Nancy Parker
Educational Consultant

Acrobat using Educators

I would like to know what educators would like to see in Adobe Acrobat Pro in the future.

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Pam Jimison

Posted on 7/28/14 4:34:11 PM Permalink

Hi Jody,

I clicked your link for the tutorials but there are so many to sift through I did not find one on the interactive functions. I'd love to learn how to create PDFs with the interactive features. Do you have a more detailed link?

fabio oliveira

Posted on 10/23/13 6:06:36 PM Permalink

I use the Pro but would like to see a video format support for tablets with reader.

Pam Jimison

Posted on 10/22/13 10:02:25 PM Permalink

I've never used it for anything except as a Reader! ahh. I need to be educated in this!

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 9/11/13 12:12:46 AM Permalink

I use Pro for a lot of my own work, but not a lot with students. Making portfolios is nice - but since I teach art, Adobe's has been a better option for that. For a future Acrobat feature, I would like to clone/improve an innovative ebook maker app like iBooks Author that allows easier insertion of interactive content and make an Adobe-esque app. There's a feature I would love to see in Acrobat. Maybe there is an Adobe app out there - I just don't know about it. I know I can make eBooks, but I don't know any way that makes easy interactive content like iBooks Author.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 9/12/13 10:35:26 PM Permalink

Great suggestion Aaron. I agree that is a feature that will be very valuable for educators and students.

Jody Campbell

Posted on 7/28/14 4:06:55 PM Permalink

Hi Aaron,

I use Acrobat Pro to create interactive PDFs for use in the class room. All of my quizzes, diagnostics, self grading rubrics that are sent back to the students, surveys and much more. Acrobat offers many interactive functions for PDFs like bookmarking, voiceover, form fields, buttons, and much, much more...the following might be helpful,

Nancy Parker

Posted on 9/1/13 7:10:32 PM Permalink

Ok, there must be some educators that use Adobe Acrobat Pro, where are you? I am amazed that so many educators do not know the power that Acrobat Pro offers to create educational materials and deploy easily with a "free" reader. I love the application.