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Saving a WEB SLATE

One of my issues with Slate is I have not been able to 'archive' student work.

For classroom use the Adobe cloud storage is great. No problems there. But for University Admin reasons I have to store an archive copy of student work on our local systems.

But I have discovered you can save a Slate! If you right click a Slate Page in Chrome you can:

RIGHT CLICK PAGE > SAVE AS [Web Page Complete]

This gives you an HTML file and a folder of resources.


I have only just started to play so I may be missing stuff. But I thought I would share this as a 'feature' - as it makes Slate so much more useable for formal student assessment.

Note. It seems to store locally provided images but link across to searched images? Ideally it would contain everything. More exploration I think.

I add a ZIP of my Edex Creative Commons Resource.

It would be great if this 'feature' was part of Slate - like the ability to save a video from Voice to your Camera Roll.

What do you think?


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Ben Forta

Posted on 11/10/15 1:02:38 PM Permalink

The real solution to saving student work is to allow a printable (or PDF) version. This is something that is frequently requested, and it's on the list of features to be considered in the future.

--- Ben

Ian Upton

Posted on 11/10/15 4:03:27 PM Permalink

That would be PERFECT! Please add my vote for that feature! :-)

Anna Wos

Posted on 11/9/15 7:32:22 PM Permalink

Ian, it's a very useful find - thank you.

I agree with Ben, but it all depends why you would like to use Slate offline. It can be helpful when you want to assess students' work with a guarantee that it hasn't been changed after the submission deadline (short time after being created - so the changes in browsers will not impact the quality of work itself).


Ian Upton

Posted on 11/10/15 8:50:51 AM Permalink

Agree Anna. See longer comment below!

Ben Forta

Posted on 11/9/15 5:06:15 PM Permalink

Ian, yes, you can indeed save as a web page. But (yep, there's a but, sorry) ...

Voice and Slate are different, Voice can export a movie and the movie will still play in the future, but Slate relies on web browsers, and those keep changing. You can imagine a Slate story looking good now but breaking in the future on a different or newer browser. We've gone to extreme lengths to ensure that Slate stories look good on all devices and OSs and browsers, and that's not a trivial task, we need to continuously update and tweak CSS and layout and more as browsers change, for example.

So, yes, you can take the stories offline, but if you do so there is a real risk that something may not display properly in the future if we've updated or fixed something server-side and you saved it all offline without those changes.

That's not to say you shouldn't save offline, just be aware of this potential issue.

--- Ben

Ian Upton

Posted on 11/10/15 8:50:24 AM Permalink

Hi Ben,

Yes! You are quite right! And thank you for raising this. This is something we should all be clear on...

Although appearing 'clean and simple' I suspect the CSS behind a Slate is quite complex. And, of course, it is operating in an environment which is constantly evolving. An example. Try viewing a Slate on Windows Explorer (as a Mac user I use Chrome and Safari). I am not using the latest version (so it may look fine on the latest iterations) but on both the desktop and mobile versions I have seen you will see a very different formatting. The background pictures appear before the content!

So my 'save' works but there is no guarantee it will display as intended or as it appears now indefinitely.

That said, and echoing Anna W's point above, if we ask students to use Slate for assessed submissions, we need a way of capturing student work submitted at a deadline and a way of referring to that work for moderation and other formal admin processes. This 'trick' gives me that!

But it is not perfect. If you view the local files disconnected from the internet much of the visual Slate is missing. Try it with my 'zip' (see post above)! No background pictures or profile appear for example.

I do not think there is an easy solution. Maybe there is not a solution. But if anyone has more thoughts or ideas I am guessing there is a lot of us who would welcome the input!

Great observation Ben.

Thank you!