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Posted on Feb 22, 2014 by Ahmed Ali Moselhi Latest activity: Nov 24, 2014

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fostering your learning process to meet Learning outcomes is really important. after getting inside the class, close the door i feel like me and students are totally isolated away from outside life. it is like building a virtual lesson in student minds individually, i admit there are some of my student goes out of lesson sight but monitoring dose help.

- Articulating my Knowledge: Simple context, Inspirational words and motivated examples.

- Confidence-building showcase: Inline samples, concept art, Adobe Products to final

- Experience Simulation: prepare a concept, open Adobe program and start develop the concept using interface tools, some tips and tricks, use the Tool-features variation to ignite creativity.

- Booming Practice: surprise them with imaginative inspirational small task, don't forget to prepare required materials.

- Monitor Creativity level while executing your practice and balance students' level using influencing messages and don't mention any one.

- Critique Session: by the end of class show the students' work and start a positive critique session, be sure you are orienting the direction of opinions and results development.

Do you have and suggestions?

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Jessica Gauci

Posted on Nov 24, 2014 11:24 AM - Permalink

Good post, I am following myself for ideas. Thank you :)

Colin Byers

Posted on Nov 23, 2014 10:48 PM - Permalink

Art boards -

As students progress through my course I have them build an Art board or e-book to document their growth and to comment on their creative process. I got the idea from New Zealand, take a look at some of the examples from there on their website:

Exhibition - I also ensure that completed student work is viewed by the public in some way (art gallery, local event, campus tv, flickr site, etc...). Often we have an actual client (often within the school or community) who some of our work is being developed for, this I feel brings a greater level of onus on the students to revise and improve their work.

Tony Bolder

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 10:26 AM - Permalink

I tend to hold focus group sessions once a week for around 10 minutes, as this works in getting students to engage in discussions based on what they are working on. This form of communication also allows for exchanges of ideas, technology and design methods.