Sara Cubberley
Supervisor of Art

Teacher License Recertification + EdEx Courses

I am a teacher in Virginia and relatively new to the Education Exchange. If I sign up for a course, which states that you receive a certificate for 25 points, if this will count toward teacher license renewal (specifically in Virginia)? Has anyone used the EdEx courses for their teacher licensure renewal / recertification?

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Sara Cubberley

Posted on 10/31/19 7:46:24 PM Permalink

​To give everyone an update who might stumble across this thread.... When the instructors review your coursework and you "graduate" a course, you receive an email with a digital badge and a certificate. The certificate specifically says the name of the course, the dates of the course, and that it was "X" number of hours. After speaking to my own district, those points count toward teacher re-certification. I am sure this could vary from state to state and from district to district, so definitely check with your licensure specialist before banking on the points from a course certificate.