 6:27:10 PM Permalink

tarsha lavillis

Posted on 6/28/18 3:08:32 PM Permalink

Linda Pearl

Posted on 6/26/18 5:15:20 PM Permalink

Amazing what you can do with a little practice. I created a Spark video of my recent vacation to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Linda Pearl

Posted on 6/26/18 3:32:12 PM Permalink

I used Adobe Spark Page to show students how to set up a ISN for Social Studies.


Linda Pearl

Posted on 6/26/18 3:52:05 AM Permalink

Spark Post is a really cool tool! I can see using this to build math vocabulary. I can't wait to see what the students create using this to explain and explore vocabulary with their unique and creative designs.


tarsha lavillis

Posted on 6/29/18 7:10:16 PM Permalink

​This also can be a fun way to review concepts for a major test.

Cindy Price

Posted on 6/26/18 12:10:57 AM Permalink


So many ideas for ways to use this...​

tarsha lavillis

Posted on 6/29/18 7:10:58 PM Permalink

Exactly, let the creativity begin.​

Natalia Nouel

Posted on 6/25/18 10:00:48 PM Permalink

https://spark.adobe.com/video/rdMqBk74SNnwU Snake Education

Diana Diaz

Posted on 6/19/18 2:32:27 AM Permalink


Adobe Spark will help my students with their learning of the Math curriculum by using different tools to explore to aid in their future learning. This tool will benefit ESL students to speak and hear their voice.

Daniel Holman

Posted on 6/18/18 11:55:38 PM Permalink

kani niaz

Posted on 6/17/18 4:51:21 PM Permalink

kani niaz

Posted on 6/17/18 4:29:18 PM Permalink


Trina Goodwin

Posted on 6/15/18 12:22:32 AM Permalink

Trina Goodwin

Posted on 6/14/18 9:30:57 PM Permalink

Diana Diaz

Posted on 6/14/18 9:05:28 PM Permalink


I used Adobe Spark Page to share a small part of what happens in my classroom. This tool will help my students do a project on step by step solving a math story problem or my ESL students elaborating on vocabulary for each unit in math.

Melody Volk

Posted on 6/14/18 9:08:58 PM Permalink

I like it. Nice job.​

Trina Goodwin

Posted on 6/14/18 8:49:16 PM Permalink

Diana Diaz

Posted on 6/14/18 2:32:51 PM Permalink

Jay Patel

Posted on 6/14/18 4:24:18 AM Permalink

I created this specific Adobe Spark project,This Project dedicated spacial for My Father.


Melody Volk

Posted on 6/14/18 1:56:15 PM Permalink

Nice quote.​

Brandon Schut

Posted on 6/12/18 7:55:51 PM Permalink


I chose to create a Spark Post. I have used Page and Video but have not taken the time to get to know Post. I can see students using this for many different projects and I love the built in templates/size options.

Esmeralda Contreras

Posted on 6/12/18 2:13:59 AM Permalink

​I was most hesitant about making a video, since that's never been my favorite thing to do. I organized my photos and text first, then added the music, and saved the voice recording for last. I feel like the sound is a little off since i started speaking at "1", but overall, I think the video is not too shabby for being my first Adobe Spark Video.

My video is highlighting a university in Texas. I could see my students doing this same project for college week, where they could select a college or university to research. Students could also research desired careers.

​My Spark Video

Ulka Tipnis

Posted on 6/11/18 11:25:22 PM Permalink

I made the video recording of one small section on Cell Physiology. Spark is easy to use for making videos. However, for each slide, it gives only 30 seconds, which may be bit limiting for my slide presentations.


Kadi Abad

Posted on 6/11/18 8:16:26 PM Permalink

I used Spark Page to share a story about my son. I love how easy it was to use. It took simple pictures and text to create an engaging website. I think this app would be great for journaling or explaining events in sequence.


