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Gaming in Educational iBooks

Hey you gamification educators!

I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate with me on a subject-specific math iBook for 5th graders?  I am specifically looking for someone to create a math game using Edge Animate that could be converted into a widget and can be used within my new book on fractions, decimals and exponents. If desired, maybe more than one... It would be very cool if one of your students were able to do it! What a great way to get these young kids interested in the field of gamification.

Making games within content books is a great way to keep kids focused and on task because it stimulates their curiosity and makes it fun for them.

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Ahmed Belal

Posted on 11/28/18 9:11:17 PM Permalink

​Thanks for sharing

Brian Dawson

Posted on 11/12/13 1:59:57 PM Permalink

Hi Nancy,

I'll put it out again, but to answer your question, yes. Mike Skocko has a student that is working with me to create a game widget for my Fractions & Decimals iBook. So far, Dominic (his student) has created a valuable conversion widget using Edge that I have already put into my iBook, but it isn't really a game. He is now working on version 2 which has some great potential. We're looking for a name for it which is modeled after the old "Frogger" game (crossing the road…). He has some great ideas, and I believe that kids teaching kids is a terrific way to motivate and excite students. So far, it looks good. His blog relates his strategies and progress, if you're interested:

Love to have comments….


Nancy Parker

Posted on 11/11/13 11:59:08 PM Permalink

I think this is a great idea but at this time I do not have any students working with Edge Animate. Did you ever get any participants from this forum to participate? Do you have any samples? I believe that this could be a great springboard to get buy in for teachers wanting to request funding for Edge.