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I am looking for an Adobe CC workshop that focuses on CC in depth. I am currently using and teaching Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects. Would love to learn more about Animate, Story and more!!! My ISD is based out of Texas and would like to be able to attend one in Texas if all possible!

Thank you!!

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Tim Johnson

Posted on 5/3/17 3:10:14 PM Permalink

​Hi Lindsay,

I realize this is a late post and you may not see it, but did you ever find an Adobe CC workshop? I'm also a teacher here in Texas and am looking for a summer conference.

Adobe Education

Posted on 4/14/17 8:31:53 PM Permalink

​Hi Lindsay,

Have you considered the online courses here on the AEE: You can work with your district and see if they would accept them for PD hours. There are also self-paced workshops: You can also find an authorized training center in your area: as well as Adobe Certified Experts:

​The AEE Team

Tammy Moore

Posted on 4/11/17 1:41:09 AM Permalink

If you cannot find a workshop, let me know. I might be able to help. I teach online, so I have an online classroom to share some tips if you need some help. We moved our project to a new server and an LMS upgrade last year which has had me spending a lot of my time on the core course rebuilds, but I plan to get to my Adobe course rebuilds this summer.

I work with Adobe Captivate (rapid e-learning development tool that is not part of Creative Cloud, but extremely useful for education), Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, Audition, and Dreamweaver. I use the tools to create illustrations and interactive lessons for our courses. You can see my Behance portfolio at It is the e-learning group for that link. Click on the link for my profile in the right sidebar to see other groups. You can get a sense of what work I do and see if it fits into your broader goals for your own learning and courses.