Stephanie Steenstra
VP & Director of Curriculum Development

Social Media Facebook Group

Hello, I saw the Twitter hashtag for our Adobe Ed Ex group & I was wondering if there has been a facebook group started yet? I'm not really on Twitter. But I do use Facebook, Pinterest, Learnist & Tumblr. Thanks!

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sandro c mendes

Posted on 9/13/14 1:18:23 PM Permalink


Dan Armstrong

Posted on 7/30/13 5:35:43 AM Permalink

Yes there is a Facebook group. You need to talk to your community leader to get access to it.

Aaron Roberts

Posted on 7/30/13 12:55:27 AM Permalink

I use Facebook for personal stuff and Twitter for professional stuff. But, Adobe stuff bleeds into both for me! I would love to see an Ed Ex group on Facebook!

Also, I personally think that browsing Pinterest should count as PD hours for teachers... great ideas out there! :)