Damien Soukhavong
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How do you implement technical topics to students with fun?

I'd like to know what are your ways to teach technical topics to your students (who mostly hates studying in my case), when it isn't fun at all (like the current economy behaviors).

By reading mails given once someone answers a subscribed thread in Adobe EdEx, I thought adding regularly related side-effects could be a great way in such specific teaching to make sure my students remember in a specific technical topic.

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This question is general, but in my specific case it would be following these conditions:

  • Slow learning students (very slight "insignificant" mental disorder proven)
  • Classes of 5 to 10 students
  • K-12 like level
  • Subject: Economics
  • Time: 1 hour per session

What would be the advices you'd give me? (and what would be your general answer?)

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