marcia blanco

Issues with the ACA Test for my Students


I've been proctoring the ACA exam for Photoshop CC for my students for the past 4 years with a lot of success. (Of course, the first year was with Photoshop CS5.) This year, I'm really running into problems with the simulation, but I don't know if it's with Certiport (the testing service) or with my kids. I had a girl give it a shot today and she told me as an example: one of the simulations required that she select the magic wand tool. When she went into the tool bar to select it, the test told her that it wasn't available. 

I called Certiport, and apparently I'm not the only one voicing this concern. 

These students have been practicing on simulated practice tests through GMetrix and have been scoring in the 85-90%. 

Has anyone else out there dealt with this?  If you have, what am I doing wrong?

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Rob Schwartz

Posted on 3/10/17 2:21:33 PM Permalink

​Hi Marcia- I'm sure I'll forget to let you know when the current exams are fixed... but Certiport can always give you some feedback on what's happening with their exams- I'm just a teacher and curriculum creator, I don't work for Certiport.

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/8/17 4:36:06 AM Permalink

Rob, thank you for your feedback. Of course, I posted this 8 months ago; my students are long gone and I can't remember if any of them passed the ACA test. I'm really hesitant to buy it again when it was the interface and not their skills that caused them to fail. Please let me know when this is fixed. I will hold off on purchasing until that happens.

marcia blanco

Posted on 3/8/17 4:31:23 AM Permalink

Rob Schwartz

Posted on 3/8/17 1:58:44 AM Permalink

Hi Marcia!​ There are some problems with the exams and I can attest that Adobe is working very hard with certiport to fix any issues. There's a huge refresh around the corner and it should totally eliminate the issues you're encountering! You're not doing anything wrong... but couple tips-

- click around a bit. Sometimes the browser may cause the target box to not land in the right spot on the page.

- always reset the question after exploring. Once you find the solution, reset the Q and do exactly what you need to.

- if there's other ways to do it, try some of the other ways... sometimes parts of the workflow are glitchy, but you can come in the side door!

Brandon Jackson

Posted on 6/14/16 7:16:12 PM Permalink

Hello Marcia,

My name is Brandon and I am the ACA Product Manager at Certiport. Sorry to hear you are having issues with one of the questions in the ACA exams. I can help you with this. Please send me an email so we can connect.


Brandon Jackson

ACA Product Manager