Christina Wiese

Teaching Digital Citizenship & Responsiblity

What lessons/strategies do you use to teach students digital citizenship in the classroom? 

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Matt Smith

Posted on 3/30/16 3:54:04 AM Permalink

We use a variety of resources with our Year 5 students. Nearpod has some Common Sense lessons that we use.

Students also attend an ICT conference for their new laptops where we show them how to use a variety of Adobe products.

The students then create digital citizenship resources for Middle Primary students which they showcase in an expo. Many of these resources are created with Premiere, Photoshop, Muse etc... Their parents are invited along with Year 3 and Year 4 students.

Karl VonSchonfeldt

Posted on 6/19/15 4:33:14 PM Permalink

We use a presentation to introduce the idea of what it means to be a good digital citizen, and then follow it up as comments come up in our google classroom stream.

Karl VonSchonfeldt

Posted on 6/19/15 4:31:25 PM Permalink

marcos padilha

Posted on 12/11/14 11:06:25 AM Permalink

I love common sense media content too. They have a whole k-12 scope and sequence for digital citizenship, which is really worth implementing (we are currently in the process of implementing it school wide) and their new Digital Bytes program for teenagers is amazing for giving them the chance to create content online (and that goes really well with the use of Adobe Suite software).

Brian O'Dell

Posted on 8/16/15 1:28:08 AM Permalink

Marcos, great suggestion. Our classes use it too and students actually relate well to it. It creates great conversations within classes and is also a great topic to use for a journal entry. We do weekly journal entries where as they build their journal they have to start adding elements such as images, links, columns, etc. to work on skills as well as citizenship understanding and practices.

Carolyn-Nicole Grayson

Posted on 12/8/14 4:18:47 AM Permalink

I think it's important for student to see what has happened to people who have made poor choices on social media.

Jesus Sandoval

Posted on 12/4/14 4:12:36 AM Permalink

You could have the students work in collaborative groups to produce a poster that will describe the attributes of being a good digital citizen. Just probe the students with good discussion starter questions and have a rubric ready for the expectations.

Adobe Education

Posted on 12/3/14 4:41:02 PM Permalink

HI Christina

Thanks for your post on this important topic. There's been some similar discussions on the past you also may want to check out here, here, and here.

The AEE Team

Janet Gutierrez

Posted on 12/3/14 1:19:17 AM Permalink