Bethany Dutton
Media, IT Teacher

Muse and its use

Hey Guys 

I have only recently discovered Muse I was wondering if anyone could tell me particularly in senior school where the use Muse and where they still use Dreamweaver?


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Phil Feain

Posted on 8/20/15 6:17:22 AM Permalink

Hi Bethany - We teach Dreamweaver at Years 9 - 12. Our licensing agreement will change with Adobe soon and we will finally have Muse as part of our package. I am aiming to teach it to Year 7s and 8s, maybe a little at Year 9. Dreamweaver will still be in at Years 10 - 12. We tend to introduce HTML and CSS at Year 10. Students can struggle with scripting before this. However, we are also planning on introducing programming at Year 7 and this might assist the students to pick up scripting skills sooner rather than later.