Russell Pritchard
Senior Teaching Content Development Officer

Any good Online courses for After Effects?

Can anyone recommend a good online training course for Adobe After Effects

  • After Effects

    Create motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web.

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Mike Turner

Posted on 7/2/19 6:08:07 AM Permalink

​Hey Russell,

Not sure if you're specifically looking for free courses, however, I used to be a subscriber to a site called and they have courses there. I found the courses I did on Indesign and Illustrator outstanding. They are very easy to follow and include all files to use in your projects as you go along.

He has lots of videos from his courses on Youtube so you can "try before you buy"'s one from his motion graphics course.

kerry parrish

Posted on 6/30/19 12:30:39 AM Permalink

​I just completed a Master Class in Illustrator from Yes, I'm a Designer. I know that they offer one for Premiere.

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 7/1/19 12:26:35 AM Permalink

Thanks Kerry,m

Appreciate that.


Dean Utian

Posted on 6/29/19 11:32:55 AM Permalink

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 6/29/19 12:28:02 PM Permalink

Thanks Dean, appreciate that

Leona Guidace

Posted on 6/29/19 1:50:14 AM Permalink

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 6/29/19 12:28:35 PM Permalink

Hi Leona,

I will look at that first thing Monday morning.

Thank you!