Kelsey Dierdorff

Posted on 6/11/18 6:44:49 PM Permalink

Crystal Keelen-Edwards

Posted on 6/10/18 8:34:24 PM Permalink

​The page project that I have shared deals with my makeup business.

https://spark.adobe.com/post/Ke2tCJRMgIbp1/ https://spark.adobe.com/post/TJzXsoCbkC4LP/

Esmeralda Contreras

Posted on 6/10/18 5:47:07 AM Permalink

The Page project I created was inspired by finding a way to beat the summer heat. With this project I learned another component of Adobe Spark. I liked the themes and different options available to us when creating our page, i.e. photos, themes, videos, buttons. I could possibly see Spark replacing PowerPoint in my classroom.

​My Page Project

Esmeralda Contreras

Posted on 6/9/18 9:54:49 PM Permalink

I personally enjoyed this part of the workshop since I like making "promotional" graphics. I have some previous experience in creating graphics, but with another program. I liked using Spark to make my post because it was user friendly. I believe that my students would enjoy making products themselves using Spark.

Esmeralda Contreras

Posted on 6/9/18 9:39:37 PM Permalink

I thought this would be a good way to promote that our campus offers free breakfast and lunch during the summer.

​Post 2

Esmeralda Contreras

Posted on 6/9/18 9:38:24 PM Permalink

​One of my personal favorite phrases...

​Post 1

Cindy Kringelis

Posted on 6/8/18 9:58:52 PM Permalink

I wanted to make a graphic for this quote because it is utterly ridiculous that I agree with it. I might put this as the background on my phone as a reminder to do a little more of what I know I should do.

Spark Post

Natalia Nouel

Posted on 6/6/18 1:28:02 AM Permalink

What i I was feeling, nothing to do with school memememe

Manolo Grajeda

Posted on 6/5/18 5:07:33 PM Permalink

Manolo Grajeda

Posted on 6/5/18 4:23:48 PM Permalink

Alex Budgell

Posted on 6/5/18 1:43:09 AM Permalink

My grade 12's are working on their final project of the year ,a lot of them have been accepted to college or university and I wanted to create a fun inspirational poster to help keep them motivated the last few weeks of high school.



Cindy Kringelis

Posted on 6/8/18 10:04:34 PM Permalink

Hi Alex -

You know when you do something cool like that, someone is going to ask how you did it. Care to share? Great job!


Ulka Tipnis

Posted on 6/4/18 6:13:15 AM Permalink

I teach Biology, but for this project, I decided to do something different. The prehistory of largest diamond like Kohinoor relates to the mythology and historical account of diamonds in ancient time

Prehistory of largest diamond - Kohinoor


Bonnie Bronleewe

Posted on 6/4/18 5:57:04 AM Permalink

A Day at the Beach... An Ocean of Memories...


​I started out thinking I would do the project about things I have seen and photographed at beaches near home and beaches I have traveled to. Tonight the project turned into memories about our Oregon beaches from my own childhood and how those memories were repeated in the lives of my children and are now being repeated in the lives of their children.

While I was considering what to do, I spent several days at the beach last week, creating new memories and photos, but all of the photos I used are from previous trips to the beach. Some were taken by my parents when I was very young, a couple were taken (probably) by my older sister, since I am in them, and the rest taken by me.

Of the 47 photos I used, 10 are taken with a digital camera. The rest, I had scanned from prints years ago, before I ever had a digital camera. I used Photoshop to edit some of the scanned photos, back when I first scanned them, and to crop the right side off of one to make it fit into the format of the page without losing so much of the left side of the image. No editing was done on the digital photos.

Adrian Cooper

Posted on 6/3/18 3:35:57 AM Permalink


telisa lewis

Posted on 6/1/18 11:02:19 PM Permalink


Adrian Cooper

Posted on 6/3/18 1:25:04 AM Permalink

Cute baby. You are so strong and received a beautiful surprise to show it.

Melody Volk

Posted on 5/31/18 2:36:41 PM Permalink

​Here is what I created from Post. My students come with the attitude that "I can't do that." I try to change that attitude.


Adrian Cooper

Posted on 6/3/18 1:26:48 AM Permalink

Nice job. Simple and creative.

Neal Evans

Posted on 5/29/18 10:42:56 AM Permalink

This is one I created to teach my collegues about using Adobe Spark​.


Adrian Cooper

Posted on 6/3/18 1:33:14 AM Permalink

Nice job. Reminds me of scrapbooking.

