Maria Aceituno
Instructional Designer

Content Creation Help

Hi all,

I have had this on my mind for a while and I wanted to put here to see if it has steam. I like to create digital content to fill gaps in teaching and learning. I know many people come here to look for and upload lessons/tutorials. My problem so far has been in figuring out what is missing that I could create. I don't want to waste time searching for an idea I have had to see if content for it already exists. I was hoping there was an easier way that we could identify what kinds of things are missing here so those of us who want to help you out can, basically a help us help you scenario. How would you suggest we, along with Adobe, could help identify the areas of need in order to generate more content that educators need? (filters, callouts, surveys)

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  • Adobe Stock

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  • Audition

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  • Adobe Creative Cloud

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Leona Guidace

Posted on 11/8/19 5:18:22 PM Permalink

​Hello Maria, What segment of education do you serve; K-5, middle school, high school, job training, college, other? Which disciplines do you teach? What type of resource would you be inclined to search for? Once we clarify variables, we might identify what exists already and then what you'd prefer to create to fill.

Maria Aceituno

Posted on 11/8/19 6:14:03 PM Permalink

I work at the university level now but have also worked in k-8​. I have taught math and science but am not currently a classroom teacher, I train teachers now :)