Laurie Myers
Art Educator

Professional Websites

Do you believe it is important for a college student to develop a professional website to attract future employers? Or would an online portfolio be better? 

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Jody Campbell

Posted on 8/3/14 2:30:15 PM Permalink

I agree it really depends on the field of study of the student. If major is web based like an IT student then a website makes sense but a portfolio may be a better fit for culinary students to showcase their work.

Dawnette Brenner

Posted on 7/14/14 8:31:30 PM Permalink


Great question! I believe it would depend on the college career path they chose, as some have said here already, if they are IT related a nice website with their portfolio should suffice. If they aren't in the Business, Marketing or IT field I would recommend a high profile portfolio, one designed in Adobe products. They really have the best products for such a feat.

Bill Weber

Posted on 7/11/14 9:58:03 PM Permalink

Hi Laurie,

I would do both. In fact, I think their online portfolio should have the feel of a professional website.


sandro c mendes

Posted on 7/8/14 3:44:59 AM Permalink

Laurie, if this student is the area of IT, a website for sure, but for anyone looking at other professional future, an online portfolio is enough!

... or hire a web designer for job! =P

Melinda Cowen

Posted on 7/7/14 10:54:29 PM Permalink

Hi Laurie:

I have been working with high school students on professional websites for about 5 years. The professional website gives the student more of an opportunity to tell a story about themselves, their current work, their skills, and their future aspirations. A portfolio is fine and an important step especially if their work is visual. But, if they have concepts they wish to share or want to give a well-rounded view of themselves, I think a website is more powerful. P.S. - They should also have a portfolio for those future employers who only want to see their work.

Tony Bolder

Posted on 7/7/14 9:16:58 PM Permalink

Hi Laurie, personally I would advocate the development of a professional website to any student of that age. Also to make use of a digital portfolio as a backup measure. The availability of resources for this form of self-promotion is immense, and varied, and I'm sure would impress any potential employer. I always try to state the advantages of these digital portfolios to my students, and get them to try and lean on self-promotion as a tool to their future.

Herb Dunmore

Posted on 7/7/14 8:18:58 PM Permalink

I believe that it is important to have a student develop a professional website, or at least a functional website that works on traditional computer and mobile devices. Of course, this depends on the student's major/area of study. I teach student in digital media/broadcast journalism. They are strongly encouraged to purchase their domain name early and update their website throughout their college years.

Having the online portfolio, again depending on the major, is good for networking and is a strong supplement to the website. I have seen students do well from use of both.