Kelly McMeeken

Posted on 5/29/18 12:49:04 AM Permalink

Mary Bell

Posted on 5/28/18 10:52:35 PM Permalink

lin sha

Posted on 5/28/18 10:47:43 PM Permalink

Vibhusha Nair

Posted on 5/27/18 7:25:35 AM Permalink


LaKesha Jones

Posted on 5/26/18 6:06:08 PM Permalink


LaKesha Jones

Posted on 5/26/18 5:53:43 PM Permalink


LaKesha Jones

Posted on 5/25/18 1:02:23 PM Permalink


telisa lewis

Posted on 5/24/18 8:45:52 PM Permalink


michael Logan

Posted on 5/23/18 7:34:38 PM Permalink

Anthony Maxwell

Posted on 5/23/18 6:31:09 PM Permalink

Stephanie Baier

Posted on 5/23/18 1:42:52 PM Permalink

​I have inspirational posters, that I have purchased, all over my classroom.

It was fun to create one in Spark. If I can transfer it to a solid medium, I will hang it in my classroom.


Monica Wolf

Posted on 5/19/18 9:41:23 PM Permalink

SPARK POST: I had fun creating some social media posts with this app. It's far easier than I expected. I was also able to download my brand logo and colors into the app to use on future projects which makes things a lot easier!​ SPARK PAGE was easy to figure out. I could see my business creating one informative page to share with potential guests coming to our resort to kick out in emails to guests wanting to learn more. For anyone in the Texas/Oklahoma are, check it and contact me if you would like to indulge on an upcoming getaway. Tanglewood Resort Sneak Peak

Elizabeth Wawrzyniak

Posted on 5/17/18 7:14:20 PM Permalink

Elizabeth Wawrzyniak

Posted on 5/17/18 5:33:38 PM Permalink

​Here's mine: https://spark.adobe.com/post/3q1wLoff92Nkm/

I really enjoy working with Spark Post. A lot of options for creating--the only problem is that sometimes I get lost in all the different ways I can design or arrange the different elements. A little to the left. Indent font. How opaque--too opaque, go back, go back!

Bonnie Bronleewe

Posted on 5/16/18 10:28:38 PM Permalink


I made several versions of this, trying out different photos, formats, and styles. I made this in the square instagram format, but I think it looks better in the taller instagram story format. I decided I liked it without any of the color filters.

I took the winter photo on a highway in SE Oregon in Nov 2017, using my Canon SL1 (while my husband was driving.)(Technically it's not a winter photo, but it worked better in this format than most of the snow photos I have from the previous winter when we had a lot of snow at in our part of the state.) The spring photo is of the dogwood in my front yard, taken this month with my Pixel 2 phone. The summer photo was of a wheat field near the Hillsboro, OR, airport, taken with my Canon SL1 while our family was watching the Hillsboro Air Show in July 2015. I took the autumn photo in Nov 2017, out my bedroom window, with my Pixel 2.

Diego Imas

Posted on 5/8/18 10:54:19 PM Permalink

Hi, there. Here's my story for today.


Iliana Chavez

Posted on 5/8/18 9:25:44 PM Permalink

​This is very easy to work with. I will definitely use it again.


Jennifer Pelzer

Posted on 5/8/18 4:01:38 PM Permalink

Jennifer Pelzer

Posted on 5/8/18 3:03:32 PM Permalink

Durga Raghavi T

Posted on 5/7/18 6:42:08 AM Permalink

Mary Bell

Posted on 5/6/18 9:56:26 PM Permalink

This was a very easy task, but I love the flexibility of this project. The ability to share it to different applications, such as Instagram, etc. I created this image to celebrate our staff having a million page views in Schoology. This is our second year with our new LMS, Schoology.

One Million Views

Heather Podbielski

Posted on 5/4/18 2:47:08 AM Permalink

I liked the ease of creating this post. ​


Diego Imas

Posted on 5/3/18 11:15:21 PM Permalink

Amy Bell

Posted on 5/3/18 4:22:54 PM Permalink

​I am loving Adobe Spark! I can see using this to create a presentation!


