Geraldine Buteyn
Art instructor

Access recording?

I'm new to the Exchange. . . how do I access the recording of Sept 29 for preliminary work for the latest class?

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Rajesh Krishnan

Posted on 10/6/13 4:51:32 AM Permalink

I understand the demanding efforts of having a webinar being hosted even after the live event, I am sure, key take home points can be included as a capsule along with the learning steps would benefit those who missed the webinar or needs to revisit the topic.


Geraldine Buteyn

Posted on 10/4/13 1:39:03 AM Permalink

Thanks, but I tried that. This is what I read on the home page about the prelim work:

Week 1: Welcome and Getting Started Before we start the course we would have some short tasks for you to complete in order to know some key information about the participants. We also require a little light reading and watching aimed at stimulating and provoking your interest.

I'm not finding any real information on what the "short tasks" and "light reading" are. ???

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/4/13 8:39:14 PM Permalink

You need to start the first week's workshop by clicking on the first step in the workshop. As you complete each step, click the I have completed this step button at the bottom of the step, which will automatically move you through the content. Then you'll see the tasks and readings.

Adobe Education

Posted on 10/3/13 3:18:03 PM Permalink