Christian Gutierrez
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Adobe is moving into the hardware space for good?

Reading about Adobe Ink, I have asked myself if Adobe is moving into the hardware space for good. Adobe refers to Ink as a “cloud pen” and it works in conjunction with the slide which the company calls a digital ruler. Ink is a triangular barrel of hydroformed aluminum which connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. It comes with its own charging case (one hour of charging time allows the unit to work for eight hours). Unlike other stylus devices for tablets that cram multiple sensors into a large rubberized nub in order to simulate pressure sensitivity on the iOS device display, Ink has a relatively fine 2mm point. Users use Ink just like a pen to draw lines and images on the iPad screen.

I can see that software will remain the core of Adobe’s business. However if Ink and Slide prove to be really popular bringing people into Adobe’s Creative Cloud. All this make me wondering what is next for Adobe hardware?

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Joseph Labrecque

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Adobe normally doesn't make such forward-looking statements, so I doubt you'll get one from them around Ink and Slide. That said - Adobe MAX is next week so perhaps Ink and Slide will get a mention? I honestly do not know.