Amy Bell

Posted on 5/2/18 7:13:49 PM Permalink

beth hermes

Posted on 5/1/18 4:08:31 PM Permalink

Heather Podbielski

Posted on 4/25/18 1:40:00 AM Permalink

Finally got this finished. ​


Ann Rogers

Posted on 4/24/18 1:37:28 PM Permalink

​That was fun to make.


Heather Podbielski

Posted on 4/21/18 4:25:10 PM Permalink

​Finally! Here's mine.


Ann Rogers

Posted on 4/20/18 8:29:57 PM Permalink

Hoitung Leung

Posted on 4/16/18 4:17:25 AM Permalink

Hoitung Leung

Posted on 4/16/18 3:46:04 AM Permalink

Walt Justice

Posted on 4/13/18 6:45:19 PM Permalink

Walt Justice

Posted on 4/13/18 6:41:27 PM Permalink

Walt Justice

Posted on 4/12/18 1:56:52 PM Permalink

joseph kosma

Posted on 4/6/18 6:05:10 PM Permalink

​I wanted to be creative and make a short video for my daughters birthday to invite people rather than send out physical invitations. https://spark.adobe.com/video/g0tfqDKjZ5x7n

Tom Dahl

Posted on 4/11/18 10:54:52 PM Permalink

Nice touch. Hope your daughter had a great birthday party.

Jason Keiser

Posted on 4/6/18 2:36:47 PM Permalink

joseph kosma

Posted on 4/6/18 1:54:36 PM Permalink

Marilyn McAlister

Posted on 4/3/18 12:48:35 AM Permalink

​Here is my first story. Photo credits to my husband.


Marilyn McAlister

Posted on 4/3/18 12:14:29 AM Permalink

​I made a simple slideshow encouraging my students to exercise and be healthy.


Juanqui Rodríguez

Posted on 4/2/18 9:11:16 AM Permalink

I want to become an Adobe software teacher so I start creating my banner: ​https://spark.adobe.com/post/EA70O4USUaBZY/

Melissa White

Posted on 3/28/18 10:37:59 AM Permalink

Gondola Christchurch, NZ

Using Spark was a fun and ​exciting way to create a video. I am really looking forward to helping others create magic with this too! This is great! When a software program is fun, engaging and user friendly—you are able to put more of your energy and focus towards creativity.

Marilyn McAlister

Posted on 4/3/18 12:16:25 AM Permalink

I completely agree, Melissa. Creating with Adobe Spark is fun!!!​ Super user friendly and beautiful product.

Nathan Sanders

Posted on 3/27/18 7:43:40 PM Permalink

Marilyn McAlister

Posted on 4/3/18 12:18:58 AM Permalink

I love what you created, Nathan! It's visually appealing and easy to read. I like how you inserted the links. ​

Melissa White

Posted on 3/27/18 9:55:14 AM Permalink

Akaroa New Zealand

I enjoyed learning how to make a web page using Spark during this project and I know I will continue to create with this program. This is a great program that can be used with students to create reminders, reports, research...the possibilities are endless.

Melissa White

Posted on 3/27/18 7:08:23 AM Permalink


An inspirational poster. The first among many more to come I am sure. With this project I used a photo that was provided by Spark to go with my text and design. I had never used spark before and was surprised as to how easy it was to use. Looking forward to creating more projects with Adobe Spark.

Rebekah Grow

Posted on 3/26/18 6:45:56 PM Permalink

Marilyn McAlister

Posted on 4/3/18 12:21:19 AM Permalink

I love it!!! A great tribute to an amazing band. #ILoveThe80s​

Rebekah Grow

Posted on 3/26/18 3:32:58 PM Permalink

Rebekah Grow

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giovanna iannicelli

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Digital Lie

I created this to introduce students to the task 'digital lie'.

Marilyn McAlister

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I like how your presentation became an instructional video. I'd love to see some student samples.​

giovanna iannicelli

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Andy Findlay

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Andy Findlay

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​My Adobe Spark Project using images from a recent wedding I shot.


Laura Nester

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Create a Beautiful Web Story:

Here is my Spark glideshow. I decided to focus on my twins' visit to see Santa Clause.


