Eliot Attridge
AEL, Head of Science & Director of Innovative Learning

Unusual ways we use Widgets in Adobe Muse

I'm on the Adobe Generation Pro Web Design course and posted a similar question on the course forum but I thought I could open this up to all you AEErs 

If you use Muse, have you found any unusual ways to use the Widgets to enrich a web based educational experience? 

If you have, post them in this thread. That way we could all be inspired.

I'll start- I have used the tooltip widget on a distance-time graph and a speed-time graph. When the student hovers the mouse over each part of the line, the tool tip appears explaining what this signifies scientifically. e.g. a flat, straight line means that the object is stationary.

This could easily be applied to other graphs (e.g. exponential growth curves of bacteria) or mathematical graphs too.

So, any other ideas?

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