Creativity in classroom

I find that creativity is best triggered for children (in Grade 7) when students'energy is channelized by capturing their attention with an anchor - a story,a question,a poem, a picture,an advertisement, an activity and then gently direct them to discuss ideas ,empahsize on their writing down the ideas however fantastic/wierd it may seem.For some sessions I encourage individual creative expression and for some sessions,I encourage a collective creative expression.A lot however depends on how well we plan our sessions and how enthusiastic we are when we deliver it in the classroom and reflect on the session if the learning outcomes matched our plan of action.

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Cheryl Wegscheid

Posted on 5/22/14 3:50:08 AM Permalink

My grade 7 students are very curious and willing to work on quite intense lessons and tasks when they see "value" to them whether there's a personal, peer driven or self-interest connection. They love making tutorial videos to share their knowledge with others, as well. We spend a reasonable amount of time taking about process and they are able to help select, structure/scaffold a range of focuses to keep them analyzing and justifying their choices.

Valery Keibler

Posted on 5/8/14 8:35:10 PM Permalink

There is existing research which might help explain the differences you see in your classroom. You mentioned your enthusiasm...which is a great start to engaging your students. Your students might take your enthusiasm and take the lead that is it "safe" to try to experiment with your ideas. When you take the risk away from your students....the risk of getting in trouble for failing...or just trying something new. Maybe that also playing into the outcome. I guess you need to make "safe enthusiasm"!

Mark Finlayson

Posted on 4/10/14 9:14:46 AM Permalink

My students love being challenged with new ideas/techniques. I'm constantly amazed at how a 10 minute demonstration of a technique in Photoshop can result in a dozen fresh works being shared the next day...with no compulsory requirement to do so.

Ana Laura Gomes

Posted on 3/22/14 9:58:00 PM Permalink

very nice! children are naturally curious. nowadays, they are much more exposed to different stimulus. cheers!

Jayanthi Sridhar

Posted on 3/23/14 6:46:05 AM Permalink

Thanks Ana -It does work out well even when the numbers are large.