Lukas Engqvist
Media Teacher

Is it possible to start a teach geek group?

I may be in a minority wanting to digg really deep into software but there are some things that are difficult to grasp and therefore also difficult to teach. I would like to find who else is at the developing teaching resources to teach the tough graphic features and concepts.

In this reagard I am talking of using the advanced features in Adobe software and relating technologies.

How do you teach GREP or Variable data? How do you craft reasonable excursuses for using XML and datasets with Illustrator? What do you consider best practice in colour management? How do you explain ICC conversions and Total Area Coverage… or dot gain (TVI)? Do you introduce layout grids in InDesign? Do you teach how to convert a brand profile in InDesign to a word template document? How deep do you go into character and paragraph styles? What things can be learned by tutorials and what things need to be taught? Are these skills too deep? Am I too ambitious? I believe we need to give our students tools to work smarter, and that means using the (Adobe) software to the fullest… they can learn to work smarter than those already working in the industry. (Not so worried about many Photoshop things there are so many tutorials on Ps out there)

Probably some of these things could result in PD series or other resources… but I would love to work on such things as a team rather than so them on my own.

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Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 1/4/18 5:50:27 PM Permalink

​Sorry haven't followed this up… would reccoment the ​InDesign Secrets Facebook group until a time that we figure out how to do this in a forum, great for learning the software or getting support, but what I miss there is discussing how to teach the skills.

Dominique StGermain

Posted on 8/25/15 10:32:07 PM Permalink

I'd be in too!

Rene Sanchez

Posted on 7/22/15 1:02:07 AM Permalink

So, any updates Lukas? Have you been able to get any feedback from anyone at Adobe on creating something like this? If you need help in trying to get something started you can email me directly at I'm also on Twitter @breathingfirewd.

Let me know, because I think this would be a promising PD or even a series of workshops that would really help a lot of our students and our trainer community.

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 3/9/16 6:48:12 PM Permalink

Sorry I was almost drowning making the Publishing course. Hard to develop everything at once. I hope that the Publishing course will be a base that we can develop to a deeper level. We did talk about it in the meetings in Rotterdam last year.

I'm thinking an "open office" connect room where those who want to can chatt or share would be nice, but my administrative skills to line up speakers are zero. :(

Lukas Engqvist

Posted on 7/20/15 9:39:51 PM Permalink

Thanks for your responses. I will see how it is possible to create a Special Interest group in the education exchange, or if it is possible to use the professional Development module. I'll get back when I know how it could work.

Rene Sanchez

Posted on 6/4/15 10:24:23 PM Permalink

I am also very intrigued by this idea Lukas. If anything gets started, you can count me in also if a group comes to fruition!!

Eliot Attridge

Posted on 6/1/15 1:24:10 AM Permalink

I also think this is a good idea. A lot of the AEE courses are for beginners, there needs to be a way to extend- to delve deeper into the possibilities for the software used.

Your comment about tutorials is important. Tutorials alone aren't going to be as useful as when combined with feedback (although compared to nothing at all they are great- it's just there is a bigger learning curve involved!)

Sjaani van den Berg

Posted on 5/28/15 12:20:44 AM Permalink

I like the idea of this Lukas. Count me in if a group is created.