Laura Nester

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Create a Stunning Graphic:

Here is my first Spark Project for this class. I chose an image that I thought represented something challenging. I then changed the text, added a square inside the image for the text, and altered the coloring. This was really fun. I can definitely see using this in the classroom. One idea is having students read a book and then come up with a theme or quote that sums up the book.


Marilyn McAlister

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Nice work, Laura. I completely agree. I love the idea of creating a poster that represents the theme or a quote students connected with. I'm wondering if the images can be uploaded onto a collaborative Google slide deck?

Brianna Smith

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​my spark project


David Barragán

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​my spark video project


Marilyn McAlister

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Mi gusto su video. I happen to love The Noun Project. Nice job giving credits. ​

David Barragán

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Marilyn McAlister

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Mucho gusto, David. This provided a nice snapshot of your school, activities, tools, and students. It looks like a fabulous place to learn and grow.​

David Barragán

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Robert Bourgeois

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Rene Pantoja

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Ken Reiss

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My post


Anita Lambert

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My Spark Page:


Carol Lorigan

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Gerjan te Velde

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​Your message is only as good as your ability to share it


Ruth E Manlandro

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I created a poster for the Fashion Show that I work every two years.


Julie Hyatt

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Here is my Adobe Spark Project. I had a blast making it! It was so easy to do. I can see so many possibilities for so many different grade levels or types of learners. I can't wait to go in and show other teachers this amazing tool!


Dan Ross

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Rachael George

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Shelly Wheat

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My post


Kimberly Dynia

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​While this ​Spark Page isn't a finished product quite yet, I could see using this as a way to introduce or review content. Students could also create one as a review before a test.

Kimberly Dynia

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​Every year I take my 6th grade Advanced Geography students on a hiking trip to the Blue Ridge. Spark posts could be used to make purposeful marketing images for social media that help brand the school more than photographs on their own.

​Check mine out here!

Brian Davis

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A page about my visit to the home of James Madison.


Brian Davis

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William Oesch

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​Here is a post I made for my classroom.

View ​here​

Jose Pause Carrero

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Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I have created a learning journal of my process to better explain my process and method. Thank you for your support, please stay blessed.


Sarah Wilson

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Jose Pause Carrero

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Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I have created the themed those that aid our creativity. Which was I supposed for the instructors but I feel we always get our props. this time I have directed my gratitude towards Adobe and its great creative cloud. In understanding what I have viewed in the classroom the insight, suggestions, and ideas outlined to help us in the learning curve as our students approach the digital transition. I took advantage of the services provided as well as my own resources letting the image support and project the message. thank you for viewing and please stay blessed.


Melinda Larson-Horne

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Tanya McAnally

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​As a computer teacher, I am super excited about Adobe Spark. I created a post and a page and I am excited to have my students use Spark for different projects.


Dave Sharp

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A create way to create those posts seen on social media that look so professional and current.​

Jose Pause Carrero

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Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I have created the slideshow as a portfolio presentation of my work. In hopes to get the artist in the classroom inspired by creating a portfolio web space with glide for interesting effects to your presentation. This is also the stepping stone to get them into the practice of using Adobe Spark to take their work to the next level a digitally creative level. Creating that spark is like shooting to the stars where we aim for our children's futures to be. This can be used as a layout to fill out classroom assignments in the same manner. The idea is to replace with your assignment based work expressing your process in the details providing your process. The instructors look for the concepts of following instructions and analyzing the depth and understanding of the work posted. The ideas are limitless to each and every subject decided on to express.


Jose Pause Carrero

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Hello, I hope all is well as for myself I have created a link to share my work on the Adobe Spark Page. A suggested poster for the back space of the classroom also a splash to inspire our students in classroom email updates something relative to the subject. In which we would with the background everyone may have their own depiction of what the quote means to them. I either got from Mr. Hodgeson or his inspiration throughout the courses gave birth to the quote. I think it works well and suits the need for the message projected. Working on the Adobe Spark was very simple and streamlined from navigation to integration of third-party uploads (google Pics) when it came to searching for an image, also the option to upload from your hard drive. Please enjoy and share your thoughts I'd love to hear what you think?