Russell Pritchard
Senior Teaching Content Development Officer

ADOBE Aero is here (Augmented Reality)

Just to remind everyone that the ADOBE Aero app is finally here.!

After being lucky enough to Beta test this App it runs beautifully and we have easily been able to develop interactive learning spaces for Medical Students here at Monash University.

It’s clear that AR is going to play an increasingly large and central role in medicine and medical education in the years to come. Devices like the HoloLens and Oculus Rift are hitting their stride as they become more affordable and as developers provide a wider range of content for them.

Download the App Here:


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Suzanne Brodsky

Posted on 1/6/20 3:18:06 AM Permalink

​Hi Russell...I've signed up to take the Augmented Reality class that starts Jan. 12 through the Exchange. I have a friend who works for a hospital. I'm sure she'd be interested to hear the role AR can play in her work environment. Thanks for doing the testing! I'm sure it will be a great class.

Russell Pritchard

Posted on 1/6/20 11:06:50 PM Permalink

Thanks Suzanne,

You will find the class really interesting.


Suzanne Brodsky

Posted on 1/22/20 3:13:05 AM Permalink

​Hi Russell,

I recently finished the class in AR. I found it interesting, although I'm not sure how I could apply this to a more practical purpose. All the videos that I saw through Adobe show AR being used by artists. It's nice, but I'd like to see how I could actually use it for something real. I'd like to be able to write content that incorporates the use of Augmented Reality (for instance, lesson plans, scripts, videos), but I need more inspiration. Would you be willing to send me a link to any of the work you've done so I could see a more practical use for it? I'd also be curious to see how you used Adobe Substance. Creating 3D characters, scenes and scriptwriting are all things that I enjoy and I would like to learn more. If there is anything that you can share, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!