Clint Balsar
Communication/Media Arts Teacher

Adobe Creative Cloud for Schools

I am looking for anyone who has recently had their school purchase a license for the Creative Cloud. I am a staff member in a new school that is opening this year and am looking for the best option for adopting Adobe software for the new technology lab.  From my research, I have learned that there are 4 methods of purchase (subscription) for the Cloud based software and it is appearing that the Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) would work for our needs and be the most cost effective. Do any of your schools subscribe under that agreement? What are the benefits and limitations you have found?  I already know that it will not give us access to the added services of the CC, such as storage, Behance and Fonts from Typekit.  The cost reduction seems to be worth it for our purposes, but your feedback would be really appreciated.

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Scott Winland

Posted on 3/11/16 3:11:36 AM Permalink

Hi Clint,

What did you end up doing here? We are about to start using cloud-based software in our labs.


Tyler Dockery

Posted on 5/13/15 9:38:49 PM Permalink

Depending on the number of copies needed, a "site license" can be expensive but very fulfilling. Our school hosts over 200 lab computers and 50+ individual teachers requesting the use. Depending on the type you need, you might be able to simply order the copies or you might get a site license cheaper.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/10/14 3:51:01 PM Permalink

Hi Clint,

I do not handling this for my school but I see this question asked a lot. I would suggest searching the discussion boards with the keyword "CC" you might have to scroll down a bit but you should find some answers or at least others asking the same questions.