marcia blanco

Idea for a Project That Will Open My Student's Horizons

Hi Folks!

I teach digital media in a tiny tech school in waaay north Vermont. I have students who have never been on an interstate, much less out of the State. I'm looking for ways to broaden their horizons and learn to work with student's from other places and cultures. I'm a bit stumped for an idea though. Anybody got any ideas out there and the band width to use Skype (or maybe Adobe Connect)?

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ellen flaherty

Posted on 11/18/16 1:53:42 AM Permalink

​Hi Marcia.

​Reach the World may a resource you could use. Perhaps you could then have what they are learning about geography and culture and turn that into digital media projects...


Mary Beth Liller

Posted on 11/9/16 9:42:05 PM Permalink

Hi Marcia,

I wonder if you could find another school in a different country that would be willing to do a cultural exchange? I'm sure you could find another educator here. Have students come up with a series of questions that would be the same for both groups? You could use Adobe Connect or Skype. Have students create a travel poster, commercial, or project that could promote the other country using products from Adobe Creative Cloud? I hope this makes sense?

Good Luck,

Mary Beth