William Wong

Usage of Tablets and Smartphones in the Classroom

Have your schools or districts set specific policies around the usage of Tablets and Smartphones for the classroom or is it up to the individual teachers to set those policies?

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Eleonora González

Posted on 7/31/13 1:58:14 AM Permalink

I work teaching teenagers, I think that is different when the students are in college. I have most the same experience that Nancy. In my work, they are integrating technology, but for the moment has not been able to effectively and exclusiveness use for the purposes we want. But I think it is a path that must go through.

Nancy Parker

Posted on 7/16/13 11:41:00 PM Permalink

Schools are already playing catch-up with the students in implementing smart phones and tablets. The students are in the lead as far as understanding how to use the devices. Sadly, the students are using them more for entertainment than for education.

Quinto Martin

Posted on 7/23/13 6:35:04 PM Permalink

This is not always the case. I work for Seton Hill university and we have implemented a mobile technology plan (including the initial iPad for everyone) in 2010. We have a successful technology and faculty development program (called Elite Training) for faculty and students support. I am the faculty developer who has developed and implemented the training for faculty and students and I have seen quite the opposite. It would be a bad idea to suggest that students are ahead of the curve in technology. Through my experience from the beginning of this rollout we had the same thoughts initially but, that has definetly changed! There are many more students who need support and help with technology. Many times they are afraid to speak up out of embarrassment or peer pressure. To combat this, we have implemented both faculty and student support training in all areas of technology. If we move on the assumption that the students will always know more than the faculty, we will be cheating our students out of valuable services that they may need.

Take a look at a few of the articles below to see what we have done. />

David Olinger

Posted on 3/7/13 4:19:42 PM Permalink

Unfortunately, in my school we have yet to integrate tablets. The administration is looking into it and I certainly hope that they provide professional development to us to integrate it.

William Wong

Posted on 2/22/13 8:13:37 PM Permalink