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I teach at a small University that does not currently have a student publication. Apparently several have tried but were not successful. There isn't a budget but students need an outlet for expression and experience. I would like to get a "publish online" or PDF publication up and running. I am looking for words of wisdom in pitching this to the current administration as well as student publication success stories at your institutions.

Thank you in advance.

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Lauren Petiti

Posted on 10/10/19 6:05:33 PM Permalink

​What about one of the social media sites, or an online portfolio?

Kim Clark

Posted on 9/23/19 4:09:17 PM Permalink

Thank you for the response. Adobe spark is great for learning journals and newsletter type publications, but these University students need real-world design, photo and writing experience through InDesign, Lightroom and Photoshop. ​They need to build it from the ground up, to create stylesheets and master pages, etc... They need to experience the deadline driven experience in creating meaningful content. Unfortunately, the practical how-to isn't the issue, it's getting others onboard with the need for the experience.

Sara Cubberley

Posted on 9/24/19 12:26:06 AM Permalink

I get what you’re saying. Have you pitched your idea yet or are you still formulating? My best thought would be to gather input from the students that want to do the publication— like what the mission of the publication is and why it is an asset to the university. If the students are passionate about it, then the people that you need to pitch to should see it’s value. Can you pitch the idea alongside students?

Sara Cubberley

Posted on 9/22/19 7:06:42 PM Permalink

I used to sponsor a student-printed publication created in Adobe InDesign. Because cost was high on the printed book, we also PDF’d the file and posted it online. A program like Adobe Spark (spark pages) seems perfect for your needs, and ​because it is so easy to use, you can spend more time on content rather than layout. If I went back to doing the publication, that’s what I would do!

Alper Ciftci

Posted on 9/7/19 11:35:02 AM Permalink

Adobe Spark?​