What are some best practices while doing research?

While doing eLearning there always isn't the quick access to a local library and most research is done online. What are some ways of preforming research? Meaning, what are some ways of keeping track of research that was collected (aside from taken hand written notes), to quickly access when it is needed? And are there any other sites that have found to be useful when preforming research aside from the regular Bing, Google, or Yahoo?

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Terry Marsh

Posted on 7/27/13 9:02:36 PM Permalink


Depending on the type of research that you're in, there are a number of sites that will direct you to scholarly research conducted by academics. Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic are two such sites, but college and university libraries also offer free access to a wealth of online research data bases such as Academic Search Complete.

shur harewood

Posted on 3/1/13 12:48:43 AM Permalink

Having a Pinterest account has been useful for quickly collecting images and getting students to use them as mood boards for idea generation. Scoop it or are great web curation tools of sites you like and create web based newspaper type layout based on the opening title.